9 Best Time Travel Movies That You Can Watch

time travel movies

Making the best time-travel movies, as it turns out, is not very simple. There are few movies that have tried and failed for several reasons. There is the logic, clearly, which can become a problem; however, oftentimes, the story may rest too heavily on a plot device, resulting in the lack of memorable or rich characters. 

However, there are some truly remarkable movies that involve time travel that seizes upon the premise and craft memorable and creative stories. Many movies have long stood the test of time.

With that in mind, we have seen back at the lexicon of movies involving time-travel and a curated list of the best time travel movies. Some are sweet, some are silly, and some are just a lot of fun. So here are some of the best time travel movies of all time.



Many time-travel movies try to have the actual mechanics of the time-travel easily; however, that is surely not true of director/writer/star Shane Carruth’s 2004 movie Primer. This indie drama turns around two engineers who accidentally create the mechanism of time-travel while repairing entrepreneurial tech projects. 

Shane does not “turn down” any of the science movies, and indeed charts have been made to describe the precise mechanics of what is going on in this movie. However, it nonetheless remains one of the best scientifically great time machine movies ever made.

The Terminator

Have you ever imagined that this movie is going to be on this list? Director James Cameron’s amazing 1984 science fiction movie is far more low-key and grounded than its sequel. However,  The Terminator movie still carries a punch all these years later. With the truly creative premise, the charismatic role from Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger could act, this movie’s impact spreads far and wide.

About Time

About Time is surely the most emotional entry on the list. Director/writer Richard Curtis had earlier melted hearts with movies like Pirate Radio and Love Actually. However, this movie brought the filmmaker back to his movie called Four Weddings and a Funeral (which Richard did not direct, but he did write). The time-travel genre gives the chance to wax deep thought about regret and death. 

Moreover, About Time takes it in a unique way by centering on the very serious relationship between the father and a son. The romantic comedy part between Rachel McAdams and  Domhnall Gleeson is the hook. However, the relationship between time-traveling son and father  Bill Nighy and Gleeson and is this movie’s tear-jerking heart.

Back To The Future Part 2

There are many people who say Back to the Future Part II is not a good film; well, those people are wrong. In the first part, the notably ambitious moviemaker doubles down on a time travel premise while also imitating the first film in the best way. 

First, we get the kitschy, Easter Egg-filled idea of the future, and then we get to view the events of a first movie consider in a different context as McFly once again has to go back in the time to save the future. It is a tight rope walk of a greatly difficult sort and that only the director with great vision could pull off.


The Last Jedi, director/writer Rian Johnson has showcased an excellent mix of meticulousness and ambition, never allowing the reach to exceed his hold. Looper marked Johnson’s first venture into the science fiction genre, and Rian did so with intensity, giving up the twisty time-travel plot rooted in character first and foremost. The movie takes the basis of, “What would you do if you go back in the past and meet your younger self?” and turns it on its head by adding in very tense action series and heady moral difficulties for good measure.

Star Trek (2009)

This movie is directed by J.J. Abrams. This genius idea provides J.J fiercely entertaining movie to exist in the same universe as the early Star Trek films with Spock and Kirk and the whole group, while also opening up new hopes for the future—although this movie focuses on the young Kirk, he survives in the new and changed timeline, so the future is not 100% set. That the movie is able to tell this concisely while also serving as an amazingly interesting adventure that is Star Trek (2009), and while the series Star Trek Into Darkness hindered some of that goodwill, J.J initial movie still holds as one of the most effortless blockbusters of a 21st century.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is the classic cocktail—a bit of Tom Cruise action, a dash of Emily Blunt strength, a spin of writer Christopher’s unique sensibilities, and the heavy piece of director Doug’s wild spirit. Several have tried and failed to imitate this movie, but Edge of Tomorrow takes the gold and runs with it by keeping every single picture fresh, even if we see the same day play out over and over again. The mystery is having Tom Cruise play the out coward, which holds in contrast to his onscreen persona’s public opinion and results in a remarkably extraordinary viewing experience.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure mixed the science fiction genre with a teen comedy to result in a remarkably creative and hilarious—adventure. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are excellent as the pair of burnouts who use the time machine to complete the history report. The whole thing is an amazingly silly affair, but this movie is made with such passion for the characters that it is impossible not to love. There are terrific jokes, particularly including historical figures. It is a film that probably should not work but totally does.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This movie director James Cameron’s would not just be any old sequel. Surely, the ambitious moviemaker made a different film than the original Terminator, making in shades of the PTSD drama, buddy comedy, and family story into this science fiction actioner. This movie is a minor miracle of a movie, turning the own premise on the head to present the time-travel story that is alike to the first Terminator. However, it is different in key ways. It also appears positively epic.

Final Words

Time travel movies usually make for the most mind-numbing science fiction movies with paradoxes aplenty. However, it is those confusing temporary gymnastics that make these movies so fun. So these are some of the best classic time travel movies that will be left your minds tangled in knots.  

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