What Is RAM & Why Is Important For The Computer?

What is RAM

Do you know what is RAM in a computer and why it is important? The RAM full form is Random Access Memory, or in computer language, we can say short term memory. So the question is, why it is important? To run a program, file, or movie, it needs RAM to store your file for the short term. 

Without RAM, you cannot run the file, but what is Ram exactly, and how does it work? So in this article, we will share what is RAM, why is it important, and how does RAM work?

What Is RAM ?

RAM full form is Random Access Memory, it is a hardware device that is placed on the motherboard of the computer, and it works as internal storage of central processing unit (CPU). It enables the CPU to store the data or program when you start the computer. RAM is the read and write memory of the computer, which means all the information can be read as well written from it.

In simple words, let’s assume RAM is a person with short-term memory, and hard disk or hard drive storage is a person with long-term memory. So a computer also works like this; when the RAM storage fills up, the processor goes to the hard drive to superimpose the old data in random access memory with new data. 

It just likes the reusable paper on which you write the numbers or notes with a pencil. So if you want to write something and you don’t have space, then you may erase the old numbers or notes: RAM also works like this when the old data is not required, then the RAM erases the old data to store the new data.

Why is RAM Important?

So as we told you, the RAM definition above. Now, let’s discuss why it is so important? RAM is also known as random access memory; the interconnectivity of RAM lets it process the data as fast as possible. By the name “Random Access,” means you can open any file in the RAM and jump to another file as quickly as possible. Random Access Memory stands on the top of the processor, and that is the reason your processor can do tasks easily and fast. 

RAM is the second main processor and works as fast as possible, which is why you can do anything on the computer. 

Different Types Of RAM

You may be thinking about how many types of RAM are there and which one is suitable for your work. So let’s discuss the types of RAM that suits your computer.

  • DRAM
  • SRAM
  • VRAM


DRAM or dynamic RAM is the type of RAM in which data is present as electrical charges held inside the leaky capacitors. Dynamic RAM needs to be connected all the time with electricity so that the capacitors can be refreshed all over again. However, when the electricity is gone, the electrical charges scatter, and the RAM will lose the data. Under the DRAM comes DDR, so what is DDR?

  • DDR – Double Data Rate or DDR is a new technology that sends data whenever the lower pulse or sine wave goes through. Double Data Rate data is sent twice at each clock cycle so that your computer can get double speed.

DDR2 enables even more data to send at the two delivery periods, and the bandwidth increases with the new generation of DDR. Right now, most of the computers are working with DDR4.


SRAM or static random access memory, it’s a type of memory that needs constant electricity just like DRAM; however,  the capacitors do not need to be recharged continually. SRAM is used for cache memory means small files that are accessed regularly. Although, this is not the type of RAM you want if you are trying to upgrade the memory.


Video RAM is storage where all the data store temporarily as you work with it. Video RAM is just like RAM, except VRAM sits on the graphic card and works in image data. So if you have more VRAM, then you can load more graphics at one time.

What type of RAM is my computer using?

Most probably, your computer is using DDR4 RAM; this RAM you will see most of the computers these days. Inside the CPU, you will see a stick of RAM, which is made up of small capacitors being filled and refilled with electricity frequently so that DDR4 RAM can remember the single bit of data.

How Much RAM Does Computer Needs?

The amount of RAM depends on what type of work you will do on your computer. Most work computer and personal computer using Excel and MS Word will do a great job with 8GB of RAM. You can check the RAM memory on your laptop or desktop easily, and you will get the idea that it is 4GB or 8GB. So how many GB’s are there in RAM?

  • 4GB of RAM – If you are only browsing the internet, working with a basic application or office, or doing basic photo editing, you will be fine with 4GB of RAM.
  • 8GB of RAM – If you are a light gamer or heavy multitasker, then it is perfect with 8GB of RAM.
  • 16+ GB of RAM – If you are a heavy gamer, multitasker, programmer, high-end video editing, then it is perfect to go with 16+GB of RAM.

Final Words

To understand the computer’s ability, first, you need to know about what is RAM and How does RAM works. Knowing about RAM will save your money on needless hardware. As we have mentioned above, all the steps are important to perform, and a perfect computer with perfect RAM will give you the perfect speed. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of RAM Should I Use?

Not all RAM is compatible with every motherboard. It is always best to read the instructions before using the RAM.

Where Is RAM Located?

RAM is located on the motherboard to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) socket in the DIMM slot. These slots are installed side by side. The motherboard can have 2,4,6,8 and 16 DIMM slots.

Which RAM Is Best For My Laptop?

Laptop RAM is completely different from pc RAM also ,they are not interchangeable. If you want to upgrade laptop RAM, then contact a nearby computer engineer.

Can RAM Increase Game Performance?

RAM increases the game performance. It also performs best at the resolutions 1920 x 1080 or more. 

Can RAM Increase Computer Speed?

The memory of RAM and the speed of RAM can increase the speed of the computer. 


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