List Of Xbox Games for Girls – Why Should Boys Have All The Fun

List Of Xbox Games for Girls

XBOX GAMES FOR GIRLS – Xbox games aimed at women? Whenever it comes to enjoying Xbox games, prejudices about women never appear to go away. Why just not remove barriers by compiling a list of the Top “Xbox Games for Girls” around 2023? Generally speaking, whether on Xbox or PC, the majority of games target guys primarily. Despite the fact that males prefer to play video games, they can become addicted. However, that isn’t always the case.

You would be confused and baffled when searching for video games on Xbox because there are so many possibilities. For each and every category and platform, there are several fantastic games. So how do you pick the ideal candidate for you? To learn the basics of each game, read this post. You’ll get a sense of the topic that the game is centered on from it.

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The Top 10 Xbox Games for Women According to Gamers in 2023 

I could only assume that if you’re a lady seeking the finest Xbox games for girls, your selections will be those with the best graphics, performance, challenges, as well as action. So, the following are the criteria I used to compile this list of the most popular Xbox games for women.

1. Ori And the Will of Wisps

Anybody who enjoys Metroidvania games and beautiful visuals should play Ori and the Will of Wisps. The player moves across various platforms as the gameplay advances by solving challenging riddles. 

With such a variety of skills, the player explores the environment. The 4K UHD version of Ori and the Will of Wisps was launched on March 11th, 2020. Upon that collection of Xbox games for girls, this is a terrific one.


  • Graphic style that is reminiscent of Ori and the Blind Forest. 
  • There are new racetracks created. 
  • Stages, life, as well as energy cell autosaves are available. 
  • Challenger Missions

2. Kingdom Hearts III

The 3rd entry in the renowned action role-playing series of games Kingdom Hearts is titled Kingdom Hearts III. The main character of Kingdom Hearts III, Sora, is indeed a 15-year-old youngster who serves as the subject of the story. He uses his potent weaponry to combat the darkness. 

However the game’s premise of “light battling darkness” is only one aspect of it. It features Disney characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse. Enough intrigue?


  • Japanese audio plus English subtitles could also be played on dual audio devices. 
  • The sole Xbox game based on characters from Disney 
  • New plot material 
  • Various settings inspired by Disney films like “Toy Story” and “Frozen.”

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3. Minecraft

You have free rein to continue playing however you want if you purchase The Ultimate Game. To be included in this listing of Xbox games for girls, however, Minecraft must have gained popularity for a number of additional factors. This sandbox video game called Minecraft is available in 3D.

Since the main objective of Minecraft is to mine blocks and move them to other locations, you may mostly see items in the shape of cubes. The player can then construct items as a result. 


  • The Global Generation 
  • It employs Continually Updated Map 
  • There is a parental control option. 
  • The conversation can be turned off by guardians. 
  • Secured Multi – player
  • 3D Exporting Non-Player 
  • Characters in the Game Library

4. Apex Legends

Who really is up for the game of royal combat? Nobody who plays video games today doesn’t enjoy fight games or even just Apex Legends. Girls, you have numerous reasons to check it out if you’ve never before. You’ll be dropped into a sci-fi world to look for supplies and weaponry. You’ll experience attempts on your life, and you’ll seek to terminate the lives of others as well. 

The squad that continues to play wins.


  • There are a lot of characters from which to pick. 
  • A character for each type of play.
  • Play-Across Integration.
  • Free of charge.

5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Upon viewing the trailer, Shadow of the Tomb Raider can become your favorite Xbox game. This is an action-adventure video game that follows Lara Croft when she travels around Central and South America in search of answers. Sufficiently Cool? 

You can forage, look for tombs, make weapons, and solve riddles. ecstatic to play it? Me too! Who would have imagined that one of the Xbox Games for Girls would be such a thrilling adventure?


  • Numerous Obstacles and Puzzles 
  • Hunting wild animals 
  • 3D space technology 
  • Graphical improvements 
  • Find Brutal as well as Dark Tombs 
  • Learn about Living History

6. Ori and the Blind Forest

The game Ori and the Will of Wasps is the sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest. An additional Metroidvania expedition is guided by a tiny white guardian spirit. Once the problems have been solved, the players could switch between both platforms. Its many characteristics make it the best option among Xbox Games for girls. 

Gamers can improve their Skills in the future by employing a function called “Soul Links’ ‘ to save current achievements.


  • Rich artsy graphics style 
  • Alternatives for Quick Travel 
  • Improved Monitor Assistance and Resolution
  • Aid in Strategic Planning

7. Stardew Valley

The finest role-playing simulator game in which you need to look after the grandfather’s inheritance plots is called Stardew Valley. You have had to convert the unkempt area into a successful residence in this game. Among the top Xbox games for women is this. 


  • Multiple-player game. 
  • Include one hundred ornaments. 
  • Add 30 distinct characters. 
  • Investigate various regions.

8. Fortnite

The finest Xbox game for ladies is Fortnite, which you should play alongside your siblings and friends. You have a task that would save the planet in this game. The heroes that have been heading the Royale battle to preserve the planet include you and your three teammates. 


  • Enter a brand-new world. 
  • The conflict intensifies.
  • Various cosmetic pairings. 
  • Imaginative mode. 
  • Beyond the combat royale, XP

9. Lego Worlds

You enter a new planet built of Lego bricks in the Xbox game Lego Worlds. Throughout this game, you have the freedom to personalize everything you desire in any environment the way you like. You can obtain all valuables together by using airplanes, dragons, motorcycles, and gorillas to improve the gameplay experience. 


  • Build a cosmos of your own. 
  • Tools for large-scale landscapes. 
  • Make any universe your own.

10. Overcooked

Among the top Xbox games for girls is Overcooked. You cooperate with others in this game. The word “overcooked” implies that you’re a chef who serves up the delectable fare to adoring patrons. Join your fellow chefs inside the world of gaming to become master chefs. 


  • Consists of a food hunt. 
  • Multiple tasks with simple controls. 
  • Several chefs in these roles. 
  • Play by yourself or up to 4 other people.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “xbox games for girls”


Q1) Which are the best Xbox games for girls?

Ans- the following is a list of top Xbox games for girls in 2023:

  1. Kingdom Hearts III
  2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  3. Ori and the Will of Wisps
  4. Minecraft
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest

Q2) What Xbox 360 games are good for 15-year-old girls?

Ans- Here is a list of the top Xbox 360 games for females under the age of 15 this year.

  1. Kinect Disneyland Adventures
  2. Body and Brain Connection
  3. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
  4. Kinect Sports: Season 2
  5. FIFA Soccer 12

Q3) What Xbox game do girls play the most?

Ans- RPGs, adventure games, as well as action-adventure games, are the categories that female players most frequently mentioned as their favorites. In addition, women prefer platforms and puzzle games over men.

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