Snake eyes piercings Price and Aftercare

Snake eyes piercings take a lot of guts and are not for the faint-hearted. These piercings can often come with many complications, but that’s part of what makes them so appealing to some people. Knowing you have enough “street cred” or courage within yourself is one way these tattoos make someone feel like an instant badass–less talky, more fight-oriented, if you will! This guide will give those interested in snake eyes piercings all they need to know before going under the needle themselves and point out potential infections post-piercing process.

What Is A Snake Eyes Piercing?

The snake eyes piercing is a very intense and intimidating-looking piece. With two piercings in the tongue, it looks as if your mouth has co to reveal an angry set of serpentine eyes staring back at you. That’s not all, though; while this may appear like some random fashion statement that requires no explanation whatsoever, there are actually two separate pieces combined into one—a barbell goes horizontally inside the tongue, connecting each side for maximum impact!

What Happens During A Snake Eyes Piercing?

Walk into a piercing salon with your friends and family to get the snake’s eyes pierced. It’s an intense process that requires precision, so you shouldn’t worry too much as long as they find the right place for it correctly on both sides of your tongue before using clamps (to hold down any wiggling) to do away with complications like hitting veins or having them stick out at funny angles. Once properly marked up, all there is left is grabbing a hollow needle from their kit and pulling it through one side while pushing some jewelry onto its end on its way back through; be careful not to push past where they’re planning!

Snake Eyes Piercing Pain – How Much Do They Hurt?

If you’ve ever bitten your tongue while eating, the feeling was probably similar to chewing something hard.

One person may barely feel any pain from biting their tongue when they chew on a tough food item such as steak or gum that requires more force and power than normal teeth can provide. Another individual might complain about it for weeks if it happened due to an extremely slight injury during soft foods like ice cream or toast with butter in which there is less resistance between the mouth muscles and what is being chewed.

How Much Does A Snake Eyes Piercing Cost?

This is a piercing you likely will not find in your local department store. Snake Eyes piercings require special tools, and they are generally only offered by higher-end shops with an expensive jewelry selection because of the risks involved. If you do have enough money to afford this type of piercing, expect to pay anywhere between $30-$70 for the piercer fee plus any aftercare products that may be needed post-piercing depending on how much pain tolerance one has when it comes to body modification procedures such as these types of facial alterations done most often among people who want something out there or different than what’s considered traditional today.

What To Do Before Getting A Snake Eyes Piercing.

The best way to protect yourself from unsafe practices is by asking your piercer about the equipment they use, how often it’s sterilized and what kind of reputation you can expect. If something doesn’t feel right or if you don’t like their answers, move on because there are plenty more options out there for piercing studios!

Before deciding whether or not getting a snake eyes piercing is worth all that pain (and we’re talking some serious surgical-grade needles), make sure to ask the person doing it where they get their equipment from and how often everything in his studio gets sanitized. In addition, check with them about any complaints filed against them so that when choosing an artist who does this procedure frequently enough.

The piercing process can be a little intimidating, so it’s important to educate yourself on the risks before going for it. On top of that, aftercare products are essential in taking care of your new piercings and soothing any discomfort they may cause. It is very important not to use table salt when healing; only sea salt will stimulate a healthy response from the skin tissue around your fresh-new body art!

Snake Eyes Piercing Aftercare & Cleaning Guide

You’ve just had a successful piercing, and you want to make sure it stays that way. Your piercer will show you how your aftercare routine should look, but he also gives personal advice about what worked for him in the past. The most important thing is to keep everything clean; soap helps with healing too! You can use warm water from time to time if there are any open wounds or sore spots where bacteria may build up over time when not cleaned properly.

While your piercer will give you a list of aftercare instructions to follow, here are the general things you should be doing to keep your piercing clean and free of any complications. The most important thing is never to touch it without washing your hands first. Even if you plan to clean it, make sure that they’re freshly washed before touching anything else or introducing bacteria into an open wound site could cause infections that can lead to more serious medical problems over time.

When you’ve finished eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are a few things that should happen to keep your mouth clean. The first thing is rinsing with some saltwater for about ten seconds before spitting it out. You can make this sea salt water by boiling one cup of hot tap water and stirring in a one-quarter teaspoon of table (coarse) salt while the water is still hot enough not to burn yourself when tasting it inside your mouth. Let the mixture cool off, so you don’t have an unpleasant feeling on your tongue from being too cold or burning sensation if using warm liquid instead (or use lukewarm/cold). Then rinse around 10 times, swishing as much spit back into saliva glands as possible until almost.

Finding a good aftercare product can be difficult, but I’ve found that the After Inked Piercing After Care Spray is one of my favorites. It not only works well on all skin types, including sensitive skin, but it also has no alcohol or additives in the solution and comes with generous-sized spray bottles for easy application. When using from the start of the healing process, this spray helps to decrease recovery time and pain while helping you avoid any soreness lingering long-term post-procedure.

While your snake eyes piercing is healing, make sure you avoid a few things that could make life pretty unpleasant. It would be best not to use any mouthwash because it will feel like rinsing with liquid fire. It’s okay to continue brushing your teeth as usual but if the toothpaste has a strong mint flavor, go for something out of the kid’s section in store instead; little kids usually can’t handle strong mint, so they have alternative flavors.

How Long Does A Snake Eyes Piercing Take To Heal?

Your tongue won’t be fully healed for about one to two months. During that time, especially in the beginning, you may have a lot of swelling. Plus, at the initial piercing, your mouth can expect some blood too! If it starts hurting more than usual or you notice any other symptoms like excessive itching and pus come out from your wound, take care not to irritate it by biting down on salty food, which will only make matters worse, and schedule an appointment with our team so we can help get rid of these problems as soon as possible before they become really serious issues!

Snake Eyes Piercing Infections

A new piercing should be a source of pride and joy. Not fear or pain! Unfortunately, many people who get their tongue pierced develop an infection from improper care. These infections are dangerous because they can spread to other parts of the body; for example, your throat could become infected if you have trouble swallowing food due to the mouth sore on your tongue that prevents it from healing properly within its designated time frame. If you look at someone with one in there among friends, know: they may not want themself near anyone else’s face until their problem has been solved by a professional piercer and medical expert alike.”

Getting an infection in any piercing is usually bad news but getting one.

If you can make it through those first two months with your piercing until the healing process is complete without getting an infection, the chances are good that there won’t be any issues down the road. Here’s what to look out for in this time period and beyond:

The following passage will detail some of the things people should keep their eye on during these early days after a new piercing has gone septic or not healed properly.


It’s normal for your tongue to look abnormally thick in the first week or so after you’ve had a snake eyes piercing put in. You just went through an immense amount of trauma, and that means it’ll have some swelling problems as well. It is one sign of infection, but if things seem to be getting a better check back later on, by day 3-4 post-op, most people will see their tongues looking much more regular size again! If not, then you should get checked out at the doctor’s office ASAP because something could seriously be wrong with your tongue-pierced area from having this done too early.


As you might imagine, your tongue is going to be feeling it for weeks after having a snake eyes piercing. Pain doesn’t just mean that the area has been injured; pain can also signal infection if not treated properly in time. If there’s more than you’re able to tolerate and/or longer than one week since pierced, suspect an infection!


If you see red lines, it’s an indication that your piercing could be infected. If the infection is allowed to develop without treatment, it can become dangerous or even fatal in some cases. Seek medical attention immediately if there are any signs of fever, and make sure not to wait too long before getting help!

Discolored Tongue

A healthy tongue is usually a shade of pink. If your tongue has any other color, this means you should see a doctor since it could be caused by an infection and not just because you ate too many red foods!

That medicine should do the trick as long as you take it until it’s gone. If, for some reason, after a couple of days or so, you still don’t think that it is helping at all and your symptoms are not subsiding with antibiotic treatment, then call up your doctor to see if he might want to have another look under the hood before looking into giving an additional course of antibiotics just in case something was missing on his first assessment – which is where most people go wrong!

Snake Eyes Piercing Risks

A snake eyes piercing is not for the faint of heart, and comes with a number of disadvantages. The jewelry can hit teeth and cause gum erosion while irregular wear may lead to migration that leaves you with scars on your tongue.

People who want this type of earring will have to contend with several risks, such as damage from hitting their teeth or problem-free wearing leading to an ugly scar on the tongue

Snake Eyes Piercing Jewelry

If you want to avoid migration, make sure your piercer uses a 14-gauge barbell. That way they can use small jewelry that will give the best snake eyes look


A snake eyes piercing is one of the more intimidating piercings, but if you really love the look and are willing to take all risks that go with it then be brave. Life’s short so don’t let fear rule your decisions- decide what’s best for yourself!