100+ Best Badass Easy Tattoo Drawing to Blow Your Mind

Need some badass tattoo designs but want to save time searching? We’ve got your back with these amazing tattoo ideas that are both easy and stylish.

These days, many people are getting tattoos that are considered “bold, beautiful, and badass.” There are many designs to choose from, but finding the right one can be challenging. Some badass tattoos have a lot of meaning behind them and serve a purpose.

There are many different reasons why people get tattoos, but they all share one thing in common: the desire for bluster. No matter what your reason may be-to honor loved ones or express yourself as an individual with independence and a rebellious attitude–you want something that will make you feel tough enough to take on anything life throws at ya’. And we’ve got just what everybody needs.

A badass tattoo is waiting right here.

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There are many types of badass tattoos, each with a unique meaning. Some people get them because they want to show off their wild side while others maintain a more low-key look by getting small words or phrases printed on the skin as opposed to tattooing over an existing design with something new. Whatever your reason for wanting this type tattooed onto yourself – we’ve got plenty of designs that will suit whatever style appeals most.

You can go big with full sleeves featuring clean lines in black ink, which makes everything seem heavy enough to take up space and register itself deeply into one’s aesthetics; try incorporating bright colors such as reds, yellow-greens, oranges, and even blues.

Stop what you’re doing and look at these awesome badass tattoo designs. These badass easy tattoo drawings tutorials will help you create the perfect piece of ink for your body.

Heart And a Dagger Tattoo

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A Badass tattoo shows a heart stabbed from the middle with an angry-looking blade. This design symbolizes any betrayal or breakup, especially with its old-school appeal.

The badass tattoo design features a black and grey heart with delicate rose petals. The Trickshot Studio has used thin ink strokes to create an outline around the flower, while insights have been shaded in different colors for added detail.

You can wear this piece on any part of your body, like arms or back—it’s perfect no matter where you choose because these types of art are always beautiful, whatever they’re applied to.

Skeleton-themed Rose Tattoo

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This tattoo design is beautiful and badass. Around the heart, an artist has made skeleton tattoos made a trend for a long time now.

It means a person’s way of acknowledging death inevitable but also carries hope in their hearts with every beat they take- which has been captured beautifully through this particular statue where one hand holds up red rule while other clutches flowers ( reprised from the poem above).

The detail put into making each member piece truly stands out; black ink was used when drawing outlines while shades such as white grey were accents along edges, giving them depth – all combined.

The Rose means beauty and love, but it also has thorns representing life’s obstacles. This tattoo would be perfect for someone who wants to show their passion with an art piece on the outside of them.

Barbed Wire Tattoo on arm

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Why not get a barbed wire tattoo as your next skin decoration? These tattoos are popular because they represent courage and strength.

The design seems difficult to jump over, which reminds us of the fences we see on farms where animals can’t easily pass through them into another area without being hurt by their sharp wires closing in on them quickly.

A fenced-in life might seem to trap at first glance, but there’s also something protective about these barriers – even though you’re trapped inside its rigid embrace.”

This tattoo represents the strength and courage it takes to overcome life’s most difficult moments. This particular design shows an arm covered in barbed wire, as though someone has been wrapped entirely around their body from wrist-to elbow joint area (a sleeve).

The artist used shades blacker than anything I’ve ever seen before, making this piece stand out against all other skin tones. And because every detail matters when you’re talking about something so meaningful–meaningful enough not just to look good but feel right too!–you’ll want your new ink done by somebody who knows what they are doing.

Mesmerizing Medusa Tattoo

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This is one of the most powerful and badass tattoos that you will find on any website. The portrait includes Medusa, who was seen as a symbol of powerlessness in females throughout history- but not anymore.

This piece also represents all victims because she has been through so much trauma during her life with an excuse, just like strength; it’s okay to show off these scars now if you want to without fear or regret.

This badass tattoo says something about how strong someone feels inside their skin.

The artist has used their tattoo skills to create an intricate design on the victim’s arm. Snakes can be seen crawling around Medusa’s head, while beautiful flowers adorn her neck and slightly peek out from behind two overlapping black rings that seem almost like eyes looking at you scrutinizingly.

It is difficult not to look away, but they hold your attention nonetheless because of how fascinating these features are in combination with one another.

The shades used for this piece were mostly white (to show off key details) alongside grey, which helped focal point certain elements such as shading near the skin -especially where clothes would cover most areas-and also provided depth when needed without being overwhelming.

Black Jaguar Tattoo on the arm

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The Jaguar is one of nature’s most beautiful and powerful animals, with its sleek fur masking an aggressive edge. This design makes for a perfect badass tattoo that shows off your determination while also being strong enough to protect what matters most.

The artist created this tattoo with a fine line and walked of black ink on its border. Inside, there is also some grey to highlight certain areas that make up this beautiful badass design.

To add even more aesthetic value, you’ll find grass on either side where my Jaguar thrives – such as it does for all animals who know their home belongs only within nature’s boundaries (even though we may share these spaces).

A Badass Lion Tattoo

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The Lion is a symbol of courage and bravery. It’s no surprise, then, that this majestic animal would be reserved for those who share their qualities in life through tattoos.

When someone has the word “lion” permanently etched onto their body with ink – it means they’re not afraid to take on any challenge that comes along; whether big or small–they can do whatever needs doing without flinching.’

The Lion King tattoo is one of the most popular sleeve designs. This bold, beautiful and badass tattoo design has been placed on a person’s arm like some somewhat tribal.

The artist used fine line strokes to create its face and added color with blue ink for eyes, while white was used throughout other parts–including their headgear (which looks rather tasty).

To give this masterpiece an even more interesting look, they’ve also implemented black outlining around all four paws, plus additional detailing near where you might expect his mouth would be if he were speaking or roaring instead.

Rose And Dagger Tattoo Design

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The combination of the Rose and Dagger in this design represents heartbreak and betrayal. A traditional tattoo you can consider for your skin is a perfect blend between beauty and darkness with these two elements as its key features.

The artist has used bold lines and colors in this neo-traditional tattoo. The intricate details make it beautiful, as does the inclusion of pink shades for rose petals on top with white background leaves behind them–to add more aesthetic value.

Sharp Razor tattoo looks a badass easy tattoo drawings

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The dagger is one of the most popular tattoos because it symbolizes sacrifice. Apart from that, this same tattoo can also be seen as a representation or protection against danger in life; with its sharp blade penetrating through the skin towards blood drops spilled by your own hands–a reminder not just for you but everyone around them about what’s waiting out there if they choose wrong when facing adversity.

The color choice used shades such as yellow, black, and white, representing darkness, while red signifies light (as desired).

A Badass Tiger Tattoo Design

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The tiger tattoo is one of the most powerful and dominating designs. The bold colors make it stand out against skin, while its shape speaks volumes about who you are as an individual- strong butting heads with your foes.

This custom was done by artists bright enough to use orange-blue white ink on this masterpiece that can be seen from every angle – daring anyone else’s gaze into submission.

Snake Wrapping a Dagger Tattoo

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The snake and dagger tattoo often represents overcoming obstacles in life. It can be seen as something that shows your triumph over all those who challenge you, or it could symbolize bravery for standing by yourself when things get tough.

Check out these awesome badass designs if you want a tattoo that will last forever. They might require some commitment, but the result is worth it.


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