The Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

The Pros and Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

 Bananas, skim milk, chocolates, cereals? Check. And all goes into your virtual shopping cart. Online grocery shopping has made everything so convenient. No matter where you are, you can buy anything you want just from the comfort of your home just with a click of the mouse and scrolling through many different options. You can buy anything from kitchen staples to clothes and car equipment too. We all know online shopping saves us a lot of time and energy. But does online grocery shopping saves money too? Lets us look at the pros and cons of online grocery shopping

Why Shop Groceries Online?

Like reading books on a tablet and taking photos with your phone, buying groceries online without really touching them or feeling them might seem like a stupid idea at first, grabbing groceries for the week is the most basic work of adult life. We are expected to do this, at least.

We have grown up listening to this common phrase,” time is money.”

When we buy our groceries online, we make time to do something even more important.

Money is important too, no doubt! We all have the right to decide how we spend our money and time. 

Let’s see, all this while, did we save money while shopping online for groceries?

Online Grocery Shopping Pros

1. You can shop anytime you want or are free. You don’t have to take out Time according to store hours. You can place the order after taking kids to bed or during lunch break, or maybe while you are watching your favorite show.

2. you can check your inventory as many times as you want. Now you don’t have to call your partner standing on the aisle. When buying food online, you can prevent duplicates easily and also save money at the same time.

3. You can freely compare prices without any hurry. We all know how it feels, standing in a cereal aisle with your baby in your cart and other shoppers lurking around you. No more of that drama now. You can make your decisions by looking at one product at a time, bringing the total cart cost and your anxiety down.

4. You can stick to your list like a pro now. Atrip around the grocery store usually means carrying extra potato chips, ice creams, and candies, maybe two or three. When shopping for food online, forget about impulse buying.

5. Convenience is supreme here. You might be relaxing in your home in the summer afternoon and imagine your groceries being delivered at your doorsteps. You didn’t even have to walk or drive up to the grocery store.

Online Grocery Shopping Cons

Online grocery shopping never really works; let’s understand why.

1. You have to plan the entire week. There are no more random stops at the grocery store while returning home from work and no last-minute dinner decisions. And sometimes it is good too. Meal planning helps you save from your budget.

2. You don’t get the option to pick perfect produce. If you make guacamole after three days, you will need firm avocados for that, but the shopper wouldn’t know the quality. That is where offline shopping helps, or you can stick to one trusted site for shopping online. You can look for more interactive sites to help you throughout the buying process.

3. You may not get everything that you want always. This can also help when shopping offline at a grocery store, but it feels more frustrating when you shop online. To save yourself in these situations, get ahead of frustrations by planning backup grocery runs and buying substitutes.

4. You might also notice fees cut in your grocery budget every month. A few dollars might add up overtime here and there. You can prevent yourself from paying these fees by doing all the work yourself and choosing free service, which is going to the grocery store to buy your food instead of getting them delivered at your doorsteps.

5. Ohh, the joy of hunting at the grocery store is real. Phones and laptops are not tactile objects, and you cannot feel the food through the screens. You may also miss out on several deals and discount coupons that are available only at grocery stores. This can be a deal-breaker for you; in this case, you can only buy the basic things online and visit your local farmers market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits and go to the grocery store to get good deals.


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