5 Best magic anime you must watch

A very interesting topic was introduced in the article “30 Magic Anime”! The audience will be able to read about many of these different types of magic portrayed in this anime. It is an excellent way for people who have never seen any type before to see how it all works and what each one has within its setting! There are some traditional magical battles as well: every battle differs from other magic-related ones depending on the work, so there’s always something new and exciting around every corner!

1. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

One day, Kazuma Satō decided to buy a video game. He was walking outside when he saw an accident in front of him and saved the life of a girl who would have been hit by the truck otherwise. Sadly, this act killed Kazuma, but his heroism is what makes Japan proud!

Or so he thought since there was not really a truck that hit him, and his death was just from the shock of thinking one did. He died in such an embarrassing way even doctors laughed at his dead body as they checked it over for any signs of injury to ascertain why this happened. The family also found amusement when they were told about their son’s fate, but all soon ceased laughing when “he” woke up with a goddess named Aqua, who offered them something more than she first promised if only they could grant her wish.

2. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Subaru Natsuki is an ordinary high school student until he gets lost in this alternative world. He’s saved by a beautiful silver-haired girl and decides to stay with her so she can repay him. But Subaru doesn’t know what the fate of this girl really entails…

Subaru’s world is turned upside down when he learns that his only way to return home has been taken from him. If he dies, the girl will die with him, and they’ll both be sent back into space—forever lost in time without ever finding their destination again. Suddenly all hope seems gone… but Subaru discovers an even greater power than saving her: He can actually save them both by going back through time! The problem is, as soon as it happens, she loses all memory of what happened, so every time he tries this route out, something always goes wrong until finally…

Subaru found himself trapped in a loop where no matter how hard he tried, there was nothing left for him to do except going forward or stay still.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, two high school students in Mitakihara City, Japan, are walking home from class when they can’t help but notice a strange creature across the street. They cross over to investigate him and find out that his name is Kyūbey. The small magical being offers them an opportunity. If Madoka makes a contract with him for some of her energy, he will grant any wish she wants to be granted without question or hesitation.

As soon as Madoka agrees to deal with this mystical beast, things start going downhill–Kyūbey takes too much power from her body, which renders it severely undernourished, so much so that it starts eating away at it its own cells until all.

In exchange for obtaining supernatural powers, they will transform themselves into magi villages (magical girls) and fight against the devilish beings known as witches. Emerged from curses, invisible to human eyes, these witches are highly dangerous and responsible for much of modern society’s disasters, suicides, and crimes.

The idea is a little strange, but it does seem interesting so far…

Meanwhile, a heroic transfer student named Homura Akemi tries to stop Madoka from making the contract with Kyūbey at all costs. A puella magi girl who attends her high school, in turn, offers to partner up with her on witch-hunting missions so that they can understand what it means and decide together about their future responsibilities as one of these magical girls.

Madoka is faced with a decision, should he accept the contract to become a Puella Magi or not. His mind can’t help but drown in his thoughts as one of many events unfold around him- Kyoko Sakura enters into this chaos and warns Madoka how dangerous it is. The series of overwhelming incidents will lead all puellae to imagine towards an understanding that entropy exists in our Universe, which controls everything from birth to death; however, there are rules to these systems that govern them for eternity.

3. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

A world gripped in war-torn magic. The story begins with land to the east of Ignora, an island known as Ente Isla that is blessed by divine grace and surrounded but one by four islands – north, south, west, and east. In this place lives a tyrant who has great fear only caused be being named as he lords over the largest mass of land within it: Ente Island itself! Only one name causes great fear in that place, the Lord of Ente Isla- Demon King Satan. The incarnation of terror and cruelty, lord over every evil creature in this world who is determined to conquer it for his subjects; he declares war on humanity, but they want nothing more than peace with their new king: Jesus Christ!

Satan has the four strongest demons in his kingdom at his side: Adeamelesh, Lucifer, Alsiel, and Malacoda. As Satan’s chief lieutenants, they are tasked with leading attacks on God’s Kingdom as well as attacking humans who have strayed from him or those he deems need punishment.

Satan is not alone–at his side, he has 4 battle generals; Adeamelesh (a fallen angel), Lucifer (the Fallen One himself), Alsisel (fiercest of all), and Malconatta(healer). They’re charged with waging war against Heaven for their master while punishing any human who sins by following after earthly pleasures instead of godliness.

A great hero stood up against the army of King Satan and led his entourage to battle one by one. They succeeded in destroying three generals before they were confronted with their final challenge: Lucifer himself on a hilltop far away from where anyone else was stationed!

The human archers faced him, ready for what could be an impossible task- but as he attempted to strike them down with bolts of lightening outstretched towards them, the rain’s hand fell upon him like never seen before until it seemed that he had been defeated entirely.

The hero, after a blow to the demon king that he didn’t see coming from one of his trusted generals who was supposed to be on his side. The human army took its toll, but it wasn’t enough, and so they retreated for them all not to end up dead. They then made their way back into Satan’s land with some survivors left behind at home. At the same time, most were sent out ahead before retreating themselves because Alsiel had betrayed him when she led an ambush during the battle against the gates of sin fortresses as if she wanted nothing more than revenge ever since being cast aside by her father long ago; realizing defeat is inevitable, Sin decides to retire along with Alsiel alongside other remaining loyal followers instead going down fighting which would.

The demon king is intelligent enough to realize that he has almost no magic in this world and thus must find a way back to his own universe if he wants revenge against those who took over.

Once he began living and enjoying life in the human world, his personality changed a lot. He became kind, cheerful with consideration for others instead of being cold as ice. As time went by, still more memories from before disappeared until nothing at all remained.”

Once upon a time, in an alternate universe, Harry Potter met Voldemort and was defeated. But one day, he ran into Molly Weasley, who reminded him that his passage through this world is transitory.

5. A Certain Magical Index

Academy City is a technological wonderland with an even more surprising secret. The city specializes in the development of psychic powers, and residents are often born talented! There’s also something much less expected hidden below Academy City: magic. It turns out that magicians control this world-renowned hub for psychics, but don’t worry because Touma Kamijou has Imagine Breaker to save you from any spell or curse cast your way!

One day he finds a girl named Index hanging from his balcony. She has in her hand the index of forbidden texts, which contains 103,000 mystical books and is said to be able to grant any wish upon reading its contents–however, this story begins when they meet