Know More About Tongue Web Piercing For Starters

tongue web piercing

Do you know that there is a type of tongue piercing, which is totally hidden? Well, of course, you can show it to other people if you like, otherwise, nobody, for example, parents would notice it. This special piercing is called tongue web piercing or under tongue piercing.

The tongue web piercing or as commonly known as frenulum linguae is a part of the oral anatomy which allows us to speak. 

The best part of this piercing is that it is completely hidden, so it is the perfect solution for piercing fanatics that cannot have them visible for any reason.

What Is Tongue Web Piercing?

Tongue Frenulum Piercing or Tongue Web Piercing is a piercing on a frenulum, a thin connective tissue between the floor of the mouth and tongue. This piercing is only noticeable when you raise the tongue to show it to someone. This type of piercing is not that popular compare to other piercings. It has so many names like Tongue Frenulum Piercing, Tongue Webbing, Underneath Tongue Piercing, and Marley Piercing.

Getting this Tongue Web Piercing is just like thinking outside the box because the tongue piercing is something you wish to have a unique look and want to show everyone your amazing new personality.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons linked with tongue web piercing. So we have mentioned some pros and cons to make the decision easier.


  • This piercing can be easily hidden.
  • It is less painful compared to other tongue piercings.
  • The tongue frenulum does not carry blood vessels, so you do not have to worry about bleeding during piercing.
  • Tongue Web Piercing is quite unique, so you will have something different.


  • Not everyone can have the piercing due to the anatomy of a tongue. If you do not have much tissue available, then it might not be possible to have tongue web piercing.
  • It might cause a lot of irritation during the healing process when you have to change the eating habits strictly. Everything you drink or eat comes in contact with the piercing, so you must always follow the aftercare instruction properly.
  • Jewelry might irritate just because the area under the tongue is quite sensitive. You will have to go for professional advice before getting under tongue piercing.

Pre-Procedure Examination

Before starting this procedure, the expert will first check your tongue’s anatomy to check if there is enough space or not, then it can be pierced. Also, you can always try other tongue piercing if under tongue piercing is not suitable for you.


To avoid any difficulties during and after the procedure, you must always find an expert in the city who has a good reputation. Make sure that all the equipment must be sterilized and individually packed. Before going for an under tongue piercing, wash the mouth with the antibacterial mouthwash. The expert will hold the underneath tongue tissue with the surgical clamp. After that, he will insert the hollow needle through a surgical clamp and finish it by placing the jewelry.

After the procedure, experts will tell you the aftercare instruction that you must follow to avoid infections.

Does It Hurt?

Every person has a different level of pain tolerance. If you were going for lip piercing, then it might be more painful than tongue piercing. If we make the pain scale from level 1 to level 10, then it will be three for tongue web piercing. The reason for less pain is because there are not many blood vessels. Though, you will feel some pain during the procedure, which is normal.

Aftercare and Healing Time

The first thing that comes to mind after the procedure is aftercare and healing time. Also, you must understand the healing time because it mainly depends upon how you follow the aftercare instructions. The healing time of under tongue piercing can usually take eight to ten weeks, only if you follow the instructions properly.


  • Use the right jewelry.
  • Maintain better oral hygiene
  • After every meal, wash your mouth with the antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Clean the piercing by washing the mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash or saltwater.
  • Eat soft food like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, and porridge.


  • Never try to change or rotate the jewelry.
  • Do not touch the tongue piercing without washing hands.
  • Avoid conversation too much until it heals properly.
  • Do not eat spicy or hot food.
  • Avoid sharing spoons, cups, or food items.
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid kissing and oral sex.

Under Tongue Piercing Risks

There are many risks linked with under tongue piercing, but the following aftercare instructions can help in avoiding it. The risks like:

  • Rejection
  • Migration
  • Gum and Tooth Erosion

When the piercing completes, jewelry is fixed in the ideal location. However, that might migrate from its location because the frenulum is a thin tissue and can cause migration easily. Migration can be painless and unnoticed. 

Rejection of the piercing is a process when your body does not accept the new piercing and pushes away the jewelry. So, this process can leave scars. Remember to always select the jewelry made from titanium or surgical steel to lower the chance of rejection.

Whenever you choose the jewelry for piercing, then you must pick the jewelry of the right size. As a frenulum is close to the teeth and lower gum, the big jewelry might cause gum or tooth erosion.

Final Words

There are more cost and a little pain included with tongue web piercing when compared to other body piercings. However, once the healing period is finished, you will love that little shiny jewelry under the tongue.

So take care to wash your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash until you are fully healed, and the under tongue piercing should turn out looking amazing. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.