Tattoo Aftercare: What You Need to Know

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Tattoo aftercare tips are a must for those that get tattooed, as they will help your tattoo artist know how to care for their work properly. Most tattooists are trained in how to care for their work and the tattoos they create. They use all these tips to help you prolong the life of your tattoo.

Tattoo aftercare is very important as your tattoo becomes permanent. You should be able to take good care of your tattoo to have a beautiful tattoo. This is one of the reasons why you should read these tips and follow them correctly.

Give Utmost Importance to Tattoo Healing Process

Tattoo aftercare is a thing that should not be taken lightly. If you mess up, you could have a looking tattoo on your skin. This could happen if you neglect to apply some of these tattoo aftercare tips and make mistakes. Here are some of the best tips to follow.

Purchase a Tattoo Cleaning Kit

You should always get yourself a tattoo cleaning kit before getting a tattoo. This is because you need to clean your tattoo before you apply it. Many people try to skip this step as they think it is unnecessary. However, this is not true. It is important that you properly clean your tattoo before applying it.

Hear the Advice of Your Tattoo Artist Carefully

Ensure that you follow your tattoo artist’s advice if you intend to know how to take care of a tattoo. They can usually tell you how long it will take for the tattoo to dry. They can also tell you what to do once the tattoo is dry and how to handle it.

Always Use Warm Water to Rinse Your Tattoo

This is because warm water helps to soften the skin. This will turn it easier for you to clean it as well. If you think the water is too cold, you can always wait a little bit before proceeding. This process helps in the tattoo healing methodology and timing.

Constantly Save Your Tattoo from Dirt

After you have cleaned your tattoo, make sure that you gently rub it to remove any dust and dirt that may have stuck to it. You can use a soft cotton ball. Also, use a slightly dampened cotton ball to gently wipe off any remnants of ink that might be left. When you rinse your tattoo with warm water, you should only use a small amount of water. Use very light strokes.

Keep It moisturized

After washing your tattoo and rinsing it, you should always moisturize it with a slightly dampened cotton ball. If you’re confused, ask your tattoo artist about a suitable moisturizer. This is to ensure that your tattoo remains soft and moist. The moisturizer will make your tattoo look much more natural.

Don’t Apply Much Pressure to Your Tattoo.

Make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your tattoo when applying it. You should make sure that it is always slightly cool. It would help if you did not touch the tattoo directly. Doing so can lead to damage to the tattoo.

Don’t Let the Sunshine Get Thrown on the tattoo.

It is also imperative that you keep your tattoo from direct sunlight and clean and dry. Your tattoo is not like your arm, where you can take it to the beach and leave it for two days in the sun. The same applies to your tattoo. It should be washed thoroughly at least once a week.

Don’t Use Harsh Soaps or Chemicals

It is even essential that you not use harsh soaps or any skin cleansers to clean your tattoo. It would help if you always wash it with mild soap and water. You should avoid using too much water or trying to remove the tattoo by rubbing your skin with alcohol. Using these products can dry out your skin and make it more susceptible to infection.

Save Your Tattoo from Over-Touching

Always use clean hands when applying makeup, shaving, or touching the tattoo. It is very easy to get acne or nicks or cuts during these activities, so always use clean hands and apply protective, oil-based skin cream. If you have a tattoo that is not completely healed yet, leave it alone to heal itself. It would be best if you did not wash the tattoo again until it’s completely healed.

Don’t Scratch Your Itch.

Don’t touch the tattoo on your upper arm for several weeks. Because the skin is constantly changing, it is very sensitive. Even if you don’t think you will scratch it, you might scratch the newly healed skin instead. Make sure to bring your tattoo dry at the beginning of every day for a few weeks.

Keep the Area Free from Sweat

Keep the area where you have your tattoo free of dust, sweat, and any other product that has been left on your skin. You don’t want your tattoo to rub onto something else because the ink will wear off and look faded. You want to keep it moisturized and clean when you get a tattoo, not wet. It will be easier to keep the ink from fading than to try to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Save Your Tattoo from Humidity

Also, keep the area where you have your tattoo dry for as long as possible. Don’t let the area get dirty or wet for a long period because you want to avoid getting it scratched or cut. Washing your tattoo too often can cause the ink to flake off of your skin, not to mention the damage you may cause to the new tattoo if you scrub the area too hard or use strong chemicals. Your tattoo artist will always tell you to be patient with the healing times, so be patient with it.

Use the Knowledge of Your Tattoo Artist

With a good tattoo artist and knowledge of proper tattoo aftercare, you can keep your tattoo as long as possible. Make sure that you follow these tips to keep your tattoo from getting damaged or scratched. Follow them carefully, and your tattoo will last a very long time.

Keep in mind that the tattoo artist’s advice is to be followed regarding how to take care of a tattoo. You can follow these tips yourself, but do not rush things. It is not necessary to do anything too strenuous.