Best Oregano Substitute For When You Are Out Of Your Stack

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Are you planning to cook a fancy dinner tonight but cannot find oregano? Or do you suffer from oregano herb allergies? Whatever be the reason, we are here with a list of oregano substitute to help you amidst the cooking crisis.

What is oregano?

Oregano is a pungent herb that is mostly used in Italian dishes, Pizza, and pasta. It is a very popular herb because of its punchy and strong flavor. It can be used as both fresh and dried oregano, which makes it a truly versatile herb.

Oregano plant consists of tiny leaves, and they bloom in pink-purple color tiny flowers which are also edible. Oregano comes from Mediterranean countries like Greece. It was not available in America until World War II soldiers made it popular on returning back. Now we cannot eat Pizza without our favorite oregano herb.

Different types of oregano:

There are four main types of oregano:

  • Sweet Marjoram
  • Wild Marjoram
  • Dittany of Crete
  • Syrian Oregano

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Best Oregano Substitute Herbs:

No matter how prepared you are for the big meal prep, you might be out of oregano. This small herb can make or break any dish. Knowing the right oregano replacement can be a little trick, especially if you are a new cook.

Here we have mentioned some of the best oregano substitute herbs which you can use whenever you are out of oregano.

Dried oregano

If your recipe requires adding fresh oregano herb and you have none of it left, do not panic. Dried oregano can be used to replace the fresh, as it is packed with as much flavor and fragrance as the fresh version. All you need to remember is to use it in the right way and in the right quantity. 

Mexican oregano

Mexican oregano is a completely different herb. This herb belongs to a botanical family and originated in Mexico. Mexican oregano is known by various names, like Mexican Sage and Mexican Marjoram.

This herb is known to have the strongest flavor in all the oregano varieties. It is also more potent than Mediterranean oregano. Mexican oregano is sometimes also used in chili powder for its strong pepper flavor.


Basil is a popular leafy green herb in culinary seasonings. It is used in many different recipes and can make any dish come to life. Basil, like oregano, can be used fresh or dried. 

Fresh basil renders a much more strong flavor; however, dried basil is easiest to stock and needs less maintenance. 



Another fantastic Mediterranean herb is parsley which has made its way to the culinary palate. This herb is extremely versatile and can be used both fresh and dried.

If you pick dried parsley instead of fresh, you need to use half the amount as dried parsley is more concentrated.


Another great oregano replacement is Tarragon. Tarragon is available in many different types. However, the most commonly used variety in cooking is French Tarragon. This herb is very potent and highly aromatic, which makes it a go-to choice for chicken dishes. 

Tarragon will make a good oregano substitute in tomato-based dishes. The flavor will be a perfect alternative to oregano.  


Dill is a fascinating herb that is often used in seafood dishes. It is also used in potato salads and pickles. You can use dill to add a lot of fresh flavor to your dish and use dill weed seeds to add a bit of spice. 

Again, this herb can be used both fresh and dry; however, fresh has a more interesting flavor. One thing to note is that dill is one of those herbs that loses flavor when cooked for longer. Try to add it as late as possible. 


Sage is another popular oregano substitute or replacement. The aromatic herb adds an earthy flavor to the dishes and can be used both fresh and dried. 

It is used in many different savory dishes, usually to make stuffing in holiday meals. This herb makes a perfect replacement for oregano.


Rosemary is an aromatic herb used to add flavor to flavor to meat dishes like a lamb. However, this versatile herb can be used in many different recipes as both dry and fresh variants. That to its low moisture level, it can regain flavor and is equally potent even when dried.


Another very versatile herb is thyme, and it makes a great oregano replacement in many dishes. Thyme is rarely an allergen, making it a perfect oregano substitute for people who are allergic to oregano. 

This herb keeps releasing more flavor the longer it is cooked. You don’t have anything to worry about with thyme regarding breaking down during the cooking. Thyme can also be used as fresh or dried and gives a similar flavor to oregano. 

Dried Italian seasoning

If you are out of the oregano stack in your kitchen, the next best substitute is Italian herbs. Dried Italian herb seasoning tends to include oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, and rosemary. You will have a lot of flavors to add to your dish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can mixed herbs be used instead of oregano?

Yes, you can use mixed herbs instead of oregano. This is because mixed herbs also contain oregano as one of teh ingredients. If you have lots of mixed herbs stored, then this will make the best replacement for times when you are out of oregano.

It is important to note that mixed herbs contain many different herbs, which can slightly alter the taste of your dish.

Are oregano and Italian seasoning the same thing?

No, Italian seasonings and oregano are two separate things. Italian seasoning is a combination of many herbs to add an Italian flavor to your dish. However, Italian seasoning also contains a small quantity of oregano. Depending on the dish you are cooking, you can use Italian herbs as an oregano substitute. 

Are oregano and basil the same?

No, basil and oregano are not the same. These are two completely different herbs with varied flavor profiles. Basic can be used as an oregano alternative, depending on your dish. It is most popularly used in tomato-based dishes like soup. It can be used both fresh and dry.

Can you substitute thyme for oregano?

Yes, you can substitute thyme for oregano. If you are avoiding oregano due to allergic reasons, then thyme would be a perfect alternative as this herb is rarely an allergen.


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