Best Engaging & Fun Animal Books For Kids

animal books for kids

Books are a treasure of knowledge for the children along with being fun, specifically those with colors and pictures. Kids love the illustration of stories about nature, and animal books for kids are informative and fun.

If parents read those books for them, it is even more delightful as kids love the audio, and they get imaginative. The good thing is that even if you don’t have the time, there are various audio books for kids that you can gift them. As who doesn’t love listening to the delightful illustrations of some interesting and captivating stories. 

However, which animal books for kids to choose from can sometimes be confusing. Don’t you agree? To help you with this, we have prepared this list of best animal books for kids that they will surely love. 

Best Animal Books For Kids

After going through numerous book options, whether it is written or free online books for kids, we have selected some of the best. These are:


Written By: Michael E.Smith

There is a specific amount of innocence, uniqueness, and ravishing beauty in the animal’s eyes. This book showcases this side of the animals. – and more. The good thing is that the picture and colors will make your little one fall in love with it. 

In this book for kids, you will find ten close up shots of the different types of animals and their eyes. You can use it to teach about the animal and their magnificence. Thus it is not only a fun book for kids but also an informative one. 

What’s more interesting is that it is easily available on amazon books, so you don’t need to go searching. 

Gotta Go Buffalo 

Written By: Kevin Meyers and Haily Meyers

This is for sure one of the best fun-filled animal books for kids, which they will surely love. What’s more amazing is that it has a clever concept to teach young kids about the concept of goodbyes. 

This book for kids also has eye-catching illustrative details along with great designs that will make your kids love it. Its design and illustrative qualities will surely make the kids learn fun and different ways of saying goodbyes. They will do this while exploring and learning about their favorite animals. 

What’s more, fun is that it is also available in audio format. So you can also go for audiobooks for kids if you don’t want to read it out. However, if you prefer reading, then it is easily available on amazon books. 

Who’s At Home

Written By: Jane E.Gerver

This is an amazing book to teach your kids about woodland animals. It is woven around a woodland theme and is a lift of the colorful flap book, which is a great way to teach your kids. The good thing is that the illustrations and colors of this book will make your kids learn about where the woodland animals live and more while having fun. 

This interactive book for kids is a non-fiction option for teaching your kids about the dozing beaver, rabbit, squirrel, and more. The good thing is that in the book, you will find all this information in story format, thus making it interesting for kids. This also makes sit one of the best story books for kids, which is informative at the same time. 

One thing you can do with such story comic books for kids is that despite being non-fictional, they are very interesting. Your kids will be loving to lift the flaps while learning about the furry bears in the cozy and more, including their natural habitats. To make it even more interesting, you can also go for the audio books version for kids of this book. 

Blue Chameleon

Written By: Emily Gravett

The colors and eye-catching shapes in these story books for kids are going to delight the mind of your young one. In this comic books for kids, you will find the story of a chameleon who wants to be friends with other animals. However, no other animal wants to be his friend. You will see how interesting the story is told in these comic books for kids. 

This story books for kids storyline follows a chameleon’s journey as he struggles to find a friend to whom he could talk. The storyline will for sure keep the young reader engulfed in the journey’s challenges and how bravely the chameleon overcomes the challenges. 


Written By: Fiona Roberton

The cuckoo is one of the best animal books for kids, which shares a sweet bird’s adventurous story. It tells us about the story of this bird who is different from others around it as he embarks on the journey to meet someone. He tries to find someone who could understand the language he speaks and to learn new ideas and languages while doing this. 

Finally, in the story, the bird finds an unlikely friend. The story illustrates this story of the cuckoo and his unlikely friend in an amazing and delightful manner that is appealing. Even more amazing is that it is available as free online books for kids on various platforms. 

The Little Reindeer

Written By: Nicola Killen

 Want one of the best animal books for kids to gift them on Christmas? Well, then this book can be your option. This book tells a captivating story of a girl and raider who are lost. 

You will see how they embark on an adventure journey together to explore various places. This book offers an interesting and classic friendship tale, which is a must-read for every kid to know the value of friendship. 

Sleep Like A Tiger

Written By: Mary Logue

This book is considered a gem when we talk about animal books for kids. It comes with luminous details and opulent illustrations that will captivate young minds. 

The story in the book revolves around a girl who asks her parents if, like her, everything else also goes to sleep. It shows how the parents answer her questions while she sleeps like a warm and string tiger. 

Bottom Line

There are numerous animal books for kids that you can get for your little one to make them learn things while having fun and delight.

The good thing about the various animal books is that they are now available as free online books for kids. Or you can get them from stores like amazon books, which makes it hassle-free work. 

Jatin Choudhary