The Best Cities To Visit In The USA In 2023

The USA is the land of opportunity and for many people around the world it’s top of the bucket list. When it comes to where to visit though, it can be a little tricky.

There are of course the obvious options, but then there are some incredible cities in the USA that you may not have thought about either.

If the States is on your agenda over the next 12 months, here are the cities we’d be thinking about stopping by…

Los Angeles

LA will always be one of the top attractions when it comes to must-visit cities in the USA, with plenty to see and do and a very cool vibe in parts too. Its Hollywood scene is very evident, while it’s also a hotspot for live music and comedy too.

Of course, there are areas to avoid too. Like much of the USA, the city is struggling with an opioid crisis at present, and you’ll find many streets in the likes of Downtown LA, Compton and West Adams, scattered with people struggling with addiction and in need of a drug rehab.

However, away from the obvious dangers, there is so much in LA, covering whatever you’re looking for in a trip, from spas and sunshine, watersports, to city living and shopping, all wrapped up in a buzzing nightlife and a rather unique backdrop.


Portland, Oregon continues to grow in the amount of interest it receives from tourists, and the north eastern city has so much going on. That’s all centred around a thriving food and drink scene, with it priding itself on giving independent traders opportunities to grow.

You’ll find amazing street food, fine dining and some of the best craft breweries in the USA in Portland. Alongside this, you’ll find some amazing parks and things to do and residents that really will welcome you with open arms.


There are a few things that Louisville is famous for, and they largely revolve around sport. It is the birthplace of the late, great Muhammad Ali, while it’s also the home of the Kentucky Derby at the Churchill Downs Racecourse.

Then there’s the rich history the city has with baseball, which can be enjoyed at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

It isn’t all about sport in the city though, there’s the bourbon too and a thriving art scene, which makes it a city you really can never get bored in.