Best Bones For Dogs To Keep them Healthy

best bones for dogs

Dogs love to chew. However, instead of allowing them to chew on your household objects and furniture, it is best to get the best bones for dogs. Dog chew bones not only satisfy their innate nature to chew but also provide plenty of benefits like clean teeth, improved cognitive behavior, and so on.

Here we have listed some of the best chew bones for dogs that are veterinarian approved and completely safe.

Best Bones For Dogs:

Here are our top picks for safe chew bones for dogs and puppies.

Nylabone Dog Chew Bone

If you are a fan of Nylabone for your dog food, then you will love the dog bones even more. The company designs these to replicate teh texture and consistency of real bones. The best thing is these are healthy edible treats that will not split, crack, or splinter, no matter how long your pet chews on munch on it.

They have different variety of packs containing a collection of chicken treats and roast beef flavored treats along with single flavored turkey, bacon, and apple flavors; their treats contain 1% protein and only 1/25 fat. These are made using natural ingredients which do not require anything harmful or artificial ingredient. Overall these are safe bones for dogs.

Blue Buffalo dental Chew Bones

Blue Buffalo is another trusted brand for premium dog food. Now they have come up with the best bones for dogs. Their dental bones are quite popular among pet owners. These are formulated with 14% protein and 3.55 fat mixing the meaty bones. The bones do not contain any gluten, poultry, or chicken by-product or ingredients. The texture, density, and consistency are pale in comparison to a real bone.

With Blue Buffalo dog chew bones, you will never have to worry about broken or splintering pieces which can cause esophageal or intestine problems. These have added parsley to give fresher breath and efficient teeth cleaning. What more can you ask for?

Deluxe Naturals Elk Antlers

These effective dog chew antlers give a side-by-side competition to dog chew bones. Deluxe Naturals utilizes naturally shed antlers of ELK roaming the mountains of the northwest. These are an excellent alternative to real bone. Each 6-inch antler contains 38.9% protein and only 1.25 fat. These are also rich in phosphorus and calcium content.

These antlers are not meant to replace your dog’s daily diet but make a great chew treat since it is free of any added color. After harvesting, the antlers are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and packed with nutrient content. Also, these will not break apart easily.

Purina Busy Bone Mini Dog Treats

Purina has an unusual and unique formulation of dog bones, making them the best chew bones for dogs. They mimic the real bone with spongy and soft tissue by incorporating real meat in the middle inside a synthetic bone. 

These busy bone mini treats taste, look, feels, and smell amazing. The addition of real meat in the center can help to further attract the dog to munching. Purina edible dog bones contain 1% fat and 5% protein. Our only wish with these miniature bones is that they were available in flavors. 

Pet’ n Shape Beef Bone for Dogs

If you do not consider synthetic as safe bones for dogs, regardless of how realistic they are, you will love Pet n Share beef bones. These are sources from cattle that were fed organic grass and free-ranged. As seen in industrialized cattle, these cattle were free of hormones, antibiotics, and any growth-enhancing products.

All you get from these Pet n Shape treats is the natural goodness of tendon-filled, meaty beef bone containing calcium, glucosamine, phosphorus, and chondroitin. All these ingredients are essential for dog joint and bone health. The fat and protein content is similar to a raw bone. These are slowly roasted to lock in the flavors and nutrients, making them a delicious treat for your dogs.

Petstages Strong Wood Chewing Dog Stick

If your dog has an undying fascination with wood, you must buy the pet stages wood dog bone. Instead of letting them chew on the wooden chair leg or baluster on stairs, get them wooden chew bone.

This wooden chew toy is named Ruffwood by the brand and is made of natural dogwood. Dogwood is a woody plant with distinctive bark, blossoms, and berries. Ruffwood will make an entirely different bone treat and is suitable for mild chewers.

As this dog bone is made of wood, it carries the risk of splinters, especially f your dog is a heavy chewer. The good part is that these can float in water, making a good swim toy for your dog in the pool.

Types of dog bones and their safety

There are many types of safe bones for dogs; however, if you do not pick the right kind, you can end up giving something unsafe to your little bud. It is always better to consult your vet to suggest the best chew bones for dogs. 

Here are some common types of bones characterized as safe and unsafe.

Unsafe bones

  • 🚫 Cooked —real animal bones cooked like the chicken wing are not safe bones for dogs. As they have been cooked, it is easy to splinter into sharp pieces, which can puncture your dog’s mouth, intestine, and even stomach.
  • 🚫 Rawhide — although these are a popular pick, rawhide bones do not pass the pliability test. They can easily break into solid and sharp pieces, which makes them digestive as well as a choking hazard. Also, many pet dogs are known to have fractured their teeth with these bones.
  • 🚫 Raw bones — these are a smidge safer than the above two mentioned bones but can still be dangerous. These splinter-like cooked bones and pose a risk of tooth breakage. 

Safe bones

  • 👍 Bone treats —some safe bones for dogs are made of bully sticks, cheese. However, you must confirm with your vet if these ingredients are safe for your dog breed.

Mostly safe

  • 👍 Synthetic — another safe dog chew bones are synthetic bones. These are made of nylon, plastic and are good as long as they are pliable. If too hard, they can break apart, posing a threat to your dog’s health and cause GI obstruction.

Are Bones Good For Dogs?

There are plenty of benefits of giving your dog chew bones; however, the benefits vary from the type of bones you give them-natural or synthetic. The major difference in these types of bones is the nutrient content since synthetic bones are enriched with add-on substances that are not found in natural bones.

If you are wondering whether bones are good for dogs or not, check out these benefits:

Stimulates Cognitive Development

When you give your dog a bone treat, they start working their brain to figure out the right way of approaching the treat. This is true in the case of bones with some meat tendons attached to them.

Dogs try to find a way of removing these flesh bits and ligaments from a dense area of the bone. They know that before reaching the core of the bone, they will have to get rid of the ligaments and tendons, and this stimulates their cognitive development.

Promotes Teeth and Gum Health

No matter which types of safe bones for dogs you bring, chewing on them will help your pooch to clean gums and teeth, promoting good oral health. Yes, chewing bones cannot be compared to manually brushing your dog’s teeth, but as long as your dog is not fond of brushing bones, it will do the job. 

There are some dog chew bones that come with specialized ribs that work as toothbrush bristles to get rid of stubborn particles. This helps in preventing any gum disease in dogs and maintains overall health.

Non-destructive Medium To Act Out

We all know that dogs have a natural inclination for chewing. If dogs don’t have chew bones or toys, they will find something else to chew on, like your slippers, carpet, or even furniture.

Providing the best cones for dogs is a simple way of giving them to act out their innate behavior without being distributed to your house objects. 

Alleviates Boredom and Behavioural Problems

Like we know that chewing bones helps in cognitive development; it also minimizes boredom. When they chew on bones, it keeps them busy for a long period, and will not be thinking of anything else. This keeps them focused on just one thing-the bone.

Final Words:

Cleaning a dog’s teeth with a brush and toothpaste is not an easy task. Giving them the best bones for dogs will take one worry off your shoulders. Dog chew bones maintain their oral health by cleaning the teeth and are rich in other essential nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorus.

You must always buy veterinarian-approved bones for dogs to ensure the safety of your pet. If you like this post, do not forget to leave a comment below. 


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