Most Popular And Strongest Marvel Characters

Strongest Marvel Characters

Marvel is one of the most popular comics among kids as well as adults. Marvel comics are a collection of interesting events and stories having many strongest marvel characters and villains. All the characters of Marvel comics have their own superpowers. While some characters have basic or no power, some characters have multiple marvellous powers.

Before moving on to the strongest marvel characters, first, let’s know a bit about the marvel comics

Marvel is an American comic book written by a famous comic book writer, “Stan Lee,” and owned by the Disney company. Marvel is a comic that includes many super and powerful heroes and villains like Miles Morales, X man, bishop, king, captain marvel, Thanos, etc.

There are many marvel characters, and all are strong and have their own power, but there are 20 characters who are known as the strongest marvel characters and are very famous and powerful.

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20 most powerful marvel characters


Compared to the other Marvel characters, “portege” is the strongest one. Portege is a God who has the ability to imitate any entity that is in existence in the multiverse. Also, no marvel character can defeat portege. 

Portege can make and break the power of anyone present in the marvel universe.

One above all

One above all is the second most powerful marvel character ever in the Marvel multiverse. He has god-like status and can be any of the people present in the marvel universe. One above all has the ability to use all of the matter within the universe to direct into any activities that it deems to be advantageous.

Also, has the ability to manifest into any type of living thing.


Death is an eternal entity, present in the universe since it was created. It is opposite to the powerful character eternity. Death is a female entity that holds the responsibilities of Thanos’ descent into a villainous trajectory.

It was death who convinced Thanos to destroy half of the population by getting infinity stones. She can also manipulate death; the main and best thing about death is that she is invisible and has cosmic power.

The Beyonder

This is the fourth-strongest marvel character but does not diminish any extraordinary powers. This character exists in only one universe and has the ability to pit the strongest villains and heroes of earth against one another.

The Beyonder can also change reality.

Living tribunal

He is the mediator of everything that takes place in the multiverse. Living Tribunal is as powerful as infinity stones; that is why he is on 5th position in the marvel superheroes list.

Although there is some diversity in his skills and abilities.


The stranger is strong enough to capture magneto on occasions and has the ability to create living beings on the living planet. Till now, it is not concluded that Stanger is a villain or hero because his personality changes according to the situation. 

The stranger is the one who manipulated Hulk to conquer the earth, but he also took on Thanos. So, it is hard to identify if he is a good or a bad guy.


Eternity is infinity’s twin brother and siblings of oblivion and death. They have the power to change reality, space, and time. Also, eternity has the power to influence the other marvel characters.

Due to their different powers, they are in the seventh position in strongest marvel characters. 

Franklin Richards

Reed Richard and se Strom had a son named as franklin Richards. He is a mutant that classifies rare and omega level characters. The main thing he has is the power to wrap reality and can control the fundamental forces of the universe.

Franklin Richards is one of the strongest mutants in existence with powers equal to the celestial.


Cyttorkis a deity who is among the most powerful of all marvel magical beings. He is the source of many elite magicians within the marvel universe and another source of doctor strange.

He is an omnipotent being who exists within his crimson cosmos.


Surtur is as strong as Odin, but he is a humungous fire demon who commands the power of a thousand suns. He is an immortal who also has the gifts of telekinesis, pyrokinesis and he can survive while living in flames.

As we all know, Surtur has also destroyed hella and Asgard in “Thor Ragnarok.”

Amatsu mikaboshi

Amatsu Mikaboshi has the power to destroy the entire marvel universe. His physical strength is not good, but his magical power is top-notch.

He also has the power to regain the power from dead bodies.


Almost everyone knows about Thanos because he destroyed many avengers and fifty per cent of the population in avengers infinity war. Thanos is the youngest son of A’Lars. He has the powers to manipulate energy; this is why he was able to take all the infinity stones from avengers.

Thanos also has other abilities like intelligence, speed, durability, and the main strength.

Adam Warlock

Adam warlock is a son of magus, and he is a perfect human being. He has the ability to warp reality and can also freeze time gems.

As he is the son of magus, he also has the power to discern and create wormholes.


Magus’ power is right up to par with Galactus. He is an immortal who can teleport, shapeshift and can turn himself into a type of substance.

Magus can break the stars into two pieces.


He is the fifteenth most powerful marvel character; he can eat planets and has ultimate knowledge of power and cosmic.

Galactus can also influence the mind of the people looking at him, whether they are human beings, aliens.


Grandmaster can never die; that is why he is number sixteen. He is an ancient eternal being and the most impressive attribute due to his intelligence and power.

He can also revive the death of a person and bring them back to life.


Hercules is stronger than Hulk and thor. He is the son of an immortal named as Zeus. He is one of the hardest Marvel characters who have the power to survive in outer space without any type of assistance.

Hercules was the only one who survived the nova blast and got the powers.


As we all know, Odin was the patriarch of Thor and one of the strongest Asgardians. Odin is the man who commands and controls the magic and can create the powers. 

The main quality of Odin was that he could augment his great powers by absorbing the power of other Asgardians.


Skaar is the son of Hulk, and as we all know that Hulk was one of the strongest avengers in marvel comics. However, Skaar is more powerful than his father and can fall into outer space. Skaar is hard to kill and the 19th strongest marvel character.

More than these powers, he is also an intelligent and sharp-minded character.


He is a mutant named Vulcan and emperor of the shi’ar empire. Vulcan went against starjammers. Inhumans and X-men in the battle.

Also, he can control all seven elements (water, wind, fire, earth, norm, electricity, darkness and light).

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Final words

There are many marvel characters, and all are strong and intelligent, but Portege, one above all, death, are the top three strongest marvel characters. 

In the above post, we have mentioned the 20 strongest marvel characters, which have many types of powers and abilities. There are many more characters in the marvel comics like Thor, Star lord, Captain America, Hawkeye etc. that possess various superpowers and are very powerful and impressive.

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