All You Need to Know About Tragus Piercing

what is a tragus piercing

If you are seeking a new accessory option, consider a tragus piercing. Ear styling is a huge trend at present, and tragus piercing is remarkably contributing to boosting this trend. The Tragus is a rounded triangle shape, and its shape and size vary from person to person. It is a super cute place to get piercings. Wearing a tiny gemstone or simple cartilage stud in tragus piercing offers an eye-catching style. If you plan to get a tragus piercing, it would be better to do some research first. Here is an article with all you need to know about tragus piercing. 

What is a Tragus Piercing?

A tragus is the area of cartilage that partially covers the canal of your ear. It plays the role of covering your ears’ opening and protects the tube that leads to the eardrum. A piercing done at Tragus is known as tragus piercing. 

Tragus piercing is gaining remarkable popularity as a result of advancements in the science of pressure points. Tragus piercing helps manipulate the nerves that branch off from the vagus nerve. It helps in preventing the pain caused due to migraines. 

How Much Does Tragus Piercing Hurt?

The Tragus is made of a thin layer of cartilage. It means there are no thick tissues filled with news and can cause pain. Therefore, tragus piercing hurts less as compared to cartilage piercing. Due to lesser nerves, tragus piercing hurts less when a needle is used to do it. However, the cartilage is harder as compared to the regular flesh; therefore, the piercer is required to apply more pressure to pierce the Tragus and get the needle through this area. Though it is not painful, it can be uncomfortable and lead to injury if the piercer lacks experience. In addition to this, pain varies from person to person. 

While getting a tragus piercing, you might also experience the pinching sensation. However, it heals fast. You might not feel any pain once the process is completed. 

Tragus Piercing Healing Process

Tragus piercing takes a few months to heal. Tragus piercing usually heals between 2-3 months. However, it also takes around a year to heal; therefore, it is important to watch the Piercing. In addition to this, keep in mind that the inside part of the Piercing takes a longer time to heal, so even if it looks completely healed externally, there might be some healing left on the inner side.

How Much Tragus Piercing Cost?

Tragus piercing usually costs around $30-$50. The costs vary based on where you are planning to get the Piercing. Most cartilage piercings have the same price. It would help if you always opted for getting the Piercing done by an experienced piercer. In addition to this, make sure that the piercer uses sterilized piercing tools. 

Experts piercers create a pain-free experience, and they use safe tools that are free from bacteria. In addition to this, ask the piercer to use a needle and not a piercing gun. Piercing guns harbor bacteria, and the force used to push the jewelry can cause cartilage bumps. 

Tragus Piercing Jewelry Style

You can wear different types of jewelry in tragus piercing. Opt for wearing metals that are safe for all types of skin. For instance, you can wear 14k gold or stainless steel. These jewelry options are quite expensive but encourage quick healing. Wearing cheap metals increases the risk of being rejected by the body. Depending on your choice, you can wear a triangle, Custer, or even longer pieces. 

Why Shouldn’t I get a Tragus Piercing?

Tragus piercing would require vigilant aftercare practices. If you think you can’t adhere to the cleaning and aftercare practices, you should avoid getting this Piercing. 

The shape of the Tragus varies from person to person. If your Tragus is small, too thin, or in a difficult location, then it might not be possible to get a tragus piercing. There are other areas in Tragus like anti-tragus; you can also get piercing in these areas. 

Tragus piercing can be a little bit scary. If tragus piercing is your first Piercing, try to avoid s and get something a little easier to remove the piercing fear. Some cartilage bumps might form during the healing process, and some might need surgical removal. If you have bumps in your cartilage piercing, it would be better to think twice before getting a tragus piercing.