When Is The Right Time to pick tomatoes?

when to pick tomatoes

If you like to grow tomatoes however, you have no knowledge about “when to pick tomatoes” . Read the following post. It will give you complete knowledge about growing and picking tomato plants.

Tomato word originates from the Spanish word “tomate.” The tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family. It is a beautiful flowering plant. 

Tomatoes are very nutritious fruits and vegetables. There are many varieties of tomatoes like cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, early girl, black Krim, etc. 

These are some most often asked questions: When to harvest tomatoes? When to pick tomatoes? How to pick tomato plants? How to buy good tomatoes?

The following points will give all answers to the questions:

When to grow tomatoes?

Before knowing when to pick tomatoes first, you need to know what is the right time to grow tomatoes. Tomato seed must be started indoors between March to June, or in the summer season. To grow a good tomato plant, use the bonnie plant, which is a young tomato plant that needs at least 7-8 hours of sunlight to bring out a better flavor. The PH of the soil must be 6.2 to 6.8 to grow a tomato plant. And it needs proper fertilizers and water to grow. Within 65-70 days, the plant starts growing, flowering. 

Now that you know “when to grow tomatoes”, let’s learn when is the right time to pick tomatoes.

When to pick tomatoes?

The right time to pick the tomatoes is during the end of the summer season; when the plant reaches its mature green stage and starts turning red. Tomatoes are gassy because they have ethylene gas in them. Ethylene gas increases the yellow and red color and decreases the green color. So, when tomatoes start releasing their ethylene gas, they are ready to pick. 

How to pick tomato plants?

Picking tomatoes is a very easy process. First, hold the tomato and the bottom of the plant very carefully because from there, it ripens. After this, lightly squeeze the tomato to check whether it is ready to pick or not; if it is so hard, do not pick it. Now, grasp the plant gently and then just cut the tomato. Make sure when you pick the tomatoes, the temperature must be 55-56 degrees. 

This is the whole process of picking the tomato plant.

How to buy good tomatoes?

The following points are some basic things which you need to check when you are buying tomatoes:

  • Avoid buying tomatoes that have blemishes and dark spots.
  • Check the size and the weight of the time. It should be big and heavy.
  • It should not be too soft and too hard.
  • Smell the tomato before buying. If its smell is bad, do not buy it.
  • Buy a fresh and clean tomato.

Now, you have all the knowledge about when to grow tomatoes? When to pick tomatoes? How to pick tomatoes? How to buy good tomatoes? Go and grow more and more tomato plants. 

Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Poorvika sharma