What to Wear for Hot or Bikram Yoga Day?

What to Wear for Hot and Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga or hot yoga is practiced in a heated room; usually, 95-100 F. body is warmed to facilitate sweating and increase flexibility. It is important to wear the right outfit on Bikram or hot yoga day.

A hot room does not mean wearing minimal clothing close to being naked. You can decide appropriately on what to wear for Hot and Bikram Yoga.

Read this guide to help you choose the right clothes, types of equipment, and undergarments for your hot yoga class.

girl stretching before yoga practise

Best Hot Yoga Pants

While you would look forward to wearing the shortest shorts possible to the class, tightly fitted capris are a much better option.

You will sweat a lot during practice, and sweating too much will make your legs slippery.

This makes it difficult to balance your arms in the Crow position. You can pick Wunder Under capris.

These are a little on the pricier side, but it will be worth the money you spend.

Many cheap yoga pants are almost transparent when you bend. Also, make sure to buy the right size pants again; too tight pants will be difficult to stretch in, and too loose will be a problem when you do asanas. Also, wear the right type of undergarments underneath. 

Before buying yoga pants, you can check on their transparency in the dressing room. Do a wide leg forward bend and see if it is transparent in the mirror.

girl practicing yoga pose

Best Hot Yoga Tops

  A sports bra or a close-fitted tank top is the right choice for the hot yoga class. Do not wear oversized T-shirts that fall when practicing poses like a downward-facing dog. Also, do not wear 100% cotton because it will absorb a lot of sweat, and the fabric will become heavy. Choose an athletic fabric that will keep you feeling dry.

Best Hot Yoga Mat and Props

Mnaduka Black Mat Pro is a good option. It is durable, thick, and offers a good grip even when sweaty. You can use a mat towel if you need extra grip in poses like triangle pose or downward-facing dog. 

These towels are dense and do not absorb a lot of sweat. You can sanitize them easily with water and tea tree oil.

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Hairstyles for Hot Yoga

If you have long hair, a braid or lose ponytail will be the best choice. This will allow you to do a range of poses without adjusting your hair. Do not do a fancy hairdo because you will be sweating a lot during the practice. If you sweat heavily, carry a headband or bandana to keep the sweat away from your eyes.

man practicing hot yoga

Hot Yoga Clothing for Men

Wearing a shirt for men is optional, but you sure can wear the right kind of pants. Pants or men’s shorts should fit them nicely, almost like body-hugging.

Use the good old wicking fabrics. If you choose to wear running shorts, then make sure you wear the compression garments underneath to have full coverage.

These are the best outfit ideas that you can wear on Bikram or hot yoga day as they also keep you safe and make you feel comfortable.

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