Guide On Liquid Bandage for Dogs and Other Furry Babies

A liquid bandage is something that every dog owner needs. As we understand, it is very hard for an owner to see their fur baby in pain. Cuts, scratches, injuries, and spots on the face are the worst sights. In this situation, all the owners get very upset to see their fur baby in discomfort and want to minimize the healing process so that the little furry baby can again be healthy as soon as possible.

However, the main problem is common healing products can’t be used for dogs as they may lead to infections and are dangerous for dogs. Some wounds like ear tip injuries and mouth injuries can catch the infection easily. 

Bandages are the most commonly used healing product to prevent the infection in some injuries, 

Traditional bandages can be very hard to put on the energetic pets and might come off soon. Instead, liquid bandages are a good option when it comes to safeguarding your pet.

Since liquid bandages are not as popular as traditional bandages, you all must be having some questions like what is a liquid bandage? is it good to use a human liquid bandage on dogs? Can we use liquid skin bandages? If these bandages are safe or not? 

But Don’t worry! We’ve got all of your doubts covered in this post. So, read along.

What is a liquid bandage?

Basically, Liquid bandages are a polymer dissolved in a solvent like water, alcohol, antiseptics, and anesthetic. Also, some brands may serve alcohol for the same purpose. These liquid bandages protect the wounds by forming a thin layer of the polymer when the carrier evaporates.

Do liquid bandages help in healing the injuries?

Yes, liquid bandages help in healing injuries. In some cases when the seal comes off, the liquid bandages can be applied, but only after getting the proper medical advice from the vet of your dog. It reduces the size of scars caused by the injuries, and can be easily used to heal minor injuries.

Is it good to use human liquid bandages on dogs?

Technically, it is safe to put human liquid bandages on your furry baby. However, there are some brands that contain high amounts of alcohol and other irritants which can affect the skin of your pet. So, it is recommended to use liquid bandages that are made for dogs only. 

It is always advised to consult the veterinarian, before using any liquid bandage made for human use. Sometimes, using human bandages also called “Band-Aids” on dogs can be a dangerous step. These Band-aids contain Neosporin and other chemical products that can affect the skin of dogs.

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Can we use new skin bandages on dogs?

Yes, you can use new skin bandages on your dog. As these skin bandages are endorsed by vets for treating minor injuries and cleaning the uninfected cuts so it is safe for furry babies. However, if your dog is allergic to some chemicals, go to their vets and ask for specific bandages that can be safe for your pet.

Are there any specific liquid bandages for dogs?

Yes, there are some specific liquid bandages for dogs available on the market. In the following article we have mentioned some of the best liquid bandages for dogs so, keep reading for the health of your furry baby.

Are liquid bandages safe for open wounds?

Yes, the minor cuts can be treated by liquid bandages as it closes the wounds and stops bleeding, but if there is a large cut, immediately go for medication. However, if your dog is allergic to some medicines, first consult with the vet, and after that, go for medical treatment.

Are liquid bandages good or not for dogs?

Liquid bandages help to keep the bacteria and debris out until the healing process is done, and after that, the bandage itself sloughs off. However, it depends on the type of liquid bandages used and the depth of the wound. Typically, the seal of the wound lasts for 5 to 10 days.

How to remove Liquid Bandages?

To remove the liquid bandages, you just need to apply more liquid bandages to the injury and quickly wipe it off. Fingernail polish remover can also be used to remove the liquid bandages from your dogs. There is one important thing to remember do not allow your dog to come in contact with the floor, countertops, or finished surface, as it will stain.

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10 Best liquid bandages for dogs:

After getting all the information about liquid bandages for dogs, let’s check some of the best liquid bandages for your lovely furry baby:

Vetericyn plus wound and skincare ($21.10):

It is a spray-based liquid bandage that cleans cuts and wounds and also gives relief to itching and irritation to cats, dogs, horses, and more. 


  • Claimed to provide antimicrobial wound and skincare
  • Highly effective in cleaning the cuts 
  • Decreases the visibility of scars
  • Effective in removing scrapes
  • Provide immediate relief for allergic skin
  • Non-toxic
  • Vet recommended 

3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive 1469c ($21.94):

This amazing vetbond tissue adhesive forms a strong bond and polymerizes the cuts within some seconds. Also, this liquid bandage is good for both humans and pets.


  • Good for both humans and pets
  • Alternative to the stitches
  • Saves from unwanted hassles
  • Forms a strong bond between the wound

Sulfodene Wound Care Ointment ($9.99):

Sulfodene Wound first aid ointment gives relief to pain and prevents infection on the cuts, Scrapes, Bites, and injuries. It also provides barriers against germs and insects. However, it contains salicylic acid that can cause itching in various pets, so before using this product first visit the vet of your pet. 


  • Give relief in pain
  • Prevents from infections
  • Give Immediate result
  • Effective in Hot spots

ProSense 4 Oz Plus Wound Bandages Solutions Antiseptic Spray ($11.68):

This is another best antiseptic wound bandage solution that deserves everyone’s attention. Also, it is highly recommended by the vets, as it is suitable for all breeds of dogs and helpful in healing external ulcers, minor skin burns, and mainly wounds.


  • Formulated with non-stinging antiseptic formula
  • Contain chitosan
  • Heals quickly
  • Give relief in irritation
  • Good for first aid

Cardinal Laboratories Remedy and Recovery Liquid Bandage for dogs ($11.51):

 This is an American-made product from the house of Remedy + Recovery, which is all that your furry baby needs. It is one of the most effective liquid bandages for dogs as it heals the cuts, hot spots, stitches, and scrapes immediately. One of the main things is that this liquid bandage forms a breathable film on the affected area.


  • Accelerate the healing process
  • Does not contain Acrylic 
  • Speedly recovers the injuries
  • Easy to use

Miracle Care Liquid bandage spray for dogs ($5.84):

Miracle care liquid spray is claimed to have the bitter properties that prevent the dogs from licking the spray and the affected area; it heals the wounds very quickly.


  • Quick results
  • Contains bitter ingredients
  • Best for first aid

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Vet Aid Sea Salt Wound Care Foam (15.95):

It is a multi-purpose liquid bandage, it comes in a foam-based solution that almost every pet needs. Other than healing wounds, it is also effective against insect bites, sunburn, acne, and skin problems.


  • Helps to fetch Relief in Hot spots, thrush, pyoderma
  • Contains natural sea salt
  • Contains no chemical
  • Provides immediate results

Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Seeing your furry baby in blood but not able to do anything? Not any more! This Styptic Powder provides immediate results on minor superficial cuts. It contains Benzocaine which stops the blood fast.   



  • Contain Benzocaine
  • Give immediate results on the bleeding area
  • It can also be used on cats and birds that end up with nails and paws injuries
  • Good for human beings also
  • Has been in the market for more than 40 years

KeriCure Tough Seal Liquid Bandage ($14.95):

This pet liquid bandage is used for soothing, sealing, and protecting the wounds from dirt and for healing the cuts. The best thing about this product is that when the wound is healed, the bandage itself comes off.


  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Effective against sun ranges
  • Heals Sores, Burns, Seal cuts, Bites, Scratches, and more
  • Made with an organic polymer
  • Facilitates quick healing


PetAg EMT Gel First Aid Kit for Dog Wound care:


PetAg EMT Gel contains hydrolyzed Collagen that seals, soothes, and protects wounds. It is highly recommended by the vets when the dogs suffer from pain from the injuries. Additionally, it deodorizes the affected areas. 



  • Good for big animals also
  • Reduces pain
  • Stops bleeding
  • Prevents from bacteria
  • Heal’s hot spots, abrasions, scratches, heat injuries, gunshots, etc.

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Bottom line:

As a pet owner, it is really hard to see their furry babies in pain, but not anymore! We have mentioned the solution in the above article. All of the Above-mentioned liquid bandages for dogs are the best to use on your dogs; they will give your pets relief from pain. We have also mentioned some solutions to the basic doubts that can arise in your mind while using the liquid bandage on your lovely furry baby.

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