10 Movies Stories based on real-life which Inspire You to Never Give Up

Movies are an integral part of our culture. From the first days when movies were only black and white, we have as a society been entertained by actors onscreen for decades now! Some people enjoy going to theaters with friends or family. In contrast, others prefer watching at home where they can watch their favorite actor’s latest movie in peace without having to hear other viewers talking about what just happened during crucial scenes! Movies today come from all genres: action films, horror sequels, musicals… but one thing that unites them is how inspiring many of these movies are. Characters overcome some incredible obstacles, so don’t forget your popcorn and soda because you’re not gonna want to miss out on this adventure. In real life, people face obstacles to achieve their goals or dreams. Some movies are based on true events in the past, and others follow fictional stories of personal struggles with adversity. Here is a list of 19 inspirational films about people who overcame tremendous odds to reach for what they wanted most:

A Beautiful Mind

This movie tells the story of a mathematical savant and Nobel laureate John Nash. Played by Russel Crowe, this amazing mathematician discovered a highly complicated mathematical concept named the Nash equilibrium, which won him much acclaim and many accolades, such as being given an honorary doctorate at MIT & Princeton University in 2007. Despite his ability to make considerable strides in academia, he also suffered from schizophrenia-a disease with symptoms ranging from delusions or hallucinations to extreme mood swings, including feelings of paranoia; but never forgetting about one’s own self-interests (Crowe). The film shows how he achieved success and failure while dealing with his sickness through periods where things seemed hopeless until finally finding peace after meeting Alicia Larde, who helped nurse him back.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur who went through a year in abject poverty before achieving success. Though he had many struggles and even experienced homelessness to some degree, this doesn’t stop him from reaching his goals at the end of it all! From dirt-poor living conditions with no food or shelter to pushing himself beyond that limit for something better, this man’s life truly inspires us all.

127 Hours

If you’re a fan of thrillers, this heart-pounding film is for you. “Between A Rock And The Hard Place” tells the gripping story of Aron Ralston, who was exploring canyons when he found himself stuck between two rocks with no food or water and only his camcorder to keep him company. Every day that passed meant one less chance at making it out alive unless something happened, in which case there would be more time left on earth to explore other areas before slipping into death’s greedy arms like many adventurers have done before us. In his most desperate hours of life, our protagonist used the camera to document what was happening around him and himself. He never expected it would save both their lives and provide a heartbreaking yet hopeful story for future generations all over the world.


In 1985, a Polish cardiac surgeon named Zbigniew Religa performed the first heart transplant in Poland. His accomplishments are celebrated through this film released in 2014, which displays his courage and grit to achieve medical wonders for patients like you.

In 1978, Dr. Surginalist started performing surgery on hearts afflicted with coronary artery disease (CAD). In 1985 he completed work that changed life-saving procedures forever when he successfully transplanted an intact human heart from one person into another during open-heart surgery at University Hospital of Wroclaw ̶ located in what was then communist Poland – where people had no access to donor organs due to state restrictions on organ donation or any other form of treatment before him because it is said that only two out.

Coach Carter

The movie “Coach Carter” is about a high school coach who decides to withdraw his team from competing until they improve their grades. The film’s protagonist, Ken Carter (played by Samuel L. Jackson), realizes that the players have been studying to play ball. He tries in vain to inspire them with tales of discipline and ambition before finally taking this drastic measure – withdrawing the team from all competitions so that they might focus on academics instead of basketball.

Coach Carter tells an inspirational story not just through its compelling storyline but also via real-life lessons learned during filming, such as making sure your actors are prepared both physically and mentally because life changes at any moment when you least expect it!

The World’s Fastest Indian

The 2005 film “The World’s Fastest Indian” is the story of a man who spent two decades rebuilding his 1920s pre-war motorcycle. After years and miles of trial and error, he finally completed it in 1967 by racing at Bonneville Salt Flats for the land speed record!


Vince Papale is an average guy that needs a little push in the right direction. Vince was laid off from his job, and once he gets back on his feet with some money, he again meets up with friends to watch football – but it’s not your typical game-day routine for this fan. He saw the Philadelphia Eagles were holding open tryouts because of injuries and decided to give it a shot despite having no football experience whatsoever! After making one catch, nothing was stopping him; even after being cut down by two other players, Vince still managed to get up so they could have their turn shaking him around like ragdolls as well!

Vince never really thought about becoming a professional athlete until later in life when he found himself unemployed…but

Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless is a high-performing student and athlete who decides to give up his conventional life searching for true meaning. He destroys all identification, including credit cards, personal documents, and donates every penny he has left to charity. After that journey begins hitchhiking his way through the Alaskan wilderness, where he meets different people with interesting personalities and challenges, which change Christopher’s perspective on what it means to live an authentic life—despite any struggles or hardships encountered along the way

Christopher McCandless was not your average kid from suburban Pennsylvania – but then again, everyone thinks they’re special too! A gifted scholar at Emory University for two years before dropping out, this rebellious spirit turned into an adventurer when deciding against traditional paths like law school.

Schindler’s List

The 1993 film “Schindler’s List” tells a German businessman who hires Jewish friends and family members to work in his factory during World War 2. As Germany starts losing, it becomes difficult for him to keep them from being exterminated by Nazi forces.

Saving Private Ryan

One of the most memorable films from this time period, Saving Private Ryan, is a phenomenal depiction of what it was like to be in World War 2. It follows a group of soldiers as they embark on an emotional quest for their comrade who had lost three brothers during battle and could not afford another loss. The story captures each soldier’s struggles with war while exploring how life changed them forever.