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Jennifer Misner is known for being the former wife of American celebrity Dustin Diamond. She works as a Regional Sales Director at Sonesta Hotels and has also started her own seed shop in Kentucky.

Dustin Diamond was a famous American actor, comedian, director, and singer, most famous for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers in the TV show “Saved by the Bell.” He married Jennifer Misner in 2009 after being together for four years but they separated in 2013.

Sadly, Dustin Diamond passed away from lung cancer in February 2021. It’s unclear if he and Jennifer were still in touch before his death.

Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond were once married, but they separated after being together for four years. Dustin’s death in 2021 was a shock to fans of “Saved By the Bell” and the entertainment world.

Their relationship was an important part of Dustin’s life, and Jennifer even served as a bridesmaid at their wedding. You can learn more about their relationship, where they met, why they broke up, and what Jennifer’s life has been like after the divorce in the following information.

Dustin Diamond’s Marriage

Jennifer Misner, Dustin Diamond Wife Wiki - Latest Fashion & Lifestyle Trends
<strong>Jennifer Misner Dustin Diamond Wife<br><strong>

Jennifer and Dustin got married in 2009 but sadly, they divorced in 2013. During their time together, they faced challenges, including a miscarriage in 2004.

Jennifer Misner’s Career

Jennifer is a successful businesswoman and a mother of two. She has worked in various jobs like project management and sales consulting. Currently, she is associated with Sonesta Hotels.

Dustin Diamond’s Controversies

Dustin had some controversies, including a private video and legal issues. Jennifer stood by him during some of these difficult times.

Dustin Diamond’s Past Relationships

Before Jennifer, Dustin had a relationship with Beth, which had its problems and legal issues.

Legal Troubles

Dustin faced legal troubles, including an arrest and a brief prison sentence, related to an incident at a bar.

Jennifer’s Life After Divorce

After their divorce, Jennifer’s ex-husband sold his property and moved to Florida.

Dustin Diamond Foundation

Following a miscarriage, Jennifer and Dustin decided to start a foundation to help children in need, called the Dustin Diamond Foundation. However, the foundation’s website is no longer active.

Dustin Diamond’s Death

Dustin Diamond passed away from lung cancer in February 2021. He was in a relationship with someone named Tash at the time of his death.

Jennifer Misner Life After Divorce

After her divorce from Dustin Diamond, Jennifer Misner now lives in Kentucky and works as a regional sales director for Sonesta Hotels. She started working there in September of this year.

She also started her small garden business in August 2020, which got approval from the state. She said COVID-19 affected her job in hospitality, so she had more free time. She’s now working on a deal with a plant vendor, and they’ll start shipping live plants in spring 2021.

Jennifer also supports fundraisers and charities on her social media. It seems like she might have a new partner.

Dustin Diamond’s Health

Dustin Diamond, Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend, went to the hospital on January 14, 2021, because he was feeling unwell. A friend of his, Dan Block, said Dustin had a big lump on his neck for a while but was afraid to go to the hospital because of photos being taken.

Dustin had chemotherapy treatment in Florida but, sadly, he passed away on February 1, 2021. It’s not clear if he stayed in touch with Jennifer before he passed away. Doctors had told him his sickness was very serious, and he might only have a few weeks to five months left.

Marriage Status Confusion

Dustin’s death certificate said he was “never married,” which surprised many because they thought he was married to Jennifer. Dustin’s friend Dan said they were never legally married. Dustin wore a wedding ring as a symbol of commitment when he traveled for work.

Dan thought Dustin talked about being married to Jennifer to get sympathy and distract from his money troubles.

Jennifer Misner’s Age and Appearance

We don’t know Jennifer Misner’s exact age and birthday. She looks like she might be in her late 30s or early 40s.

Jennifer Misner’s Instagram

Jennifer has an Instagram account with the handle “jennyrae21,” where she promotes her business. However, it’s not confirmed if this account truly belongs to her.

Jennifer Misner’s Nationality

Jennifer Misner is American, and she belongs to White ethnicity, just like Dustin Diamond.

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