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Swalife login

South West Airways is the world’s largest low-cost airplane service in America. It was established by Herb Kelleher in 1967 as Air Southwest. Later in 1971, the name was changed to South West Airways when the first interstate airplane service was started in Texas. Swalife login is the online portal of South West Airways. In this article, we have explained all the steps for Swalife login and registration, along with other information.

Before we jump onto our guide, let’s get to know about South West Airways.

About South West Airways:

Gary C. Kelly is the current chairman of South West Airways, boasting 55,000 employees and managing 4000 departures every day in the peak season.

The airways provide service to 100 locations in the USA and ten international locations.

In 2016 Southwest Airlines recorded the largest domestic customer than any other US airline. The airlines provide low-cost but superior quality services. The best part is that the airline focuses on both its customers and employees. SWALIFE portal helps the employees to avail all the benefit plans which are provided by the company. 

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Swalife Login Process

Swalife login makes it easy for the employees to access their insurance, job schedules, retirement plans, health saving accounts, employee stock purchase, job opportunities, holidays, travel privileges, and training. SWALIFE login portal can be accessed through mobile devices as well as web portals. 

  • Use any personal device with an internet connection.
  • Go to the official login page of Swalife or click here to redirect.
  • Enter your SWA ID and Password to log in.
  • Click on Login

If you have entered the corrected details, then you will be successfully logged into your account. Employees can access all the services from their online dashboard. The best thing about Swalife login is that even retirees can access their accounts easily.

Swalife Benefits Plans 

SouthWest Airlines employees get numerous benefits from the company, which they can access via Swalife login. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

  • Medical Benefit Plans

Employees need to give consent for the deduction of a certain amount of their salary to avail of medical coverage plans. The insurance coverage might also include the family of the employees. This plan works for both prescription drugs and treatment. It covers Dental Coverage, Short-term disability, Long-term disability, Accidental dismemberment, Flexible Spending Amount, and Health Savings Account.

  • Employee Assistance program (EAP)

This plan includes free counseling to employees and their family members to help them maintain a work-life balance in their daily routine.

  • Retirement Plan

This plan allows the employee to save money for their retirement under 401(k), which is a pre-tax deduction. Employees can choose from various investment schemes and select the most feasible and best plan for them. 

  • Profit-Sharing

This is the first airline to provide profit-sharing plans for the employees. SWA considers the hard work of its employees and believes in rewarding them. Depending upon the pay scale of employees, they give a share of profit varying from 1% to 6% to all the employees. 

  • Stock Purchase Plan

When an employee has been working for more than six months in SWA, the company gives them a chance to purchase South Common Stock at a 10% discount.

  • Commuter Benefits

This employee benefit involves pre-tax money saving from transportation charges like regional rail, bus, ferry, trolley, and subway.

  • Holidays

Every SWA employee gets ten holidays per year, out of which one of them can be decided by the employees.

  • Travel Privileges

Employees working at Southwest airlines get unlimited travel tickets; the spouse, parents, and children below 19 years are eligible to avail of this benefit. Employees also get a pass agreement for other airlines along with discounts on hotels, rental companies, and many other facilities.

  • Other Benefits

Elder and children are paid adoption leave, car home insurance, adoption assistance, supplemental hospital insurance, and pet insurance.

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Southwest Airlines Careers

People who get to work with SWA are lucky. They get a chance for both professional and personal growth. The company cares and respects each of its employees and gives them plenty of benefits to working there. They run an Emerging Leadership Development Program to inculcate the leadership skills in the employees.

One best things about SWA is that they encourage employee development by supporting their education and skill development training. A full-time working employee gets $5000 reimbursement for graduation and $2,500 per annum for an undergraduate degree.

SWA also offers recognition and reward programs when employees are appreciated for their hard work. SWA features Swalife, an online portal for the employees to keep them updated with all the latest information.

Final Words:

We hope this detailed guide on Swalife login is helpful to you. We Have covered everything about the company. If you find this article helpful and informative, do not forget to leave a comment below.


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