Best Red Bull Alternative to Stay Energetic & Healthy

If you are a highly productive person and have a busy schedule, you need to have good energy in your body to do your work. There are many energy drinks in the market like red bull, monster, etc but the most popular energy drink is “red bull.” However, red bull has some side effects too, which is why in this post we have listed  some of the “best red bull alternatives.” 

Below we have added more information about “best red bull alternative”, its benefits and side effects. Keep reading to know everything about red bull.

Is red bull healthy or not?

Red bull is an energy drink created by an Austrian company named GmbH. Red bull is a tall blue-silver can with only one bland flavor and non-added sugar formula for color addition with artificial fruit flavor. The main slogan of the red bull is “Red bull gives you wings.”

Benefits of Red Bull:

  • It gives energy
  • Contains vitamin B, which can help in treating stress, cancer, etc.
  • Contains B12, which keeps body cells healthy
  • Contains B6, which improves the immune system, etc.

Side effects of Red Bull:

  • Increases blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increase Diabetes risk
  • Damages teeth 
  • Negatively affect kidneys
  • Change in behavior, etc.

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Best Red Bull alternative:

As there are many side effects of red bull. Here are some best alternatives to the red bull:

  • Rockstar energy drink super sours green apples:

Rockstar energy drink is the most popular energy drink in North America. Besides having caffeine and sugar, it has herbs like Panax ginseng, ginkgo Biloba.

  • Monster original energy drink

Monster Original energy drink is the best red bull alternative. The official slogan of the energy drink is “what does it taste like; like a monster”. It has caffeine and sugar only. But it does not have any side effects like red bull.

  • 5- hour Orange energy shots

Orange energy shots give strength to our bodies to do work. It has vitamins, nutrients, and premium coffee. But it is important to drink it in 10 seconds. Otherwise, it harms our bodies. This drink is the best red bull alternative. 

  • +RED power elixirs

It contains natural ingredients like power blend, flavors, colors, caffeine, and only 120 calories per 12oz can. It is also beneficial for immune boosting, hydration.

  • Starbucks refreshers with coconut water

Starbucks refreshers with coconut water have black cherry limeade. It has carbonated water, coconut water from concentrate, apple and grape juice. It is made up of natural ingredients, so it does not have any side effects.

The Healthy Alternative to Red Bull:

There are some healthy alternatives to Red bull. As we read in the above points, the red bull has many side effects which harm the human body. You should avoid using Red Bull. Instead, use a healthy drink to keep your body energetic.

The following list has some really good and healthy drinks:

  • Canna hemp energy drink

Canna hemp energy drink is circulated all around the world. It is made up of natural hemp seed oil and a source of organic caffeine to boost the mind and body. It is free from artificial ingredients and has only 40 calories per can. 

  • V8+ energy juice drink

V8+ energy juice drink is a green tea-infused beverage. It has the same amount of caffeine as Red Bull. It has organic sugar and flavors in it. This drink helps in removing toxins from the body. However, V8+ energy juice drinks are better than Red Bull.

  • Runa organic, clean energy drink 

This energy drink is fully organic. It has lime, cherry, and caffeine flavors. It has 150mg caffeine and natural extracts. To get a good amount of energy, you can try this drink.

  • X2 all-natural healthy energy drink

X2 all-natural healthy energy drinks contain low amounts of sugar and sodium. As compared to red bull, it has fewer calories and organic coffee and natural peel extract in it.

  • METTA natural awareness beverage 

METTA natural awareness beverage drink has four adaptogenic herbs, including ginseng and Rhodiola. It is a caffeine-free drink; instead, it has natural herbs and also extracts available in many flavors like lemon, ginger, blueberry, etc. 

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Are you still wondering whether red bull is healthy or not? As you read above, Red Bull comes with its own benefits and side effects. However, there are many healthy drinks available in the market which have no side effects and are better than Red Bull. Check out the best red bull alternative in this post. If you want to get good energy without any side effects, you can try these amazing drinks to stay energetic.

Comment your reviews regarding these amazing drinks.

Poorvika sharma