Most Intelligent And The Strongest DC Characters

The Strongest DC Characters

DC comic is an American comic book published by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., AT&T’s WarnerMedia. It is one of the oldest and largest comic books consisting of some powerful fictional characters or superheroes. The whole production team and the superheroes together are known as the DC universe. There are many powerful characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder woman etc., and all of them are intelligent and powerful beings. However, there are some of the strongest DC characters present in the DC universe.

Before moving on to the strongest DC characters list, first, let’s know a little about the DC universe.

DC universe

DC universe is a streaming service that casts DC comics and superheroes for their fans. This was launched in September 2018; DC universe gives subscriptions to people for accessing the movies, comics, and TV shows on the same interface. It means that the reader can read the stories inspired by many movies and TV shows streaming on the DC universe.

Cost of DC universe

There is an offer to sign up for a free 7-days trial at first. After seven days, there are two plans that cost $7.99 monthly subscription and an annual subscription $74.99 one. 

Tip: if you are willing to buy any of the subscriptions, then go for an annual subscription because it will help you save upto $20 yearly.

Enough about the DC universe; let’s now move to the list of strongest DC characters.

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Eight most powerful DC and strongest DC characters

When it comes to the strongest DC characters, almost everyone recalls Justice league and believe that Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc. are the strongest DC characters.

However, these are the powerful beings present on earth to save lives, but there are also some strongest characters present in space and beyond the earth and even in some different dimensions in the DC universe. In short, there are many strongest characters in DC comics other than these characters.

DC comics not only have heroes but god figures also, which are very strong. While the DC heroes are popular for their superpowers and strength, these DC gods possess multiple powers like omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence.

Also, there are some DC characters who have the power to wrap reality and are insanely powerful.

Following is the list of the strongest DC characters, including characters from the vertigo titles:

The presence

When it comes to the strongest, DC’s version of God always comes on the top. The presence is among the most powerful gods in the DC universe. There are many gods in the DC comics inspired by the Greek versions of Zeus. 

The presence is the God who gives the spectre his power; in simple words, it’s the presence that has created one of the most powerful beings to ever exist in DC comics. The presence has the power to resurrect the dead, as we saw in the justice league. 

The presence was present in “Lucifer”, and he was not absolutely omnipotent, but since DC and vertigo merged, that remains a mystery for now.

The guardians of the universe

They are the immortal founders and leaders of the green lantern corps. The main motive of the guardians of the universe is to bring order and truth to the universe no matter what happens.

These guardians are not physically strong, but they are very intelligent; that is why they are in the top 2 among the strongest DC characters.


As we all know, Doctor Manhattan has proved recently to be the most powerful being in the entire universe. However, before him, there was an Anti-Monitor who destroyed everything and played the role of the most powerful being in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and changed the entire DC universe.

When he was destroying the universe, no one was able to defeat him because the Anti-Monitor can absorb energy, alter reality, and he is invulnerable.


The reason behind forming the justice league was to defeat Darkseid, but no superhero could defeat him because Darkseid is the new God who can not be defeated very easily.

Darkseid has the omega effect. He is armed with anti-life equations and is the father of Orion.

He is immortal, invulnerable, and can regenerate the injuries. 

Mister mxyzptlk

He is an imp from the 5th dimension and messes up the life of the people living on earth. Mister Mxyzptlk has defeated Superman, which makes him far more powerful than Superman. Also, mister mxyzptlk is the one who can change reality and create magical creatures; he presents a threat possessing one of Superman’s most distinct weaknesses.

Mister Mxyzptlk can do anything he wants at any time. There is only one way to defeat him, solve one of the puzzles created by him. 


Orion is the son of Darkseid, and he first appeared in 1971 as the park of Jack Kirby’s new god series. As he is the son of Darkseid, he also has many types of powers. He can destroy green lanterns and fight with Superman very easily.

He is also a DC god, but his mind is of a devil wanting to destroy people’s lives. 

Green lantern corps

The green lantern corps is a force that rules over the entire universe and a DC cosmic character. In total, there are 7202 members in this force, and each covers 3600 sectors of the universe, and 2814 sectors are from earth. 

When they all work together, they become the strongest DC characters and create the most powerful weapons with their power rings.


Parallax is the 8th most powerful being in the DC comics and the strongest character of the green lantern corps. He is the one person who has no fear and always makes the right decisions. However, parallax is an alien being who turns green lanterns into the universe’s deadliest villains.

Final words

There are many superheroes in the Dc comics like Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, etc., and all of them are intelligent and strong.

However, there are many more Dc characters who are the strongest, like the presence, the guardians of the universe, Anti-Monitor, etc.. These are some of the strongest Dc characters, and it is very hard to defend them because they are the supreme and most powerful being.

Along with these characters, there are many more strong characters in the DC universe who possess supernatural powers.

If you’re a DC fan, this post must have given you that adrenaline rush. If yes, then hit the like button and mention the name and power of your favorite DC character among these strongest DC characters in the comment section below.

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