Ever Heard About Tooth Piercing?

Tooth Piercing

You have probably heard about nose, tongue, belly button, or many types of piercing, but have you ever heard about tooth piercing? Confused about what tooth piercing is? Or how to get a tooth piercing?

If you have any of the above-mentioned questions in mind, now is the time to solve all your confusion. There are many types of piercing, and some of them are very popular and belong to ancient culture, tooth piercing is one of them.

Tooth piercing is a piece of simple jewelry placed on your tooth. Just like any other piercing, tooth piercing can also add more to your looks and personality. It adds a sparkle to your smile and makes your face look beautiful.

Curious to know more about tooth piercing? Keep reading to get all your doubts addressed.

What is tooth piercing?

Tooth piercing is a way to place any jewelry onto your teeth inside the mouth. 

Usually, tooth piercing is done on the incisors or the front teeth.

Tooth piercing does not involve any hole or drill in your tooth. Instead, it involves tooth jewelry being attached to the surface of your tooth. Tooth jewelry can be any gems or grills.

It is a temporary piercing because tooth jewelry is just glued on the tooth, and that’s why it can be removed anytime with the tooth gem removal process.

After knowing what tooth piercing is, you must be wondering whether a tooth piercing hurts?

Well, the answer is NO, tooth piercing doesn’t hurt, as the process involves gluing the gem or any jewelry onto the tooth’s surface.

Tooth gems are available in many different sizes and shapes. Following are some common and popular tooth gems:

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Crystals

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The procedure of tooth piercing

The procedure of tooth piercing is very simple, and it just includes glued jewelry on the tooth.

Step 1-  cleaning of the tooth by an etch acid enamel and prepping. 

Step 2-  apply a composite or bonding agent to the jewelry area.

Step 3-  placing the jewelry item on the tooth by using a dental instrument.

Step 4-  leave the jewelry until it is fully glued on the tooth.

Things to take care of after getting a tooth piercing

  • Avoid brushing teeth vigorously
  • Avoid spicy and sticky food
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Do not touch the jewel teeth

Tooth gem removal

Got tooth gem piercing and regret it? Well, don’t regret it anymore. Tooth piercing is a reversible process. That means that you can get it removed whenever you want to. The process of tooth gem removal can be done in two ways: 

Visit the doctor

If you wish to get your tooth piercing removed and have no idea about the procedure, then visiting a doctor or expert is the best idea. 

Following steps are taken for tooth removal:

First, tooth polishing is done to remove the bonding material.

After polishing, tooth floss is used on the tooth gem to pull it away from the gum line. If using the floss on one area of the gem doesn’t work, then the flossing around the whole area would have to be done.

After removing the tooth gem, the jewel tooth will again be polished to make the surface look clean.

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Removal of tooth gem at home

If you want to remove your tooth gem at your home, you must use extreme precautions.

For the removal of tooth gems at home, you need to buy a dental kit that includes floss, polisher, toothpaste, and dental brush.

Step 1– apply the dental toothpaste on the tooth gem and leave it for 30 seconds.

Step 2- brush your teeth by using an electronic brush.

Step 3- after brushing, let the teeth dry.

Step 4- use the polisher to polish your teeth.

Step 5- use the floss around every side of the tooth gem.

Step 6- After removing the gem again, polish the jewel teeth.

The complication of tooth piercing you need to be aware of.

Everything comes with a set of pros and cons, so does the tooth piercing.

Following are some complications of tooth piercing you need to be aware of:

  • Sensitivity in tooth
  • Mouth allergies
  • Damages the surface of the tooth
  • Gum inflammation around the tooth gem
  • Itching on lip
  • A bad smell in the mouth
  • Infections in mouth

To avoid these problems, make sure to follow the aftercare process of tooth piercing carefully.

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Final words

Tooth piercing is one of the easy and stylish ways to look your best. The best thing about it is that there is no pain in getting a tooth piercing. Also, there are many different types of tooth gems, so you can choose any gem that suits your personality.

Yes, tooth piercing involves some complications, but those can be avoided by performing a proper aftercare process.

We hope that the above post helped you get full information about tooth piercing and addressed all your queries and confusions.

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