Ghost Pepper Or The Hottest Pepper With A Smoky Flavor

Ghost Pepper

It’s time to add a little spice in your mouth with ghost pepper. In India, the ghost pepper is known as “Bhut jolokia, and Naga Jolokia” Ghost peppers are the hottest hybrid of chili peppers.

Botanical name- capsicum Chinese

Common name- ghost pepper, ghost chili, bhut jolokia, naga Jolokia

Plant type- herbaceous, perennial

Soil type- moist, loamy

Bloom time- winter

Ghost pepper plants have green stems and grow pepper in red, orange, yellow colors. The size of the ghost pepper is 2 to 4 inches. These peppers can grow in cooler climates only; it takes around 120 days to grow.

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To know more about ghost pepper, read the following points:

Chili’s origin:

Chilies are known from Peru. It is believed that chilies originated from tropical America in 7500 B. C.

Chilies were the first domestic crops of America. At that time, chilies were grown to protect the primary crops from birds and mosquitoes. After this, Columbus carried the chili seeds in Spain, and the cultivation of chilies spread fast from Spain to Europe, and the cultivation started in the whole of Asia. The climate of South Asia suited to chili crops, and the cultivation of chilies increased rapidly.

Chilies are the cheapest spice in India but expensive in other countries.

Chilies are mostly used in India and China.

Types of ghost pepper:

Red ghost pepper

The red ghost pepper is the most supplied type of ghost pepper. It is one of the hottest ghost chilies, and its flavor is smoky.

The other names of red ghost pepper are naga Jolokia and Bih Jolokia. Its size is between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. At the initial stage, its color is green, but after some time, it turns red. 

Green ghost pepper

The green ghost pepper is an immature stage of red ghost pepper. 

Green ghost pepper does not have a smoky flavor like red ghost pepper but is the same hot as red ghost pepper.

Yellow ghost pepper

It is an organic relative of the red ghost pepper. 

The yellow ghost pepper is not a hybrid, It was discovered naturally in the US. In terms of taste, it is the same as the red ghost pepper.

Peach ghost pepper

Peach ghost pepper was also discovered naturally. Its natural length is 4 inches.

Its pods start from green, and after some time turn pinkish, that is why its name is peach ghost pepper. It is also hot as red ghost pepper but with a fruity taste.

Purple ghost pepper

The purple ghost pepper is the smallest type of ghost pepper.

First, the pepper turns green, and then after some time, it turns purple before turning red. 

Due to the sunlight, it turns purple.

Chocolate ghost pepper

The chocolate ghost pepper is brown in color, and its taste is delicious as compared to the other types of ghost pepper. 

It is the same hot as the green ghost pepper, and however, after swallowing, it gives a sweet flavor.

Orange ghost pepper

The orange ghost pepper is the most prolific grower type of ghost pepper. It is mostly used in sauces. 

The orange ghost pepper is the after version of the yellow ghost pepper. However, its taste is different from yellow ghost pepper.  

White ghost pepper

This type of ghost pepper has an off-white color. Its size is 3 feet. 

Its pods are smooth as compared to the other types of ghost pepper. White ghost pepper has a heat flavor. 

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Hottest natural pepper:

The world’s hottest natural pepper is Carolina Reaper. It is a long, slim-looking pepper. This pepper is not easily available in the market. It is the rarest and spicy one. The vendors who sell this pepper have to write “DANGER: DO NOT EAT” on the label of this pepper. 

It is grown in the United States and supplied in India and China only. This hottest natural pepper is reaching over one million Scoville heat units. People use this pepper for youtube videos but remember that it is dangerous for your health.

When you eat this hottest natural pepper, your throat gets choke, and the liver gets damaged, tonsils in your stomach, and many more problems.

Another hottest natural pepper of the world is called “Butch T,” a Trinidad Scorpion chili pepper. It is grown in Australia only, and its spice level is more than 1.4 million Scoville units. 

For India, “Bhut jolokia” or “Ghost pepper” is the hottest chili. It is very hot and smoky in flavor. Also, there are many types of ghost pepper available in the market. Bhut jolokia is a little hotter than the Trinidad scorpion chili.

After ghost pepper, “Currie” is the hottest pepper. It is a small version of Carolina reaper. 

According to old news, a person ate this chili and died immediately due to its spicy taste.

That is why the vendors of this pepper write, “God save me from this pepper, and it is really really hot” on the label. 

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Chilies are known from Peru. It is believed that chilies originated from tropical America in 7500 B. C.after After this, Columbus took this to Spain, and it got popular in the whole of Asia. 

The ghost pepper is the hottest pepper available in the market. There are many different types of ghost pepper-like red ghost pepper, green ghost pepper, yellow ghost pepper, purple ghost pepper, chocolate ghost pepper, white ghost pepper, and many more. 

The supply of ghost pepper is large in India and China; these two countries make sauces and many more products from this paper and export these products to other countries.

Also, we have mentioned some other hot chilies available in the market like Carolina reaper, Butch T, Currie, etc. 

We hope you now have full knowledge about chili origin, ghost pepper, different types of ghost pepper, and the hottest natural pepper. So, go check the look of these chilies and if you would like to taste them, make sure you concern yourself with your doctor first.

Poorvika sharma