What Are Attributes Of Good Software?

attributes of good software

There are so many software options in the market to choose all from different industries. While most developers create amazing software products that work, others forget about what are attributes of good software.

The characteristics of a good software matter equally like sales. In order to create excellent software, you need to focus on important elements that should be embedded in the core of your software.

Take a look at the below-mentioned attributes of good software and determine which of these elements is missing from yours.

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What are the attributes of good software?

There are plenty of characteristics of good software some of the most important ones are:


Correctness is an essential attribute of creating good software. There should not be any fault in design, specifications, or implementation.


Users should find the software easy to use and learn the system quickly.


The lesser the resources used in software, the better it is. Disk space, processor memory usage should always be minimum. 


Software should be able to perform the functions stably. Failure in performance should be rare in good software. 


One of the most important attributes of good software is security. Software should be secure enough from any hackers and does not allow access to unauthorized resources. Also, data validation is an equally important characteristic of good software, so teh data does not get saved into the system.

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Software that can be used without any modification in different situations is good.


It is important to have accuracy in software outputs. This helps to measure if the software will generate the right results based on the user’s requests. 


If a system is working even after generating invalid output and stressful conditions, then that software is good.


The ease of changing a system is extremely important./ the easier it is to make changes in software, the good it is.


Software that operates in various environments instead of where it was originally designed makes it good.


The more reusable parts of software, the better it is. This means you do not have to reuse them from scratch.


An easy-to-read coding of software is a good characteristic. If you are able to understand the codes faster and easier, then it will be less prone to faults.


Another one of the important characteristics of good software is testability. It is critical to make software testable. If the code is easy to write unit tests, then it is good. 


The ability to understand the system in a global view or detailed code level is essential. An easy understanding of the system is more coherent. When the software is good, it becomes harder to create defects and also faster to make changes.

Software-Quality Objectives

Setting objectives to maintain software quality is a good way of increasing the quality. It provides you with something to work towards. 

Explicit Quality-Assurance Activity

Quality assurance is an essential step in checking the software. Without this, users will be able to see defects as no one is catching them. As a developer, we should make our priorities clear and respond to software accordingly.

Testing Strategy

You must test software systematically using the right testing strategy. Otherwise, the testing can become unpredictable and inconsistent. If we test different things at different times, it is easier to miss a thing or two.

Technical Reviews

Design and code reviews make users’ as well as developer’s life easier. It helps in exposing the flaws and allows people to do sloppy practices. You can chat about reviews informally.

Change-Control Procedures

Uncontrollable changes in software are unpredictable. We should follow the right set of procedures to make those changes predictable. For instance, you can document steps to write code, complete features, and release them for production.

Measurement of Results

You need to have numbers for measurement to see whether the plan is working. Quality attributes that we mentioned, like usability, correctness can also be measured.

Prototyping also helps in making the decision easier by finding something that may become a reality instead of just having something on paper.

Percentage of Defects Detected

You can check the defect rate in software to see how it works. This way, you can use the report to work on areas that need more focus and improve the software system.

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When to Do Software Quality Assurance?

You must ensure quality assurance of the software for most things. As design affects almost every part of the system, we should be careful with software. Faults can creep out of nowhere, and therefore it is important to focus on quality assurance every step of the way.

Also, if you work on codes less, then there will always be less risk associated with changing codes, and creating new defects will also be minimal.

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There are many attributes of good software in terms of quality assurance. This includes system accuracy and robustness, etc. When creating software, it is important to keep checking the quality every step of the way.


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