Current Situation with Gambling Legislation at Online Casino Ireland

Each country has a different attitude toward gambling. While the activity is allowed in some states, it is strictly forbidden in others. Thus, some websites can run or not run in one or another country. is an example of a trusted online casino that welcomes gamblers from all corners of the globe. Yet, make sure that gambling is legal in your homeland. Here, we’re going to find out all the details and intricacies of gambling in Ireland.

Legal VS Illegal: Is Gambling Allowed in Ireland?

Ireland is a country with a rather favorable and positive attitude toward gambling. Gambling is legalized in the country. Thus, gamblers can freely play at an online casino Ireland.

Different authorities are entitled to regulate different areas of gambling. For instance, the Department of Justice and Equality controls online rates, and the Office of the Regulator of the National Lottery is responsible for the state lottery. The gambling business is also subject to several laws.

Yet, not all types of casino entertainment is legal. Some games are still not legal.

Kinds of Legal Games

Gamblers are allowed to legally play the following casino software:

–       poker (all variations, such as Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, etc.);

–       slot machines (all types, including classic, video, and progressive jackpots);

–       card games (all possible modifications of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat);

–       bingo and other lotteries, including scratch cards;

–       sweepstakes;

–       betting.

Generally, these are all the most common kinds of entertainment found at an online casino Ireland.

Attitude to Online Casino Ireland

Online gambling in Ireland stays in the “grey” zone since no clear licensing procedure is defined. Generally, online gambling is prohibited. Yet, foreign operators (licensed by Malta, Curacao, the Isle of Man, and others) offer their services to the citizens of Ireland.

The country can issue one of two kinds of online licenses:

–       for an online broker;

–       for an online bookmaker.

In the first case, an operator provides players with a platform on which they can exchange bets with each other, while in the second case, players make bets with a casino itself.

The cost of licensing is different. The thing is that online operators are not obliged to obtain a certificate for the Web resource. Generally, the license fee is 10,000 EUR. The cost of renewal varies between 10,000-500,000 EUR and depends on the operator’s income.

Reform in Gambling Legislation

Yet, the legislative power works to update and develop a modern legislative system in the sphere of gambling.

In general, the list of allowed games is formed by the Reform issued by the Ministry of Justice, Equality, and Law. According to updated provisions:

–       gaming machines will be allowed in some bars, shopping centers, and airports;

–       scratch cards will be  subject to separate license requirements. Their maximum prize pool will be 1,750 EUR;

–       a new category of lotteries aimed at charitable purposes will be introduced;

–       as for online gambling, the number of gambling platforms and other operators won’t be limited so players will have a chance to play at an online casino Ireland freely.

The development of the legal gambling business in Ireland is severely hampered due to the absence of clear legislation. The industry looks like a “grey” market.

Yet, the Irish are considered one of the most gambling nations. It is estimated that they spend almost 2 billion EUR on gambling. If the legislative power manages to regulate the sphere properly, the gambling business could provide good income to the state.