Stardew Valley Woodskip Secret Woods

The Secret Woods is an outdoor area that can be entered by clearing a fallen log with at least Steel Axe. The entrance to the woods will appear after upgrading your ax.

The Secret Woods can be a dangerous place, but for those who dare to venture out into the unknown or require some Mahogany Seed, it is worth risking one’s life.

The Secret Woods is the perfect place for nature lovers to spend their time. Not only does it have lush trees and fresh air, but if you’re looking for an adventure, six large stumps regrow daily! These stumps can be harvested once per day with twelve hardwood each. The four of these are in the upper part of the woods, which will require taking one passage through some trees slightly southeast from where three other big logs lie on top of each other or venturing two tiles south past bushes found near the entrance into woodlands 2-3 away before heading east through more brush until reaching opening up just west then left again towards second set (or first) make three log stack seen much earlier at beginning looping around back.

Old Master Cannoli

Old Master Cannoli is a statue in the Secret Woods that gives roses to passersby. When interacted with, it will give you an amusing description of his life story as well as flowers and chocolate for your time.

“–Old Master Cannoli–

…Still searching for the sweetest taste…”

Those who give the statue a Sweet Gem Berry are rewarded with Stardrops in return.

Some people may not know that if they offer up their berry to this mystical guardian, he will reward them back by handing over a shiny and delicious little gemstone called an emerald.

For all players in multiplayer games to receive a single Stardrop, only one Sweet Gem Berry is needed.


The ground in the Secret Woods is littered with forageable items. There are yellow-bellied sapsuckers, blackberries, and other delicious treats to be found if you know where to look!

  • In Spring: Wild Horseradish.png Wild Horseradish (52%), Morel.png Morel (32%), and Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (16%)
  • In Summer: Fiddlehead Fern.png Fiddlehead Fern (78%), and Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom (22%)
  • In Fall: Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (46%), Chanterelle.png Chanterelle (38%), and Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom (15%)
  • In Winter: Holly.png Holly (100%)

Forageable items spawn at an average rate of 0.8-1.4 per night, depending upon the season: those in spring can be found on a map as red tiles; summer is shown with green icons and fall has brown squares; winter’s foraging spots are blue shapes to strive towards from dusk till dawn!

Artifact Spots

No artifacts may be dug up when searching the Secret Woods. However, many other items are still possible to find: a shovel for digging dirt and snow piles or an old book with no title, among others!

  • 1-3 Clay.png Clay (30-60%[3])
  • Lost Book.png Lost Book (20%); once all Lost Books have been found, any potential Lost Book is replaced by Mixed Seeds.png Mixed Seeds.
  • Only in Winter: Winter Root.png Winter Root (24%)
  • Only in Winter: Snow Yam.png Snow Yam (16%)
  • 1-3 Stone.png Stone (10-20%[3])
  • Only in Spring: 2-5 Rice Shoot.png Rice Shoots (5%)
  • An unseen Secret Note.png Secret Note: up to 5% chance, only if the player has a Magnifying Glass.

There are more places to find artifacts in the winter because of how many tiles near lakes become available.

Most people don’t know that only eight spots at nearby lakes hold artifact possibility during most of the year. Still, this changes drastically in winter, and an average person can expect seven out ten times they’re searching for a relic spot to be successful.

Villager Paths

The Secret Woods is the perfect place to hide your most prized possessions because no one will ever find them!


Fishing is a great way to enjoy the calmness that comes with being in nature. You can catch five different types of fish, including Woodskip! The pond in the southwest area has all kinds of fish for you to try your luck on catching them, and it’s only possible if you are near water bodies like this one. Catfish may be unavailable during summer, but there are still plenty more places where these fantastic creatures roam around waiting for someone as skilled at fishing as yourself or me – we might even give each other some tips about our techniques, so no time. Will go wasted here!

Fishing brings out my love for adventure because I never know what type of fish I’ll find next while wading through the waters, whether they’re deep.