Elisabeth Fritzl now — the girl in the basement’s return to everyday life above the ground

Elisabeth Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl – The atrocities perpetrated by Josef Fritzl on his daughter elisabeth fritzl in 2008 are gruesome and disturbing. Once Elisabeth, then 18, was seized by her father, he locked her in the family home’s basement and abused and raped her repeatedly.

Elisabeth had given birth to seven kids with her captor over 24 years; one died soon after delivery. Elisabeth and her kids tried to put their homes back together after the incident became public knowledge, and Josef was given a life sentence for his reprehensible crimes.

Elisabeth leads an everyday life in a “two-story and brightly-painted” house in upper Austria with her family.

Elisabeth’s three other children, who had been reared by Josef and Rosemarie upstairs, joined them shortly after. The hospital provided the family with counseling and attention that helped them heal enough to return home.

Almost a year later, they uprooted and settled in a rural area of upper Austria code-named “Village X” by the media due to the stringent restrictions prohibiting its exposure. To continue their lives, elisabeth fritzl now and her kids have adopted new identities.

The family’s two-story, brilliantly painted fortress house has been detailed in The Independent. To further deter curious onlookers like photographers and reporters, the home is under round-the-clock CCTV monitoring and is patrolled by security officers.

Residents of the tiny town have banded together to create an alliance to safeguard the family and report any potential dangers to authorities. They’re still closely watching the family and doing everything they can to keep strangers out.

According to the testimonies of the locals, Elizabeth, and her loved ones are doing well. The Daily Mirror quotes a local restaurant owner: Each family member is doing well. They frequent my establishment, and I always welcome them with open arms. In the community, they are well-known and well-liked. Despite all they’ve gone through, they remain cheerful, courteous, and full of smiles.

Elisabeth started dating Thomas Wagner, her security guard, despite the age gap of 23.

A year after she finally got her independence, in July 2009, elisabeth fritzl started dating Thomas Wagner. The Austrian business A&T securities had sent him as a security guard for the family’s safety. Their friendship aided Elisabeth’s return to a regular schedule. As Wagner entered her life, she made more strides in her treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, and she could finally wean herself off medication.

Wagner, who is 23 years Elisabeth’s junior, came into the household and took on the role of big brother. It was reported in 2010 that the pair was still together after a statement from the family psychiatrist was published in the Austrian newspaper Oesterreich.

It shows how much power love has in the world. She has stopped her mental treatments with her physicians’ permission so that she may focus on learning to drive, assisting her children with their schoolwork, and mingling with the locals.

There are rumors that Elisabeth’s three children, who reportedly grew up in the basement, have open-door chambers to enable them to get some shut-eye. The six kids have been attending therapy sessions once a week to help them through the trauma and the changes in their life. After spending what the doctor called “the happiest years of her life” in a basement, Elizabeth vowed to make the most of her remaining time.

As of 2018, Elisabeth has found love and settled with a husband.

Elisabeth may have kept a low profile, but her everyday existence is not that different from ours. Christine R., Elisabeth’s maternal aunt, recently revealed that she has taken up driving and has discovered some new interests in her spare time.

I hear that elisabeth fritzl now enjoys shopping as much as anybody else. I prevented her from escaping during her twenty-four years in the basement. She quickly passed the driving test and enjoyed wearing pants with sparkly pockets. Now she’s on the hunt for a vehicle. “Christine told The Independent,” the British newspaper reports.

The kids are back to their regularly scheduled lives as they return to school and their video gaming routines. As a bonus, Elisabeth received €60,000 in child allowance from the Austrian government for the years she was disqualified due to her underground residence. Every one of the youngsters is diligently attending class and learning. Christine explained, “Felix, the youngest, has a PlayStation.”

Elisabeth’s connection with her mother, Rosemarie, improved with time. As Elisabeth and her grandkids moved live with Rosemarie, her daughter’s initial concerns about her mother’s “indifference” to her departure faded. Who Magazine reports that Elisabeth is married with six grown children, one of whom was employed by the city council in 2018.


Where is Elisabeth Fritzl today?

Under her new alias, Elisabeth now resides in “Village X,” a top-secret area. Security cameras continuously monitor her new neighborhood, and the police are always there, making it difficult to pinpoint her precise whereabouts.

Are Elizabeth Fritzl children okay?

Elisabeth Fritzl and her children now reside in a mysterious village in Austria code-named “Village X.” They’ve been reunited and set free, but it hasn’t been easy.

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