The Best Toy Phone For Kids

toy phone for kids

The toys for the kids are not just toys that the kids used to amuse themselves. They have graduated into more sophisticated tools which you can use to teach different skills to your little one, like speech. One of the most popular toys is the toy phone for kids as it helps them improve their speech and other skills at an early age. 

However, getting the best toy phone for your kids can be challenging as not every product is good for your loved little one. Thus choosing the best toy phone for kids, which is made out of the best quality material and offers the best services, is essential. 

To help you with this, we have selected some of the best phones for kids which you can get. These products which we have selected are best in class and offer top-of-the-line service whether its builds quality or other aspects. 

Best Toy Phone For Kids

After extensive research on the various aspects of the toy telephone, we have selected the following phones:

LeapFrog Toy Smartphone

 If your kid is imaginative and creative and is active, which is most of the kids, this is the best phone for kids you can get. This is really a fantastic way which will keep your child’s imaginative skills occupied and make them learn new things. 

The phone has a really compact body and is made from child-friendly material. What’s even more amazing is that it has a bright color button which will keep your child interested. In this phone, there is a digital-friendly puppy named scout with whom your child has the option to actually converse. Instead of just pretending that they are having a conversation, your child will actually be able to have a full-blown conversation. Isn’t it amazing?

Other than this cool feature, this phone also offers 15 other features, which are amazing. The good thing is that your child can enjoy these functions with just a click of a button. This toy telephone also offers a voicemail function that allows your child to have a conversation with his imaginary friend scout. Such features let your child continue the conversation even when they are not around. 

In addition to all these cool features, this toy phone also has music functions in it. By these music functions, your child gets the option to sing along the music with the phones. The good thing is that it has mostly all of the known rhymes and melodies. All these cool features of this phone make it one of the best toy phones for kids. 

VTech Baby Toy Phone

VTech is a well-established and trendy brand for kids’ toys. It offers affordable, functional, and attractive toy options for kids. This is the reason why this toy cell phone for kids is seen as the best of the class. 

In this kids’ play phone, you get a tough orange case that is safe and durable for the kids to play. This product’s size is also compact, which makes it an even more amazing option for your kids. What’s even more amazing is that this phone has 12 easy-to-access pretend apps in it. These apps are really very useful for various things like learning alphabets and other things. Other than these cool features, this phone also has a cool home button where the kids can actually save the number of their homes. 

Using this home button, your toddler can pretend to be calling home and then have a full-blown conversation. If we talk about the other amazing features, then it has sweet childhood songs and melodies, nursery rhymes, and more. This can help you in starting the education of your child on an early basis. It will also be an encouraging toy phone for your kids as it will let them pick alphabets, phrases, numbers, and more. All these features make it one of the best ones for kids.

Minnie Mouse Cell Phone 

Do your kids love Disney characters? If yes, then the Minnie mouse cell phone is the perfect option for you to give them. This “Why Hello!” cell phone is 5 inches in length and compact in size, making it a perfect fit for the kids’ tiny hands. 

The phone also has a pink color along with big buttons, which makes it attractive and easy to use. To add some more attractiveness, this toy phone for kids also has a pink bow along with Minnie mouse ears at the top, which are adorable. Other than these cool features, this toy phone also comes with some adorable and interesting sounds. These sounds will for sure keep your child’s interests and busy. Thus giving you some time for the other works instead of looking out for them as they commit the mischiefs. 

This phone’s conversation skills and the buttons will also help your child to develop their speaking and motor skills. If you give your child this phone, it’s sure that they are going to have a gala time with the famous Minnie mouse character. To make things even interesting, this phone plays the voice of Minnie mouse when they press buttons. It also plays the famous phrase “Why Hello!” when the kids press buttons. This helps develop your kids’ senses as on pressing the buttons; it also flashes bright lights and colors. 

In short, this is one of the best phones for kids, which you can give your little one for developing their motor, sensory, and speech skills. 

YOYOSTORE Cell Phone Toy

Baby cell phones are a good option for the kids, but when you search for the best first mobile phone for 11 years old or older, this product is for you. This is a perfect option for kids who want their own cell phones. The good thing about this phone is that it resembles the apple iPhone closely and thus an even good option. Apart from being a well-designed and sure realistic toy phone, this product also has a ton of functionalities and features. 

This phone has some bright color pretending apps in addition to the cool music and sound effects. There are 20 apps in this product that are famous for children’s melodies and songs. The good thing is that your tiny one can sing along with these apps – this could also be an amazing Christmas gift. This is because it is loaded with some most melodious songs and carols. Plus, this phone also has more than 10 lullabies which are an astonishing way of putting your baby to bed. 

All these features make it a great option when you want the best first mobile phone for 11 years old or older kids than that. Plus, if the above features don’t look much to you, then this toy phone also has 8 modes that you can access. These toy telephone modes include basic offerings for education like alphabets, numbers, animal, and fruit names. To add something more, this phone also has some delightful child melodies which your kid will love. 

In addition to all the above features, this phone also has flickering lights, which activate on pressing any button. This kind of stimulation on visual levels is vital for sensory development in the kids. Overall this is one of the best toy phones for kids if you want it for kids above 8 years of age. 

B.Toy By Battat Hellophone

Want a flip phone for kids? Or are you nostalgic about the flip phones and want your little one to feel the same about these little beauties? Well, whatever it is, the B.Toy phone by the Battat Hellaphone is the best option for you. 

This phone has many cool features, which include a call-back option. When your kid activates this feature, there is actually a call back to your kid. It also allows parents to record a message for the kids. Using this feature, you can record a message for your kid, and they can listen to this voicemail later. All these details in the phone make it an immersive and fun experience for the kids. 

Moreover, when the kids flip open this flip phone for kids, there are lots of interesting and captivating sounds. There are songs, melodies, and phrases which your child can go through. All this will be enough to make your child interested in this phone. What’s even more amazing about his toy phone for kids is that it is made completely from material that is free of hazardous elements like BPA or phthalates. 

Overall this toy phone is a great option when you want a nostalgic option for your kids’ toy cell phone. 

Bottom Line

There are numerous options when it comes to toy phones for kids. However, before purchasing, you should look out for various smart features in these telephones.

Some of the main features include talk back to have conversations, lights, pre recorded melodies, and more. You must also be careful about the material that is used in making as not all elements are safe for kids. 

Jatin Choudhary