Easy Aquarium Plants for Your fish tanks

easy aquarium plants

If you are thinking of keeping a fish tank, you will have to consider keeping easy aquarium plants too. Did you know the majority of fish always prefer live aquarium plants? Many choose artificial plants for their aquarium fish because they think that live plants are too difficult to look after. These easy, live plants for fish tanks provide many benefits, such as absorbing carbon dioxide, acting as filtration, and providing water oxygen.

Here is a list of top aquarium plants that are super easy to care for and add more color to your aquarium.

Top Easy Aquarium Plants

Here are some top aquarium plants that keep your fish tank environment healthy: 

Java Moss

Java Moss grows in all kinds of water conditions with low and high light. These plants were used for aquascaping. It is easy to maintain and almost impossible to kill. These live aquarium plants are used to cover the floor of a tank and give shelter to eggs. Java Moss plants can tolerate temperatures upto 86 degrees F. It is also known as Christmas moss, mini moss, Singapore moss, triangular moss, and dubious bladder moss. These have oval-shaped elongated bright green leaves, and like other moss, however, it doesn’t have true roots. 

Dwarf Baby Tears

Dwarf Baby Tears are ideal for the background of any aquarium. It contains two separate branches that have multiple stems of 8 to 10 inches in length. These easy aquarium plants provide hiding places and biofilm for the young fishes. Dwarf baby tears plants have small round, bright, and vibrant green leaves, and they need a stable temperature between 68-83 degrees F. 

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword is easy to maintain and fast-growing aquarium plants. These are common and popular aquarium plants for beginners with numerous lance-shaped and pale to dark green leaves. These aquarium plants are easy to care for and grow upto 20 inches. They can survive temperatures upto 72-82 degrees F. 

Jawa Fern

Jawa Fern is the most widely used aquarium plant that makes the best aquarium plants for beginners. These easy aquarium plants are famous for their unique look and have dark brown roots. These grow in the freshwater river and are perfect aquarium plants for beginners. 

Water Wisteria

These are freshwater plants that belong to the Acanthaceae family. Just like other freshwater plants, water wisteria provides various services for your fish tank. They have attractive green leaves, but this plant’s roots either be sediment or spread across the surfaces. These can tolerate 70-82 degrees F and always prefer soft to moderately hard water. 

African Water Fern

African Water Ferns rare freshwater aquarium plants that require low to moderate lighting. These freshwater plants can tolerate 68-80 degrees F. This plant is also known as Bolbitis heudelotii and has long bottle green, and transparent leaves. 

Pogostemon helferi

These freshwater aquarium plants are also called Downoi in Thailand. Pogostemon helferi is a distinctive aquatic plant that has curly, green leaves. These freshwater plants can tolerate temperatures between 15-28 degrees C and general hardness upto 0-30 degrees GH.  

Cryptocoryne Becketti

Cryptocoryne Becketti is a small variety of freshwater plants that are 10-15 cm long. The leaves of this plant are dark, olive-brown in color, and the shapes depend on the environmental conditions. These freshwater plants are very sensitive to environmental change and can tolerate temperatures upto 15-30 degrees C. 

How to grow live plants for fish tanks?

If you are planning to grow live plants for fish tanks, then you need to know some basic things such as:

  • Plants need eight to twelve hours of daily sunlight, and use a hood light on your tank to provide the light. Always remember that the amount of light depends on the size of your aquarium. 
  • You should use aquarium-plant fertilizer for your live aquarium plants then fill your fish tank with water. Bury the live plants and then add rocks, fish furniture, and other accessories.
  • Keep in mind that plant foreground plants or middle ground plants grow upto four top ten inches tall because they stay short in front of your fish tank. If you want to hide the aquarium’s heater or filter tubes, then you can use the tallest plants. 
  • You have to change 10% of the water every week; regular water change will prevent the unwanted accumulation of solid waste and also remove the nitrates and other chemical products for your fish and plants. 

Reason to choose freshwater fish tank plants

Freshwater aquarium plants provide helpful benefits to your fish, such as

  • The live fish tank plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen 
  • These live aquarium plants can provide a natural look to your aquarium.
  • Freshwater plants remove nitrate and other chemical products from the water column so that they won’t harm your fish.
  • They provide shelter for your fish. 

If you notice 

Then immediately speak to your Pet store because these signs are not good for your plants’ health.

If you want to keep your fish tank plant healthy, keep in mind that plants and animals always transmit diseases to animals, wash your hands before and after contact with the aquarium. Keep your fish tank away from the food preparing area and never dispose of the aquarium plants in the wild because they harm your environment.  

Final Words

Planning to buy a fish tank for your house or office space? Try these easy aquarium plants as they are beneficial for your fish and keep your fish tank green. They provide natural beauty to your aquarium and maintain a fresh and healthy environment for your aquarium animals. So, next time avoid artificial plants and use these live fish tank plants for your fish tank.  


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