Worst Washing Machine Brands To Avoid

worst washing machine brands to avoid

Aside from freezers, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers, washing machines are one of the essential home appliances in the home. It is not all about having a simple washing machine that can wash clothes. Nowadays, there are tons of options available in the market. Like the best washing machine brands, there are also some washing machine brands to avoid. We need a dependable machine, and this is why we have narrowed down your search in this post.

7 washing machine brands to avoid

We are not trying to badmouth any brand; however, certain washing machine models have major, unacceptable issues. To save you some time, effort and money, we have curated a list of washing machine brands to avoid.


This brand is a product of their compact washing machine designed specifically for small space and easy portability. However, their washers are rated poor consistently online and for a valid reason. The main issue is you will have to shut it down manually and drain water for each load.

Another major issue is the compact size. Customers say that it is hard to position and it is too short for any water source in the house. You will need extension cords to use it.


As compact and sleek they look, Deco washing machines have a lot of issues, particularly their front load washer. Customers’ reviews say that they have experienced their washing machine stopping in the middle of the cycle.

It does not have a power display, and the incomprehensible buttons are a major reason behind the poor rating. Also, this machine does not have any beep or sound to indicate anything. You will be kept in the dark throughout the cycle.


Danby is an extremely popular washing machine brand; however, their model DWM04WDB is literally messed up. This washing machine model tarnished the brand reputation entirely and is also listed as the weakest build by Danby.

The major complaint about Danby is water leaking and rough washing due to the absence of see of the window. The entering rating power is average but is ranked low in other areas. 


 Although this appliance brand is becoming super trending, it is one of the washing machine brands to avoid with a model which did not keep up. It is rated low by customers for its moderate load and slow performance. Customers have also complained about other error messages. 

Another off-setting thing is that they do not provide responsive customer service; the poor rating of the washer goes consistent. Given the price rate, this washing machine is not worth the buy.

 Speed Queen

This brand is known to have washing machines with the longest lifespan. However, this was not enough to get good ratings from customers.

Coming to the performance of this brand, it has a low rating in terms of removing dirt from clothes no matter the amount of detergent used. Also, the drying and spinning performance is quite low.

In contrast to its name, this washing machine does not have a fast cycle and cycle for woolen clothes. It also lacks water-level sensors and a time display unit. Such cheap washing machines are not worth buying.


Summit is another shocking brand included in this list of washing machine brands to avoid. It is known for its efficient dryers and durable washers. However, for some reason, it spins like a turtle. This washing machine takes more water even for simple cycles, and the dryer is really upsetting. 

There is no water level indicator or load sensor; therefore, it is not energy and cost-efficient. 


Even though Whirlpool is a premium brand of home appliances, for some reason, some of its models have messed up its reputation. For example. The washing machine that comes with wifi connectivity is difficult to connect and gets disconnected frequently.

Another major issue is their performance on cleaning the clothes. These are rated poorly in terms of getting dirt out of cloth. While it looks premium and sleek, it is not premium in terms of performance.

3 Best Buy Washing Machines

With the bulk of work delivered in every spin, you would want a washing machine brand that is reliable, cost-efficient as well as low maintenance. Here are some of the best-rated washing machines


LG is a South Korean brand that has established a reputation in gadgets and home appliances. They have the best front load and top load washing machine. 

Their washing machines have a sleep design, contain more cycle options, high energy rating, and are super easy to operate. LG washing machine costs around $600-$4000 depending on features, model, and design.


GE is another best washing machine brand with consistent top ratings, product reviews, and great customer service in terms of product reliability. This is one of those washing machines with the least bad reviews. Actually, you will rarely hear anything bad from their customers.

As per the Consumer Reports, GE front load washing machine models have a rating of 95% collectively in 2021. Similar to LG, GE is admired for its sleek and minimalistic washing machine designs. They also offer a range of other home appliances, from high-end features to reasonable prices and high energy ratings.


Another best washing machine brand is Maytag. Whirlpool acquired this brand in 2006. Maytag washing machines are rated five stars consistently in terms of reliability, cost efficiency, and being a customer-friendly brand.

This brand offers all types of washers, including smart features like vibration control, wifi connectivity, and quiet performance.

Things To Consider When Buying A Washing machine?

When you choose a washing machine, it should be based on specific factors. Instead of stopping at the look and new features, you also have to check their basic performance level and many other things. Here are some important factors that you should consider to buy the best-rated washing machines.

Washing machine type

Many people are not aware of this, but there are three types of washing machines:

Top-load washers

These are the oldest types of washing machines and the most preferred washers with a washtub that keeps moving back and forth. These carry less risk of mold buildup, come with large tub sizes, and also run faster.

The disadvantage with top-loading washing machines is they spin slow and consume more water and high energy. 

Impeller washer

These washing machines run on a spinning disc which spins load with heavy waves. As compared to top-loading machines, these are gentler and low profile. These washing machines are comparatively more energy, water, and detergent efficient. However, they are priced a little higher and have a longer running time.

 Front-load washers

Front-load washers are new models and are built to be more energy-efficient. These remove stains effectively while being gentle on the clothes. Front-load washing machines are suitable for small spaces. However, these are the most expensive of all and have short lifespans within longer running time.

Load capacity

You can measure the load capacity of the washer in cubic feet and check the internal volume of the washing machine. For example, 2.5-4.5 cu. ft is good enough to take 5-8 kg of the laundry load. 

Washer size

Another factor in determining when buying the best washing machine for your household is the size of the washer. This will determine the amount of space the machine will take up in your laundry area. Washers are generally 24-27 inches.

Energy efficiency

This factor relies on the power consumption rate of a machine. This is not only important for regulating the electric bill but also leaving an impact on your environment.  You should check for an Energy Star rating on your choice of washing machine brands. The highest rating would mean the highest efficiency.


Of Course, the features mentioned above that add to the efficiency of a washing machine are important; however, there are some other features that you should look into.

  • Hot wash cycle
  • Quick wash cycle
  • Stainless steel drums
  • Glowing control panel
  • Noise reduction
  • Advanced wrinkle care
  • WiFi connectivity


Cost includes the initial payment if buying the machine and the maintenance of the best washing machine brand. You need to buy from a trustworthy brand that ensures customer satisfaction by providing premature repairs in between. 

Final Words

Washing machines are one of the most dependable home appliances now more than ever. They have changed the way people wash clothes, and knowing about the washing machine brands to avoid is extremely important. 

Having heads-up on which is the best washing machine brand saves time and a lot of money in the long run.

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