The Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternative

WatchCartoonOnline alternative

 WatchCartoonOnline is one of the best online cartoon streaming websites around the world. In case you are looking for the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a big fan of anime shows or you want a platform where your kids can watch new cartoon movies online for free? We have got your back. 

This post will discuss WatchCartoonOnline and some of the best alternatives that you should try now. 

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline is a website to watch Anime and English dubbed cartoons for free online in HD quality. This is also available as an app for mobile users. However, it may be illegal to watch free cartoons online. This post is only for educational purposes. WatchCartoonOnline is one of the most popular Anime streaming platforms with a wide range of high-quality videos. There are millions of users on this website because of its amazing user experience and interface for free.

What are the features of WatchCartoonOnline Website?

There are many different features of WatchCartoonOnline offered to its users to make their experience remarkable. These features attract the users in a way that they keep returning to this platform again and again. 

Here we have listed some of the popular features of WatchCartoonOnline.

High Quality   

If you want to see high-resolution and good quality cartoon shows, then do not go anywhere WatchCartoonOnline is your stop. Amazing picture quality paired with great sound makes the cartoon and anime viewing experience awesome. If a cartoon lacks these two features, watching them can become a little dull after some time.

With WatchCartoonOnline, you do not need to worry about anything. You will get great video quality, sound, and pictures all in one so that you have immense fun watching your favorite show. You can view the cartoon in different quality like 480p, 1080p, or HD, depending on your preferences. 

No Subscription Fee

Another one of the best features of WatchCartoonOnline is that it offers free online streaming. You are not required to pay any subscription fee to enjoy your favorite cartoon. This feature makes WatchCartoonOnline the most loved anime streaming platform compared to other sites that charge monthly or yearly fees. You can have fun watching all the cartoons in one spot. 

Fast Downloading Speed 

Watching any show online is super fun if there is not a lot of buffering in between, which eventually ruins the mood and your interest in watching the video. WatchCartoonOnline offers amazing connectivity with super-fast streaming and downloading speed. 

This web streaming portal has plenty of servers which helps in reducing the buffering time online and also downloading speed. Fast streaming maintains users’ interest in the content, and users prefer to return to the website again and again. 

Limitless Streaming 

WatchCartoonOnline is a great platform that offers limitless streaming of Anime and cartoons to the users. Just like other web portals such as Netflix, where the user is restricted after a certain limit, fortunately, WatchCartoonOnline does not have any restrictions.

You will be able to watch various anime shows, videos, and movies every day until your heart desires. The platform is also user-friendly, which is a plus. 

 Feedback Option

WatchCartoonOnline lives to get feedback from its users. If you see any issue on the site, you can let them know, and they do their best to recover the flaws as soon as possible. 

Moreover, users place requests for cartoons, movies, and animes and also upload content on the official website. The best thing is that they give their users alerts about new uploads. This way, you will always be notified of new content on the site. 

All these features make WatchCartoonOnline one of the most loved online streaming platforms around the world. 

Best Alternatives To WatchCartoonOnline Site:

WatchCartoonOnline attracts millions of users every day because of its high-quality content. However, due to some reasons, people are always looking for alternatives. This is why here we have listed all the best alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline site. 


This is a great WatchCartoonOnline alternative to watch cartoons for free. On the site, you can discover any anime series from around the world in English. Also, you can access this website from any part of the world. This means that you do not need to link to a VPN and can enjoy the service of GoGoAnime without spending a single penny. 

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is one of the most popular platforms for watching cartoons and the best alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline site.

This platform has a huge variety of cartoon collections lined up magnificently in the design of Cartoon Network. 

You can find many popular shows under this alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. Although this website offers many ways to avoid advertisements and pop-ups to let your kids enjoy it in peace.


KissAnime is another great WatchCartoonOnline alternative. One of the best features of KissAnime is that the material available on this platform is readily available to users in HD as well as FHD format. 

You can watch much different anime series depending on your preferences. You will also be informed regularly about any upcoming anime series on the KissAnime site.


9Anime is one of the best alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline site to watch cartoons for free. You can find a huge database loaded with Anime and cartoon shows catering to users’ requirements. This has a huge collection of mangas, anime stories, books, and so many more things. It has a remarkable user interface that offers ease of browsing the site.


KissCartoon is a site with a substantial collection of anime material. It is one of the most detailed feature sites hosting streaming more than 1,000 cartoon videos. The site is updated regularly with new content, and you will never get tired of seeing the endless anime collection to soothe your nerves. 


Another great WatchCartoonOnline Alternative is ToonJet, and it is a great platform for watching Anime. ToonJet is a popular site where you can watch free anime shows without any trouble. The best thing about this site is you do not need to register for the services. If you are a fan of classic shows like Tom and Jerry, LoonyTunes, and others, you will love this platform for sure. 


CartoonCrazy is a great one-stop location to watch all your favorite cartoon shows for free. You get the finest collection of Anime, Tv Programs, and Movies. However, to avail of the services, you need to register on this site and get ready to enjoy a cartoon binge.


AnimePahe is a famous platform for anime fans. It has a vast collection of anime videos and series with great subtitles in English. The user interface on the website is superb. The number of advertisements and pop-ups is also less on this site, which makes it worth a try.


Otaku Stream is one of the finest alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline Alternative, where you can watch motion pictures, Anime for free. The User interface is developed nicely and offers ease of navigation throughout the OtakuStream.

The collection is divided into different categories like comedy, drama, action, love thrillers, etc. this website also has a search bar to find your favorite anime show. 


If you are in search of a dependable website with a great collection of cartoons to watch for free, then this website is a must-try. You can watch your preferred cartoon shows online without any charge and distribution anytime you want. 


SuperCartoons is another great website where you can watch cartoon shows online. This is among the best alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline Alternative site. You will enjoy streaming cartoons without any disturbance. We like this website most because you can even search for a show with its character names.


AnimeShow is the best website where you can watch motion pictures, anime series for free in HD quality. The website offers an exceptional watching experience to its viewers. Also, all the anime shows are dubbed in English. AnimeShow has the finest collection of popular anime series like Dragon Ball Super. 


Are you looking for a WatchCartoonOnline Alternative where you can find English dubbed Anime? Then it cannot get better than AnimeUltima. The most loved thing about this website is that the shows and series are named in English. It has a decent enough collection of more than 4000 Anime shows, Movies and all of them are dubbed in English. Not only dubbing, but the shows also have subtitles in various languages. This feature of AnimeUltima makes the site a favorite place among enthusiasts. 


If you are a fan of anime actions, then AnimeFLV is a great place to wind up. You will find a massive collection of raw anime stock. Each anime video is embedded perfectly with subtitles to keep millions of users entertained with anime action, apart from the substantial anime action collection. AnimeFLV is an extremely easy website to use with an amazing interface, making the site super fun to browse. 


AnimeHeroes is a new site in the world of Anime streaming platforms. It offers a good collection of popular anime programs. The website keeps on upgrading from time to time, which is why you will find all the new anime shows here. The user interface of the site is excellent. You will not see any ads or pop-ups on the home page, but there may be some while you stream the video. The best thing is that you get to stream your favorite show online in HD quality. 


Another terrific WatchCartoonOnline Alternative Chia-Anime is your one-stop to watch all anime shows for free online. This website has a great collection of mega-series, anime series, and Asian Dramas. 

Also, Chia Anime has a stunning and streamlined interface which makes the navigation process user-friendly. Not only this, you will keep receiving quick updates. The best thing about this site is you can download your favorite anime show in mp4 format.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is among the most loved sites for kids where they can watch cartoons online. This site, however, does not have movies or shows, but it has a huge collection of Disney-originated cartoons. The site’s user interface is amazing, and it is the best of most alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline site that you should try out right now. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to watch cartoon shows for free?

There are plenty of websites that offer users to watch cartoons for free. One such website is WatchCartoonOnline. There are some other alternatives as well, which are listed above. 

Is WatchCartoonOnline Safe?

We would always recommend you to stay away from any website that offers copyrighted content for free. These wen=bsites are capable of spying on you and stealing your data. 

Is Watchcartoononline an Authorized Website?

No, like other free online streaming sites, WatchCartoonOnline is not an authorized site. This website promotes piracy illegally without following any federal government guidelines. If you get caught using such a website, you may be subject to disciplinary actions. 

Is It Legal To Watch Cartoons Online?

No, it is not legal in most countries to watch cartoons online for free on such platforms. The legislation is determined by the jurisdiction of every country. However, some countries permit viewing pirated content online.

Do You Need a VPN For WatchCartoonOnline?

Due to copyright and piracy issues and piracy objections, different international locations have been blocked completely. Therefore in places, you will need a VPN to monitor.

Where can I stream the Dubbed Anime for free?

Anime is Japanese cartoon series; therefore, there are more platforms in Japan. However, these have attracted fans all over the world who speak different languages. English is the universal language of all and is also widely accepted. Therefore you can now find Anime dubbed in English on various sites as listed above.

Final Words:

All the above-listed best alternatives to the WatchCartoonOnline site are a must-try. It depends on the preference of users what kind of cartoons they like to watch, and accordingly, they can pick a website. You can find plenty of websites for streaming cartoons online and can watch your favorite show anywhere at any time. Each website has different features and offers different content making them suitable for different people. 


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