The 8 Best Car Rental Companies of 2022

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Car rental services have been around for a long period of time and apart from having all the advantages of this particular service, there are certain negative opinions regarding the car rental business like the additional fees. If you are looking to hire a rental car then you must always look for a service that does not have any additional fees along with having the best customer service. Today, we have sorted out a list of the top car rental services for you to choose from after considering all of these factors.


Enterprise car rental service is the service that is considered the best one if you want to avoid additional fees and hidden charges. It is the company’s main selling point as it can get rid of a large number of sneaky additional costs that many other companies would not. Apart from this, the company also has a large variety of cars on rental for you to choose from.


This car rental service is considered one of the best services when it comes to their customer’s services. As per many reviews, the users are suitably assisted whenever they are required.


This car rental service is not the most cost-effective on this list but it is certainly the best for unlimited mileage and second drivers. However, despite the cost of their high charges of the cars charge by this company is still lower by approximately 7% on average industry price for a day.


Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies over there. It is slightly costly as the average daily rate is up to 48.5$. Just like the enterprise, the company has a large range of cars that are of very high quality.

This is a slightly different website as it is not a rental service but it is a website that aggregates the average rate available for the best cars in the market. It compares the prices offered by the top rental companies like Hertz and Alamo that helps you in choosing the best one.


It is one of the most costly car rental services in this list as the average rate of a car for the day would be around 60$ per day but the quality of the cars is top-notch and despite the heavy rates there are tons of discount codes available that could be used to knock the price down a bit.


As the name suggests, the budget is a car rental company which is one of the cheapest services in the car rental industry. The average rental cost for a day is about 35 dollars and despite such low cost, the quality of the cars, and the range of those cars are very attractive. You can even lower the existing cost by applying one of the discount codes.

Dollar car rental

Out of all the car rental companies mentioned above, this is the cheapest car rental company in this industry as the rates average to about 30 dollars a day with an additional 15% off after applying certain discount codes. If the main attraction for choosing the car rental company for you is its price then this is the best option for you but if you’re looking for actually high-quality customer service and other such perks then you can definitely look for a better option.