Best New Moon Rituals That Everyone Should Practise

new moon rituals

The new moon is a sweet little surprise given to us by the universe every year. It marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and brings in fresh new beginnings. A new moon or full moon is the ideal time for goal setting, self-reflection, and course correction. What is even cooler is people embracing the new moon energy by performing new moon rituals and spells to propel these transitions even further.

Below we have mentioned some of the most effective full or new moon rituals that you can try to benefit the most with positive energy.

What Is A New Moon or Full Moon Ritual?

Moon rituals and spells are ancient practices that are still followed today. It first originated in Babylonia and Egypt, where it was a culture to worship the moon. Now moon rituals are used to create a sacred vibe around you, to set intentions, focus inward, feel empowered, and spread love. The new moon spells are a source of self-care.

The full moon has eight phases; however, the most common rituals revolve around the full moon when the sun and moon are in alignment. The moon renders the feminine energy, and the sun renders the masculine energy. This time is associated with maximum positive energy.

You can practice full moon rituals during all the phases of the new moon. All the phases have their own intentions and meanings. The important thing to remember is the time when you perform these rituals, depending on the situation.

How to do Full Moon Manifestation?

Full moon manifestation is gaining quite popularity among people who like to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Moon babies are a new raging thing. The moon cycle routines and full moon rituals help to deal with life when you feel like life is out of control. 

Setting manifestation and intentions helps to solve different circumstances, situations and fulfill goals in life. You can use them to empower yourself, finding time to meditate, and practice journaling.

The new moon is associated with starting new projects, beginnings, defining what you wish to attract. So this makes it a good day to set your intentions for the rest of the year. On the other hand, the full moon celebrates what you have completed and manifested- giving you time for reflection.

New Moon and Full MoonRituals

Set a Meaningful Intention

Every month the moon gives out a boost of intention creating energy. Why not take advantage of this by focusing on the intentions you are really passionate about.

Take out some time of the day to set clear, concise, and specific intentions. For instance, “a new job with higher salary and fulfillment” or “pass high school exam.”

The intentions here are clear and specific.

Your intentions will inform the universe about your aspirations and keep you focused on your dreams.

Light a Candle

Another one of the most popular new moon rituals is lighting a candle or bringing light in your life some or the other way. Lighting candles on the darkest night of the month will signify that we desire to bring a positive light into our life. You are asking the universe to throw light on you during the new moon phase.

You can take this step further by charging your candle with the intentions you manifest during the moon cycle. Hold a candle and summon feelings of love and gratitude and ask the universe what do you want. Light the same candle and allow it to burn on its own.

Commence Something New

The new moon is the most fertile phase of the lunar cycle. It is the perfect time to initiate something new. For instance, you can apply for a new job, start a new class, ask the person you always liked on a date. Start anything that you feel very passionate about. It is the perfect time to introduce something new.

 Make a List

I am sure you all have so many things you would like to accomplish. Making a list is another one of the influential new moon rituals. To super magnify your desires, you can make a list of all the things your heart desires and want the universe to consider. 

Make teh list as detailed as you can. The main idea is to create an image in mind of what the situation will look like when all your desires are fulfilled so you can stay focused on what is meaningful to you.

Create a Sacred Space

The new moon is the best time to set a sacred space in your house to bring the magic. Cleanse the energy of your place where you would want to meditate and self-reflect. Keep the junk out.

When you enter this place, your mind and body will know it’s time to bring some magic. Remember to always keep this place tidy and clean to avoid any bad vibes.

Make Your Own Ritual

We are not talking about the salt circles and witches; making your new moon rituals means that you need to create some practices that you will commit to every new moon phase.

It can be anything like writing a list, taking yoga classes, or meditation. You can also 

elaborate like making crystal grids, take a cleansing bath, or smudge your apartment. 

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to follow these practices incorporating the seeds of your intentions. Use the new moon as a reminder to sop, access, and maneuver your heart desires. 

What Not To Do During A New Moon

Quitting Something, You Care About

New moon rituals are all about creating new things, habits and relations. Yes, sometimes it is important to let go of people, habits, and situations that are not fruitful to you. However, giving up on something you care about is a waste of new moon energy. Funnel your energy in creating and starting new things. 

Avoiding New People

The new moon brings people into our lives. These newcomers are all about giving us lessons that our souls crave. Never miss out on them. Whenever you encounter a person outside your usual socializing circle, be curious and open. Try to learn something about them. You never know what ideas or joys these people may bring.

Declining Unexpected Invites

The new moon is the perfect time to step out of the house and meet people. Say yes to anything new, be it people, place, or random invites.

Spending Time with Negative People

New moon energy is special, so you need to be away from energy drainers. You should harvest all your positive energy around you and never sacrifice it on the wrong people. Like we say, don’t let others kill your vibe.

The Final Takeaway

New moon rituals and spells are confirming and centering forms of self-care. These create a positive space in life to focus inwards and set true goals, intentions, and needs. Learning new things is a part of the beauty of these moon rituals, and you need to find what works best for you and brings you peace.

We hope you like this article. If you have a habit of practicing a new moon ritual, tell us about it in the comments below.


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