10 Best Meaningful Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas

moon phases tattoo

Dear Reader, if you’re planning to get inked but confused about the design then this article is for you.

If you want to get inked, then you should get a moon phase tattoo. Moon phases based tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days not only due to their beauty but because of their significant meaning in art, poetry, mythology, and literature.

With its soft and serene vibes, the moon has gathered a lot of people’s attention for many years, not only because it’s the only celestial that can be seen through naked eyes, but also because of its significant importance in myths and beliefs on different cultures and traditions.

Moon often reminds people of life, and phases are a symbol that no matter what there’s always brightness after a dark night.

Symbolism Of Different Phases Of Moon:

The moon cycle has a duration of 29.5 days and during this whole cycle, we pass through eight different moon phases. In different mythologies and traditions, all these 8 phases are associated with some symbols and meanings they represent.

Let’s deep dive and learn about what each moon phase symbolizes:

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New Moon:

The new moon is the moon phase with the least illumination, the new moon represents the beginning. Since it’s the first phase of the whole moon cycle, it represents the right time to start working towards your goals and ambitions.

Waxing Crescent Moon:

This is the phase when the moon starts to grow in size and collects more energy and illumination. This phase represents the phase where one can get started collecting the knowledge or energy they may require moving forward towards their goal.

This phase symbolizes putting intentions into action to achieve the desired goal.

First Quarter moon:

In this phase, the moon is called the ‘half moon’. The symbolism during this phase is more focused on concentration, vow to action, and decision making or one may also call it a release of action.

Waxing Gibbous:

This is the phase right before the full moon where the moon is already quite illuminating but not full. This moon phase represents refinement, where one should focus on attaining or gaining.

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Full Moon:

The full moon is a moon fully illuminated. The full moon is extremely beautiful due to its bright illumination. It represents the achievement of the desired result.

During a full moon, the moon has maximum brightness.

Waning Gibbous Moon:

During this phase, the moon is more than half illuminated, this phase represents that now is the time to release the bad energy or habits one might have gathered unknowingly. The waning gibbous moon is also called the ‘dissemination moon’.

Last Quarter:

As the name suggests, the last quarter is the phase in which the moon is exactly half illuminated and has half energy. This phase represents continuing on the path of releasing negative energy which started during the waning gibbous phase.

Waning Crescent Moon:

This is the last phase of the moon cycle, the waning crescent moon is also called the ‘Balsamic moon’. It’s the phase during which the moon is less than half illuminated and is close to releasing all its energy.

The waning crescent moon symbolizes the time to rest or come up with new plans and targets or also called the time to surrender.

The different phases of the moon and their meanings are deeply rooted in our lives, each phase represents a part of the human life cycle with a motivation to continue in the right direction. 

Interesting right? By now you must have decided to get a moon phases tattoo but are you still confused about which design to choose from? Well, no worries! 

Below we have listed the 10 best meaningful moon phases tattoo ideas for you to choose from.

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10 Best Moon Phase Tattoos

Geometric and detailed moon phases:

If you’re someone who likes to get into the depth of things, then a detailed geometric moon phase tattoo can be the right option for you.

Since this will be a big-sized tattoo, it will suit better arms or legs.

Moon phases in a mandala:

If you’re planning for a large tattoo to cover up your whole arm or leg, then you can go for this tattoo, which contains lunar phases embedded into some cool uniform mandala.

Minimalistic lunar phases:

In case you want a very minimalistic moon phases tattoo, then you can get all moon phases printed simply in a very small size across your wrist, above your elbow, or arms.

Moon phases with adventure:

If you’re a nature lover, then you can get inked with a combination of moon phases with some natural scenery. 

Sun and Moon:

For a variation you can for a combination of sun and moon tattoos. You can also try this tattoo if you and your bestie are both planning to get a similar type of tattoo, where one person can opt for a sun tattoo and another for a moon tattoo.

Star and Moon:

Nothing can be as mesmerizing as the night sky, then why not go for this stars and moon tattoo.

Moon phases on the spine:

If you’re someone who loves to experiment with tattoos or you’re planning to get inked across your spine then no other design can be better than the moon phases. You can opt for a geometric moon phase tattoo or for more depth you can opt for a detailed large depiction of the moon cycle.

Moon phases tattoo with a quote:

If you want to associate your tattoo with the meaning it represents then you can go for a combination of moon phases along with the respective message quoted.

Splash of colors:

In case you want to get a little color with your tattoo, then you can get this moon phase tattoo with a splash of color.

Subtle crescent moon across the wrist:

If you think getting all the phases printed is a bit too much for you now, then you can opt for a small crescent moon tattoo. The crescent moon is only slightly illuminating, it can be a beautiful choice to get printed across your wrist or ankle.

We hope we have covered everything you have been looking for. If you liked the post hit the link button and share your moon phases tattoo pictures in the comment section below.

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