The Most Expensive Liquor in the World

most expensive liquor

Everyone loves to have a drink now and then, but have you ever wondered what would be the cost of the most expensive liquor? You will be surprised to know that the most expensive liquor in the world is Billionaire Vodka, and it costs $3.7 million. Like other luxury products, there is a wide range of luxury liquors also, and this expensive alcohol falls into the category of most expensive liquors. Continue reading the article to find out the most expensive spirits. 

Most Expensive Liquor

There are many liquors that are exquisite because of their intricate aroma and tasting notes. The better the distilling process and ingredients, the better and more expensive the liquor is. Nevertheless, all the premium qualities come with a price. Here are some of the most expensive liquors in the world. 

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Billionaire Vodka – $3.7 million

When it comes to the most expensive liquor, the Billionaire Vodka is on the top. The name itself justifies the spot this liquor holds in the list. The brand motto of this liquor brand is “It’s good to be the king.” This brand produces vodka bottles that are handy and on-demand. They use a top-secret Russian recipe to make each bottle. 

Moreover, they produce their vodka in micro-batches in order to ensure exclusivity. The five-liter vodka bottle is designed by Leon Verre using around 3,000 precious diamonds and beautiful Swarovski crystals, making it the most expensive liquor in the world.  

Tequila Ley .925 – $3.5 million

This is the most expensive tequila and the second most expensive liquor in the world, but it has not been [purchased yet. The bottle of this expensive alcohol contains around 6,400 different diamonds to help enhance tequila’s flavor. Now you know why it is expensive, right. 

Ley .925 is kept in a beautiful bottle made of .925 pure platinum. It took around ten months and the efforts of seventeen artisans to make this bottle containing this highland Anejo. This bottle has not been sold yet but has been exhibited in different cities such as London, Berlin. Paris, and Moscow. 

Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne – $2 million

Cognac is not just champagne; it is the ultimate luxury. Third, on the list of most expensive alcohol, this heritage cognac costs around $2 million. What makes it exquisite is that the liquor has been aged in barrels for 100 years. Moreover, it is presented in an amazing and exquisite bottle. The liquor bottle is made of 24-karat gold and is kept in a platinum casing featured with diamonds. This masterpiece was crafted by the world-famous jeweler Jose Davalos. It holds a weight of 8 kilograms and is filled with 100 cl. 

Russo-Baltique Vodka – 1.35 million

Another most expensive liquor in the world is Russo-Baltique vodka that costs around $1.35 million. You really need to love vodka to purchase this stuff. The bottle of Russo-Baltique is made of 100 percent gold and is featured with inlaid diamonds. It is designed to give the look of vintage automobiles. This one is especially aimed at the Russian billionaires as they are the ones who can afford it. 

Diva Vodka – $1 million

This most expensive alcohol is perfect for vodka lovers looking for something totally different and really do not care about the money. What makes this vodka unique? It is the only vodka that is filtered through expensive and precious gemstones after being filtered the conventional way. Then it is poured into a beautiful bottle loaded with Swarovski crystals in a small glass tube that goes down the center of the vodka bottle. 

The majority of its value comes from the adorned gemstones and vodka. The taste of this vodka might be the same as the other top-quality brands. But who cares if you can afford this expensive liquor bottle, then why not buy it? 

Mendis Coconut Brandy VS – $1 million

Everyone likes coconut with drinks, and it goes well with almost all the drinks. However, Medis has produced a brandy that is entirely made of coconuts. It is distilled from coconut and then matured in precious Halmill wood casks. So, it is no surprise why this liquor is so expensive. This expensive brandy is distributed by the luxury brand Luxe Coterie. 

Another unique thing about this expensive alcohol is that each bottle is not only numbered by also signed by W.M Mendis, the founder of the House of Mendis Founder. The numbers on the bottle are to manage the exquisite and premium label of this brandy. 

Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique – $625,000

Seventh in the list of most expensive liquor in the world, this one was actually made to break all the records. So, its high price is not at all a surprise. 

Macallan is famous across the globe for offering top-notch single malt whiskey. Only four bottles of this whiskey were ever manufactured, and they were integrated with the craftsmanship of the bottle, which makes it so darn expensive. Each bottle of this whiskey is made from 100 percent pure and hand-cut crystals. It weighs around 25 pounds without any whiskey inside. 

1945 Romanee-Conti Wine – $558,000

When it comes to exquisite collectible wines, this one has always been on the top. Moreover, it is considered the most expensive vintage. Only 600 bottles of this vintage wine were produced in 1945. Last year only the bottles of this wine were replaced. This wine was bid by an Asian collector at $558,000, which broke the highest record of the highest price paid for a 750 ml bottle. 

Armand de Brignac Midas – $265, 000

This one is made super popular by the sports stars and rappers. It is the most expensive champagne ever in the world. It was aged for approximately 30 years and is made using some of the finest grapes to provide it a distinctive flavor. 

However, its popularity is not only because of the taste, but also the gold-painted bottle. It is designed in a way to be one of the most expensive liquor bottles in the world. It weighs around 45kg and is the largest bottle of champagne that has ever been created. That’s not it. This champagne is also on the top of the finest champagne bottles in the world. The bottle is kept in a black lacquered chest decorated with the brand’s own symbol. 

Dalmore 62 – $215,000

It is a mystery as no one actually knows from where this whiskey got its name. Moreover, no one is aware of the process that made this single-malt so expensive. In total, only 12 bottles of this whiskey were created. The limited number of bottles is profoundly responsible for its high price and the reason it is the most expensive liquor. 

The last bottle of Dalmore was purchased at Singapore’s airport. How it was there, no one actually knows, but the anonymous buyer paid a huge price, that’s for sure. 

The Sapphire Revelation – $200,000

It is one of the most expensive liquors in the world. This bottle of gin is from Bombay, which is the most popular company in London. They created this limited edition series and named it Sapphire Revelation. By paying the price of $200,000, you get a beautiful jewel-shaped bottle that is designed with sapphires, crystals, and diamonds. It is filled with the finest gin the company has ever made. After enjoying the gin, you can re-sell the expensive bottle, or if you want, you can also keep it in your house as an expensive house ornament. 

Penfold Ampoule – $170,000

It is not only the most expensive liquor but also has the most beautiful and striking bottle. It is a unique, amazingly designed bottle that makes a mesmerizing impact which helps to justify its price tag. 

Only twelve hand-made bottles of this wine were created by the company. All these bottles are individually numbered and are crafted by the finest craftsman of South Australia. When you get this hand-made bottle with the finest wine, you also get a certificate of ownership. Moreover, the bottle is also signed by the Chief Winemaker of this project to manage uniqueness. 

The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition – $165,000

Next on the list of most expensive alcohol in the world is The Black Pearl. The price tag of this bottle is due to some of the ingredients that are more than 100 years old. These bottles are made in small numbers in order to manage exclusivity. Moreover, all the bottles feature precious gemstones. All the bottles of this collection are made using a special process and technique, which is believed to be locked somewhere in a secret vault. 

Diamond Jubilee by Johnnie Walker – $165,000

This one in the list of most expensive alcohol was created on the 60th coronation anniversary of the Queen of Britain. It is believed to be the best whiskey ever made by Johnnie Walker. The brand is popular across the globe for making some expensive drinks. 

That’s not it. The bottle of this whiskey is also unique. It is made by using Baccarat crystal casings and is featured with half-carat diamonds, making it one of the most expensive liquors. 

Château D’Yquem – $130,000

In the year 2011, this vintage wine became the most expensive wine bottle in the world by breaking the Guinness World Record of that time. Now it is considered a beautiful and historical artifact and is undrinkable. However, it is expensive enough to manage a valuable position in the list of most expensive liquor. 

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Final Words

There are many millionaires across the globe ready to pay the price to buy the most expensive liquor in the world. The uniquely designed bottles featured with diamonds and gold are one of the reasons for the expensive price tags of this bottle. Tell us about your favorite liquor by dropping a comment.