Marvel Legend Hawkeye- The Best Golden Archer

Marvel- Legend- Hawkeye

Marvel legend Hawkeye (Clinton Francis barton) is a famous fictional character of an American comic book named “Marvel” created by “Stan Lee,” a famous comic writer. There are many superheroes in this comic, like Thor, Black widow, Tony stark, Captain America, Wanda, Vision, Captain Marvel, etc. they all are called as “Avengers.”

Hawkeye plays the role of the best golden archer in marvel comics. He works as a fighter who saves the people from the enemies or villains just like the other “avengers” do.

If your favorite avenger is Hawkeye and want to know more about him, read the following post to know more about “marvel legend ultimate Hawkeye.”

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Marvel legend Hawkeye movies:

Hawkeye is an avenger (superhero) who saves people from enemies and fighters.

In every avenger comic book, there is an enemy who tries to destroy the earth and  harm people and Hawkeye is always there to save them.

He was also present when Thor (god of thunder) arrived on earth. He was also a best friend of Natasha (black widow). Hawkeye also has a wife, a daughter, and a son.

Following are the name of comic series in which Marvel legend ultimate Hawkeye was presented:


When Thor first time came on earth, everyone thought he was a villain because no one knew Asgard or thor. Hawkeye fights with him, but after some time, he gets to know that Thor was an Avenger, not an enemy. After this, he became a friend of Thor, and he also liked his personality.

The Avengers

In “the avengers,” Hawkeye was first introduced to the other avengers and started working in a stark company with the others. He did not have any superpower, but he was good at arching, so he was counted in the team of avengers.

The Avengers- age of Ultron

It was the second part of Avengers; in this part, Loki came on earth to get the infinity stone for Thanos. This is when marvel legend hawkeye fought with him and saved the public from the attack of the robots.

Captain America- civil war

Hawkeye helped Captain America in this movie and fought with tony stark because tony stark was doing something on which the other avengers did not agree. However, he does not fight with him, but Tony has created a situation due to which he has to fight with him.

Avengers- infinity war

In this Thanos, himself came to earth to get the infinity stones, and everyone was fighting with him because he wanted to destroy 50% of the population. In this movie, Hawkeye played the main role. He was taking care of Vision, who had an infinity stone, and fought with Thanos. 

Avengers- endgame 

This movie was their last movie of all the avengers together. Thanos won the fight of infinity stones and destroyed 50% of the population, Hawkeye’s family was also part of 50%, and this is how he lost his family. However, after some time again, the avengers got the infinity stones and got back the 50% of the population and killed Thanos.

Black widow

This is one of the marvel legend hawkeye movies which is not released yet. However, in this movie also, Hawkeye is playing the role of Natasha’s friend.


Marvel legend hawkeye movies which is not released yet. However, it will be released on November 24, 2021. This movie is all based on Hawkeye’s story. He is playing the main role in this movie.

He was also present when Loki (prince of Asgard) came on earth to get the infinity stone for Thanos (the main villain of the movie). He fought with Loki and saved the people.

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Hawkeye and Ms Captain Marvel movies:

We can understand that you people are waiting for the movie Hawkeye and Ms. Captain Marvel because so are we.

Do not worry, finally, the vice president of film production at marvel studios “Victoria Alonso’ has finally announced the release date of the movie. She has also confirmed that WandaVision, The Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Loki will also stream in 2021.

Recently Marvel has released “Loki” on Disney plus Hotstar, so it is assumed that “Hawkeye and Ms. Captain Marvel will also release on Disney plus Hotstar. 

Hawkeye will release before ms. Captain marvel. The release date of Hawkeye is November 24, 2021, and the trailer will also be released before Ms. Captain marvel. 

Hawkeye will also play a little role in the Black widow as a friend of Natasha. 

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Reviews on “Marvel legend Hawkeye.”

Hawkeye is a legend of Marvel comics. He plays an important and great role, as the best golden archer in the comic. He performed a role of a good person, superhero, and a good friend even he helped Avengers to stay in his house.

After losing his family in the endgame, he fought again and taken a risk to travel in a time machine. However, when he went to Vormir to get infinity stone with Natasha, in Vormir there was a condition to get the infinity stone, and that was “death to get the death stone,” to complete this condition Natasha lost her life and saved Hawkeye. Hawkeye himself has great strength and character. He is not the main but an important character of avengers. 

He was a great archer, so he saved the lives of avengers many times. Even in real life, Clinton Francis Barton is an archer and helps underprivileged people.

In short and simple words, Marvel Legend Hawkeye- Best Golden Archer is a good avenger, friend and helps to save people from enemies.

If you are a marvel lover and like “Marvel legend Hawkeye” you came to the right place. Read the above post to know more about “Marvel Legend Ultimate Hawkeye.”

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Enjoy the movie, enjoy life.

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