Top Strange And Funny Sports Played Around The World

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We all love sports. Aren’t we? But have you played extreme ironing? Or bossaball? No? Well, you are not alone if you even say you have heard the name for the first time. There are many weird, and funny sports played around the world. 

There are many weird sports which people play around the world. Some originated out of tradition, while some are just the result to satisfy the need for something new. However, no matter the origin, these games are strange but funny to play and enjoy. The good thing is some of them are simple which even you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the funny sports played around the world which you can also enjoy. 

Best Funny Sports

These are some of the best strangest, and funny sports played around the world:

Extreme Ironing 

The Extreme ironing is an extreme adventure sport which you can play. According to the official Bureau’s explanation, it is a game that combines the thrills of a dangerous outdoor activity along with the satisfaction of having a well-pressed-out shirt. 

In the game, the iron boards are taken at various places. The place can be a cave, a waterfall, New York, or a forest, and the competition – iron itself. This weird but funny sports originates in Britain and with time has become a very popular kind of sport. It also has good media coverage when it comes to weird sports. 

Wife Carrying

Do you love your better half? Or do you live in a palace where to show affection towards your wife you have to indulge in some activities? If yes, then the wife carrying can be one of the best funny sports which you can play. 

The game of wife-carrying originates from Finland. In it, like the name of the game suggests, a person has to carry his wife through a course. While doing this, he has to pass a number of obstacles and needs to be as fast as he can. There are also some rules for the game. The rules are:

  • The course must be at least 253.5 m in length. 
  • In the course, there must be one dry obstacle along with two wet or water obstacles. 
  • To participate, the wife must be at least 49 kilos of weight. 
  • In case a man drops his wife during the game, he has to stop for 15 seconds as a penalty. During these 15 seconds, others keep on running. 

This is a very popular kind of weird and funny sports and worldwide competitions are held for it. The winner of this game gets beer equal to the weight of his wife. 

Underwater Hockey

You all must be familiar with the energetic game of hockey? Don’t you? Well, you must be it’s an Olympic sport. But are you familiar with an underwater version of the game famous by the name of underwater hockey? If not, we’re not surprised as it is a new sport and kind of weird and funny. 

Underwater hockey or the octopush is the rudimentary type of hockey game that is played on the floor of a pool. The players in the game try to guide the lead puck into the offensive rink by using NOK-type of hockey sticks. However, not every player is able to keep the puck for himself for very long. This is because they regularly need to surface for breathing air through their snorkels. 

One thing which makes underwater hockey very different from the regular version is that it is a non-contact sport.


The game of baseball originates from Belgium and is similar to the game of volleyball. In this version of the game, the difference in the rules is that the ball can be kept in the air by using any part of the body and not just hands and head. Another difference between volleyball and this game is that a team can hit up to 8 times before the ball needs to go over the net. 

In this game, there are two teams; each comprises of 3 to 5 players in it. The game is not played on a court but on a giant trampoline. The attackers in the game stand on the trampoline. This trampoline allows the attacker to be propelled in the air, which allows the delivery of vicious attacks. One point is awarded to the tea,, if the ball hits the ground, where else then the trampoline. 


The term “Zorb” refers to strapping oneself inside a giant hamster ball for exercise and then rolling down the hill. In the game of zorbing, there are two balls. One is inside another and on the inside one is the player. This is done to absorb the impacts during the roll. 

The game of zorbing happens in general between 1 to 3 people. In some versions of this game, people also add water inside the balls for additional fun. This splashes them regularly while playing the game. 

Cheese Rolling

The game of cheese rolling like the zorbing involves rolling down the hill. However, there is one difference between the two games. In the game of cheese rolling, people race behind the Gloucester cheese wheel when it goes down the hill. 

In the game of cheese rolling, the cheese wheel is given a head start of 1 second. The game of cheese rolling is also quite extreme as in it; the cheese wheel can gain speeds up to 112 kilometers per hour. In the year 1997, during an event, a spectator was injured when one of the cheese wheels veered from its course. But no matter the danger, this is one of the most funny sports you can play. 


The game of parkour, as the official site explains, is a physical discipline one person can adopt to overcome obstacles within the path. This is done by the person adapting their movements according to the environment. 

This statement might make you feel like what’s funny in the game of parkour? We agree with you, but when you watch the game, it is actually just a group of people jumping, climbing, falling, and more. Their actions and methods for overcoming the obstacles make this game a fun treat for the eyes. Overall the parkour game looks like that you are watching a spider man movie, just being present on the sets. 

Bog Snorkelling

If there was a competition for the weird sports, then the bog snorkeling would take the first prize. There are all the reasons for saying this as it is not only weird but funny to watch people playing this game. 

In the bog snorkeling, people have to swim their way put through a 55 meters long peat bog. While doing this, they need to wear flippers and use snorkels for breathing and swim as fast as they can. What makes this even weird sports is that the swimmers in the game are not allowed to use the conventional techniques of swimming. In place of them, they need to use the flippers along for propelling them in the bog. 

This game may look weird and funny, but there are also official competitions for the game. Its official competition is held in the city of Wales. 

Chess Boxing 

This is one of the most popular games when it comes to weird and funny sports. In this sport, as its name suggests, players need to compete in matches of boxing while playing chess. 

The matches of chess boxing are a combination of two alternative activities – boxing and chess. In this game, the matches can last up to a number of rounds like 11. A person in the game of chess boxing can win in two ways, either by knocking out the player or by the checkmate. In case there is a tie in the chess, then the winner is decided by the points earned in the boxing. However, if there is a tie even in the boxing match, then the winner is decided according to the black chess pieces. 

The official motto of this game says  that the fighting is done inside the ring while the wars are waged by people on the boards. 

Outhouse Racing

The outhouse game is one of the most funny sports you will ever watch. In this game, there are many teams, and each team comprises three players. The players in the game try to guide their outhouse or the mini restroom through the finish line. 

The outhouse in the game is set by using skies as the base. It must also have a toilet paper dispenser and the toilet seat to be part of the game. What makes this game is that the competitors in the game can get very competitive and decorative for their house sleds. They also name their bathroom sleds which make it even more fun to watch. 

Mud-Pit Belly Flop

Have you heard about the Redneck Summer Games? If not, then you must be living under a rock as it is one of the most popular sports events as it is funny and entertaining. 

The belly flop is a part of the redneck summer games and is a funny sports like the name suggests. It is one of the many interesting activities which take place at the summer games. These games are held in Dublin’s easter part and Georgia. In this, the people have to flop through mud pits to win while being in their bellies. 

Pillow Fighting

When you hear the word pillow fighting, does a romantic couple fighting with pillows come to your mind? If yes, then you are not alone, as it is the common motion that comes to the mind. It is something which we see couples doing in the movies and shows as a romantic activity. But did you know that there is an official version of the game of pillow fighting? No? Don’t worry, you are not alone in it. 

According to the official website of the all-female pillow fighting sports, it is a funny sports they indulge in to show their creativity. The official motto goes like, “Women who are proud of our strength and not afraid to lose. We fight with pillows because it lets us be creative, do something different and go a little crazy.” but of course, these pillow fights are also part of the erotic festival around the world. 

Dog Surfing

The game of dog surfing is truly a funny game – especially for the dogs, we say. In this game, the owners surf while the dogs get a free and fun ride on the board. This is more of a bonding/leisure activity for the owner and dog instead of a sport. However, competition is not an uncommon thing in areas like California. 

You can be sure of the funny sports of dog surfing that it will give you some cute and funny scenes to capture. This game originates in the region of San Diego. 

Unicycle Polo

The unicycle polo is a sport that originates in Portland. This game’s creation credits go to a group of unicyclists who call themselves the Unicycle bastards. 

According to the rule book of these weird sports, the players need to indulge in colorful and frequent swearing. The consumption of at least one alcoholic drink before the beginning of every match, along with urination allowed in official restroom facilities, are part of this game. The unicycling is already hard enough, and when we add some balls and clubs to it, the complete loss of the balance is fixed. But don’t worry as this is a funny sports like we said which will give you something to laugh out loud. 


Do you love harry potter movies? Or are you a fan of magic and its weird, funny thighs? Well, if the answer to any of the questions is yes, then you must already be aware of the quidditch game. 

The game of quidditch in real life also is an adaptation from the mythical flying brooms of the harry potter movie. This game began as an intramural sport for the college of Middlebury. Later it spread to the other universities in the nation, and at present, there are more than 400 colleges that have it as a part of their official sports. 

The players in the quidditch mimic the mythical flying broom of the harry potter movie by sticking broomsticks in between the legs. While doing this, they try to hurl a ball through two round hops, which are on each opposite side of the field. Sound similar to the movie. Well, it is, but the difference is that the fun levels have gone to a whole new level. 

These are some of the weirdest and funny sports which are played around the world. Have you been part of or at least watched any of these games? Well, if not, then you must, as they will surely take your stress away while giving you something to remember. 

Final Words

Would you like to have some funny comments during these stressful times of pandemic? If yes then trying some funny games can be your thing. 

There are many weird and funny games played around the world. The good thing is that you can easily play these games at home with your friend and family. However, you will need to be a little creative for it.

Jatin Choudhary