A Complete Guide: What Dog Breeds Are Hypoallergenic?

what dog breeds are hypoallergenic

Do you love dogs? Or do you want to own a pet but are worried about allergic reactions? Or are you allergic to dogs? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then getting some hypoallergenic dog breeds can help you. Now the question of what dog breeds are hypoallergenic may arise in your mind. 

There are a number of hypoallergenic dogs which you can get for yourself. The good thing about these dogs is that they are similar and equally cute, and playful like the other dogs. However, the only thing which changes with them is that they will not cause allergic reactions to the owners. 

In the article, we will tell you what dogs are hypoallergenic? We will also explain various other aspects related to hypoallergenic dogs. In the article below, you will find big hypoallergenic dogs along with some breeds of the small hypoallergenic dogs. 

What Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

Before we move on the hypoallergenic dogs, let us explain what dogs are hypoallergenic and why they are in the category. 

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, nearly three out of ten people have an allergic reaction to dogs and cats in the USA. So, if you have an allergy, then don’t worry as you are not alone. But the good thing is that there are a number of breeds that fall in the category of hypoallergenic dogs, which you can get for yourself. 

However, one thing you need to know about the hypoallergenic dog breeds is that there is no breed that is 100% hypoallergenic. The term hypoallergenic thus refers to the breed which is very less likely to cause allergic reactions in comparison to the regular dog breeds. Another thing that you need to know is that it is not essential that if you are allergic to one breed, you will be allergic to another.

This is because various people are allergic to various breeds. It depends on the breed of dog as the allergic reactions are due to the Maltese released by dogs, and each breed releases a different variety. So, different people have a different reaction to different breeds. So you can get hypoallergenic dog breeds after considering your health expert for the particular breed. 

What To Consider When Getting HHypoallergenic Dogs?

These are some of the things which you should look for in a dog if you are allergic:

  • Dogs that don’t shed. In other words, it means a dog should have a coat that is less shedding as it will help in controlling allergic reactions.
  • Doesn’t have any hair. The less a dog has hairs, the less the amount it sheds, and the good thing is that there are many dog breeds that have minimal to no hairs.
  • Short or single-layered coats. The next thing you should look for is that the dogs have short or a single layer of the coat. For example, if you are allergic, then getting a breed like double coat german shepherd can make the matter worse. 

These are some of the things which you should consider when looking for the answer to the question, what dogs are hypoallergenic. 

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

These are some of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds which you can get for yourself:


Do you want small hypoallergenic dogs? Or do you want a cute dog breed for your home? If yes, then the affenpinscher is the perfect dog breed for you. 

This dog breed is one of the cutest and hairy types of dog breeds on this list of hypoallergenic dog breeds. These dogs are a great choice for people who suffer from allergic reactions to pets. The good thing about these dogs is that they have low-maintenance coats, which doesn’t require much care. 

In addition to this, the Affenpinschers have worry coats that don’t grow quickly, and they are also not big shredders. What’s even amazing is that these dogs have a funny, confident, and friendly nature towards the owners. In short, they can be a great toy-sized companion for people who are allergic. 

Afghan Hound

The afghan hounds may not fit the description of the hypoallergenic dog at first glance. However, their shiny and glossy coat is not a problem as it shed very little, and this makes them a great choice for allergic people. 

When these dogs are puppies, they have fuzzy and short coats, which become silly and longer when they get old. One thing which these dogs are required to maintain their cot is grooming on a regular basis. So, if you don’t mind grooming, then they can be a great choice for you. 

These dogs, other than being hypoallergenic dog breeds, are also popular for their regal and dignified appearance. In addition to this, they are also incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners. 

American Hairless Terrier

If you love the terriers’ breed of dogs, then you will surely love this breed of hypoallergenic dogs. Like the name of this breed suggests, they are basically hairless, although some coated variety of these dogs are also available. 

The good thing about these dogs is that no matter which variety you choose, they shed very less or don’t shed at all. However, these dogs require some care as they don’t have the hairs to protect them. You will need to protect them from getting sunburn and provide their ears some extra care. But overall, when it comes to what dog breeds are hypoallergenic, then this dog can be the answer. 

Other than this, these dogs are friendly and playful in nature and are a great option for families. 


The basenji breed is also popular by the name of “barkless dogs” and is one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds. They are smart, independent, and easy to recognize with their tails in curly shape. 

They are on the list as they require minimal grooming, have short coats, and shed only occasionally. In addition to this, what makes them a great choice is that they don’t have the regular smell of the dogs. So, you will only need to give them a bath if they get in something which makes them dirty. 

Plus, the sound of these dogs is considered something which is between a chortle and the yodel. This is the reason why they have the name of the barkless dog. 

Bedlington Terrier

This is another dog on our list of hypoallergenic dogs, and they are easily recognizable by their appearance. These dogs have coats that look reminiscent of the sheep. The dog breed is popular for their liveliness and the desire to be in the central point of attention of their owners. 

These dogs have curly and crisp coats, which are a mix of harsh and soft. However, what makes them different from many terrier types is that their coat is not wiry. They are also one of the best hypoallergenic dogs which don’t shed. One thing to know about these dogs is that although they don’t shed, you will need to give them regular grooming as their coats grow quickly. 

Bichon Frise

Do you want small hypoallergenic dogs? If yes, then the bichon frise is the breed which you will love for sure. These dogs are full of charm and personality and are popular for their pure white coat, which makes them look like a fluffy little ball. 

These hypoallergenic dogs are full of energy and are perfect companions for the kids. They are all some of the best hypoallergenic dogs if you live in a city or apartment. This is because their small and fluffy size makes them a great option for lap dogs. Like we told, this is a hypoallergenic dog, so they shed very little to no on an infrequent basis. 

What is even amazing is that when they shed their hair are caught in their undercoats. So, you will need to brush and groom them on a regular basis to keep them healthy and clean. 

Chinese Crested 

The Chinese crested is a variety of dogs that is similar to the American hairless terrier. These dogs come in both hairless and coated varieties. The coated variety of this dog is popular by the name of powder puffs. Like we said, they are similar to terriers, so they don’t shed at all or shed very little. 

However, one thing to know about the Chinese crested is that they will require grooming on a regular basis. The coated one requires regular trimming and brushing, while the non-coated one will require skincare. Overall this variety of dogs can be the best hypoallergenic dogs when it comes to answering the question of what dog br3eds are hypoallergenic. 

The good thing about these dogs is that they are playful, fun, and a popular breed appearing in the movies. 

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulears may not look like the typical big hypoallergenic dogs. But they are one of the best you can get even when they have soft furs like cotton, which can grow really long. 

This is why the Coton de Tulear requires a regular ‘puppy trimming’ to avoid too much coat growth. The good thing about this dog, even when it has such an extensive coat, is that they shed very little and that too occasionally. In addition to this, they also don’t require much grooming if you keep their cots short. 

In short, if you want a hypoallergenic dog breed that is a true companion, then the Coton de Tulear is perfect. These dogs are happy, fun, and perfectly content in following you all around the house. 

Giant Schnauzer

Like the name suggests, this is one of the big hypoallergenic dogs. They are one of the three varieties of the schnauzer. 

These dogs are known to be a great choice when you want a great companion and a worker. They are known for their loyal and intelligent nature. In addition to this, they are also very trainable, which will make it easy for you to make them learn. In terms of the allergy, they shed very little, and that too can be minimized with regular brushing and grooming. Due to their size, they are also a popular type of guard dog. 

Irish Water Spaniel

These dogs, like the giant schnauzers, are one of the big hypoallergenic dogs. They stand tallest among all AKC spaniel varieties. 

These dogs are popular for their looks as well as active and hardworking nature. What’s even amazing is that, as their name suggests, they love water. You can easily recognize this breed of dogs with the help of their rat tails. In terms of allergy, they shed occasionally, but their fur is itself hypoallergenic. 

These are some of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds, which can be the answer to your question of what dog breeds are hypoallergenic. The good thing about most of the breeds on the list is that they shed very little and require minimal grooming. So, you will not need to have an extensive grooming routine for them. 

Final Words

Are you allergic to dogs? But want to have a dog as a companion? Well, then getting hypoallergenic dog breeds can help you in it.

There are a number of dog breeds that come under the hypoallergenic dogs’ category. However, this doesn’t mean you will need to compromise on the looks and nature. This is because the category includes some of the most attractive and playful dog breeds. They are also some of the most healthy breeds. 

Jatin Choudhary