Most Haunted Houses in the World that Are Attractively Scary

most haunted house in the world

You may have seen beautiful big houses haunted by vengeful spirits in movies. What if I tell you that this is not only the case in reel life, but there are such houses in real life as well? Yes, you read it right. There are many beautiful houses with magnificent architecture and spooky history, that will give you chills. Continue reading the article to find out the most haunted house in the world.

Most Haunted Houses in the World

 Even if you are not a fan of haunted things and paranormal activities, these haunted houses are worth your time, whether for their mesmerizing decor, beautiful location, or amazing histories. The dark histories behind these places are as appealing as these places. Continue reading the article to know about the most haunted houses in the world that are beautifully spooky and scary.

Whaley House, California 

When it comes to the most haunted house in the world, then Whaley House in San Diego is no doubt on the top. It was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley on the former site of the first public gallows of San Diego. After moving into the house, Thomas heard the voices of heavy footsteps of a person named Yankee Jim Robinson. He was a thief and drifter who was hanged at this place just four years before the house was constructed. 

The whole family of Whale ended up by suicides and tragic deaths, and many of the deaths occurred in this real haunted house itself. Now, this is a Whaley House Museum, and some of the family members still haunt this place. The hauntings are often filled with the heavy smell of perfume and cigar smoke. The spirit of Yankee, Mr. and Mrs. Whaley, a girl, and their family dog are seen at this place. This house was classified as haunted in the 1960s by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Raynham Hall, England

This house was completed in 1637 and is considered one of the most beautiful English country homes. It is a 7000-acre home and has a highly impressive architecture. It is one of the most historic buildings and is popular for its legends and ghost stories. The most notable story related to this haunted house is that of Lady Dorothy Townshend. She was the wife of Viscount Turnip Townshend. 

The couple lived in the house during the 18th century, and during this time, Lady Dorothy was locked up many times in the house by her husband. It is believed that her soul still haunts the house, and it was proved by a photo that was taken in the 1930s. The photo shows the spirit of Lady Dorothy in the house. That was real and was published in the Country Life magazine in December 1936.  Now, the place is one of the best places to visit in England.

Hofdi House, Iceland

It is one of the most haunted houses in the world. This house overlooks Reyjavik’s waterfront and is popular for hosting a meeting in 1986 between Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Regan. It was a historical moment after the end of the cold war. 

This haunted house housed many famous personalities over the years, like Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich, and Queen Elizabeth. The first horror incident was experienced by a British ambassador who saw the ghost of “The White Lady,” who was the victim of the suicide. The lady caused a lot of distress and panic in the house, which made it one of the most haunted places in the world. 

Ancient Ram Inn, England

This house was built in England in 1145. It has been used for various purposes over the centuries: the housing of slaves, residence of a former priest, public house, and an inn. It is one of the most haunted places and is believed to be constructed on a 12-the century pagan burial spot. The place has its fair share of weird history and mystery. Moreover, this house hosts some unique residents. 

It is believed that the inn reports haunting by around 20 otherworldly visitors. Moreover, it is haunted by a high priestess, ghostly children, and an incubus moving across the halls. At this place, the guests have many times leaped from the window to escape. It is often called the most haunted house in entire Britain. 

Winchester Mystery House, CA

The Victorian Mansion present on the busy street of San Jose in California is believed to be the most haunted house in the world. This house was built for Sarah Winchester after the death of his husband, who was a rifle magnate named William Wirt Winchester. It was designed to repel the vengeful spirits of people who were killed by William’s gun. 

During construction, Sarah Winchester, who was the heir of the rifle fortune, added various rooms to the house with the intent to add more and more space for the dead. This magnificent Queen Anne-style mansion includes four stories, 160 rooms, 47 stairways, and 10,000 window panes. The house includes various curious elements like windows opening to some secret passages and a staircase taking to the ceilings, which collectively makes the house mysterious. 

Carl Beck House, Canada

This house was built in the 1800s by Carl Beck, who was a lumber magnate. Carl Beck is in Penetanguishene and is one of the most haunted houses in the world. According to various legends, Carl Beck and his family lived at this place. After the death of his wife, the eldest daughter named Mary was made responsible for raising the younger children. 

After years, when Carl died, the estate was divided evenly among his children. However, he left a will of only $1 for Mary. At present, an angry and frustrated female ghost, presumably Mary, haunts this palace. It is said that shep appears in the window present upstairs. People who are curious to experience paranormal things can actually rent this house at a price starting at $95 per night. 

House of Death, New York City

The Greenwich village in New York is known for the most popular and desirable real estate in the world. The House of Death in this village is one of the most haunted places in the world. This townhouse is believed to be haunted by ghosts of around 22 people who lived and died here. It also includes the ghost of a little six-year-old girl who was adopted and beaten to death by her. 

It is said that the famous author Mark Twain lived in this house in 1900 and returned to this place for occasional visits. If you want to know more about the haunted history of this house, then you should read “Spindrift: Spray from a Psychic Sea” by Jan Bryant. The book describes the experience of the author living on the top floor apartment of the building. 

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Massachusetts

This is the most haunted house in the world. Back in 1892, the owners of this house, Andre and Abby Borden, were founded dead in this house. They were killed by an axe-wielding psycho. The first suspect of the police was their daughter Lizzie. She stood trial for her crime and was finally acquitted. However, she spent the rest of her life in this house under guilt. 

It is believed that now she haunts the home where her stepmother and father were murdered. Her ghost is believed to laugh at the top stairs of the home. 

At the present time, the house is a museum and also a bed and breakfast place. If you are interested in exploring haunting places, then you can spend a night at this place listening to Lizzie’s ghost and those of her parents. Moreover, you can also hear the screams of the maid who found them dead in their beds. Sounds horrible? Visit the place for some chilling experience. 

Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca

The small Villisca town does not have a lot for tourism, but it has the most real haunted house in America. Back in 1912, this beautiful white-wood framed house hosted a horrifying crime in which the entire family, including two young friends and four children, were found killed by an axe. There were various suspects, among which one was Iowa state senator. However, no one was charged with this cruel and bloody crime. 

Even after years, the ghosts of the dead are still present in the house, demanding justice. If you are eager to have some supernatural thrill and brave to spend one-night experiencing real horror, then you should visit this place. 

The Sallie House, Kansas

If you watch a lot of ghost hunting shows, then you would have probably heard of this haunted house. This house is the most haunted house in America and is rumored to be a place for a demon who takes the form of a young girl. 

The first time, the strange occurrences in the house were experienced by new renters Debra and Tony Pickman. The strange activities include lights flickering, possessions, strange burns and scratches on their body, and unexplained voices in the house. These activities were believed to be the work of a ghost of a little girl named Sallie. Former renters of this place Collen and Bobby Humard and their young daughter Heather also saw Sallie. Heather claimed that Salle was her imaginary friend. 

However, apparently, Sallie is believed to be a harmless ghost. According to different theories, there is some evidence of Satanic rituals in the basement of the house. All the evidence suggests that Sallie is a demon disguised as a little girl. You can have a self-guided tour at this house. Moreover, you can also spend one night at this place if you have the courage to test your guts. 

Biltmore, North Carolina

This stately vacation house was built by George Washington Vanderbilt II in the 1800s. Since that time, this scary place has gained a reputation as the most haunted house in America and the world. Though nothing too serious has happened at this place, the former owners of this house seem to stay active even afterlife.

After the death of Vanderbilt in 1914, the place was given to his children, who decided to open it up for the public. From that time, different activities started taking place. People claim that they have heard the voices of a woman, probably Vanderbilt’s wife, who is heard calling his name. Some people say that they have also spotted some scary and ghostly apparitions at this place. Moreover, this house also includes various hidden passageways and doors, which add to the overall spook-factor of this house. If you want, you can have a tour of this house with a guide or on your own. 

The White House, Washington D.C.

When it comes to the most haunted houses in America, we can not neglect the White House. This place may be home to the president, but it is rumored as a haunted house. It is believed that this place is home to many illustrious ghosts. 

President Ronald Reagan used to entertain his guests at dinner parties with stories of dogs barking at invisible specters. Moreover, he also told incidents of his daughter waking to some transparent figure who was looking out from the window of Lincoln’s bedroom. Moreover, the Prime Minister of Britain Winston Churchill also reportedly encountered the ghost of Lincoln too in his bathroom. 

According to The White House Historical Association, the first president to die in this house was President William Henry Harrison. His soul still continues the stay there. The halls of The White House are also haunted by Dolley Madison, who was the wife of President James Madison. 

Final Words

If you really want to experience some chilling vibes, then you should visit the most haunted house in the world. Many houses across the globe are haunted by the spirits of previous owners or family members. The history of these places is as fascinating as the horrors. Tell us about the haunted places you have visited so far by dropping a comment.