Beautiful And Unique Types Of Lotus Flowers

Types Of Lotus Flowers

In Asia, the lotus flower is considered a sacred flower around many parts. This flower is mainly known for its beauty and significance because it is the most ancient flower, and its seeds have been germinating for the past 1000 years. The importance of lotus flowers is written in ancient botanic books. Though you must know only a few of them, there are many types of lotus flowers available in the market.

You must be thinking about what’s new about lotus flowers. It’s just like the other flowers, but in this post, we are going to mention everything about lotus flowers that make them different from the other flowers. So, enjoy this amazing post.

The lotus flower

Botanical name- nelumbo nucifera

Family- Nelumbonaceae

Native- Australia, Southern Asia


According to the experts’ research, it is known that lotus flowers have been in existence for the past million years. It is believed that they survived the ice age between 1.8 million and 10,000 years ago when all the plants went extinct.

However, in current times it is very easy to find lotus flowers in Iran, Japan, India, Australia, and Russia.

Meaning of lotus symbol:

There are various meanings and symbols associated with lotus flowers. Lotus flowers are also known as the flower of life because this flower is associated with life cycle, death, and rebirth. According to different religions, the meaning of the lotus flower changes.

Meaning of lotus in Buddhism:

In Buddhism, the lotus represents spiritual awakening, purity, and faithfulness. As the lotus flower grows in mud, in Buddhism lotus symbol is the act of rising above despite the challenges and moving towards the light of wisdom. 

Meaning of lotus in Christianity

For Christianity, the lotus symbolizes purity and the creation of the universe. As we all know that Christians do not believe in materialistic things, but they do believe in the power of lotus.

Also offers lotus flowers to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Lotus flower meaning in Hinduism

The lotus flower symbolizes many Hinduism’s things like spirituality, enlightenment, growth, purity, and birth. Also, one’s ability to perform their duty without being influenced by any desire, pleasure, or gain.

In Hinduism lotus flower symbolizes the beginning of life from water, and also that Lord Brahma appeared from lord Vishnu sitting on a lotus plant. Lotus flower is also associated with Hindu goddess of learning goddess Saraswati and goddess of wealth goddess Lakshmi.

In other cultures, lotus symbols:

In other cultures, lotus flowers represent the life cycle, femininity, marital happiness, spirituality, enchanting, purity of mind and body.

Almost every culture and religion has different types of belief in lotus flowers.

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Best types of Lotus flowers

There are many types of lotus flowers available in nature from ancient times, but we have mentioned some of the most famous and best varieties of lotus flowers below:

American lotus

Botanical name- nelumbo lutea

It is the most common type of lotus flower and can be grown in any type of weather condition. American lotus has round-shaped, blue color leaves and beautiful lotus petals.

The American lotus flower can be a pink, white, and blue color with 20 petals in each. This is also sometimes referred to as water chinquapin.

Angel wings

Botanical name- nelumbo nucifera

This lotus has larger petals as compared to the other types of lotus flowers and is waxy green in color. The Patel of this lotus flower grows for around 10 inches in diameter. 

The bloom time of angel wings is from July to September. If you want to grow a lotus flower in your small garden, then angel wings can be the best choice. Also, these lotus smell very good.

Curious lotus

This type of lotus grows in two colors: the head blooms reddish pink, and the top bloom dark red. It has short petals as compared to the other lotus petals.

These lotuses bloom in early to late August. Curious lotus can hold from 300 to 6000 petals.

Curious lotus is reproduced through lotus roots, not lotus seeds.

Momo Botan 

Botanical name- nelumbo

These lotuses grow up to two feet in height and produce rose-pink petals, but these flowers die quickly. Or in short words, it can be said that this type of lotus flower has a short life span.

During the nighttime, they glow and lighten the dark space naturally.

Royal lotus

It is the most unique variety of lotus flowers; these are small in size as compared to others but look very different and good from other types of the lotus flower.

Royal lotus produces baby pink leaves with golden seeds in the middle, which look like small beans.


Botanical name- nelumbo

This variety of lotus flowers grows to around 30 inches high and is perfect for medium-sized containers and ponds. The name of this lotus flower refers to a rice bowl.

The petals of chawan grow ivory white with margins and veins that are in deep pink color.

Chinese double rose

Botanical name- nelumbo

The name of this lotus flower is Chinese double rose because it blooms two-toned petals of creamy white and deep pink color.

The height of these lotus petals is 2ft, and it resembles a peony.

Different colors of lotus flower:

Lotus flower grows in many colors like:

  • White
  • Off white
  • creamy
  • Pink
  • Baby pink
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • maroon
  • Blue
  • purple

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Bottom line:

Lotus flowers have been in existence since ancient times and have given many meanings and symbols, as we have mentioned in the above post.

Also, there are many types of lotus flowers like American lotus, angel wings, and momo botan. Etc. all of them have different appearances and importance. So, if you are willing to grow lotus plants, then you can choose from the above-mentioned types of lotus flowers.

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