What To Consider Before Buying Car Speaker

What To Consider Before Buying Car Speaker

We all want to buy car speakers of the best quality and price to enjoy our driving journey even alone or with friends. The best quality speakers make our way to the office, traffic jams, and long drives on weekends full of joy. This post is a basic guide for you to buy the best quality speakers for installing the car sound. 

When you buy speakers for your car, there are important things that you have to consider. The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to buy the component or coaxial speakers. This completely depends upon the budget and your concern for the quality of sound. Component car speakers give you the best sound quality, but they are too expensive. 

You have to check and compare the features of different car speakers and find a that is best you quality-wise as well as budget-wise. 

Here below are the important things that you should consider while buying car speakers. 

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Component Speakers Vs. Coaxial Speakers

You get the best sound quality with the component speakers, but they are too expensive. Whereas coaxial or full-range speakers are available at affordable rates, and installation is also easy. 

If the sound quality is your major, then you should buy component speakers. However, if your budget is not enough, you can go for a featured speaker as they have a wide range of speakers with good quality sound. Coaxial speakers are even better if you want to do a DIY installation, even if you do not have any experience. 

Check Size And Configuration

In case you want to replace the car speakers with the new one you have to find what type of speakers you are going to replace. For that, you can remove the existing car speakers and take their measures. If this option doesn’t work, car speakers shops look for the size and the configuration of your car’s speaker factory-installed. 

If your vehicle came with the full-range speakers factory-installed and you also want to install the full-range car speakers, it is important to check the size and configuration of the existing speakers. You can easily buy the new car speakers according to the existing car speaker receptacles.

Power Handling

Your car speakers are needed to properly handle the power load of an external amplifier or head unit. Power handling is a feature of good-quality speakers that can handle the energy and deliver the good without distorting. One of the common power handling measurements is RMS or root-mean-square value. 

Always check the RMS rating while buying the new speakers than peak power-handling values. The latter term means how much the speaker can handle continuous power and peak value means the maximum power the speaker can be able to deliver in the short bursts. 

In case you are also buying the new head unit, make sure that you have enough room so that the power level does not exceed what the alternator will deliver you.

Sensitivity Of The Speaker

The sensitivity of the car speaker is said to be the level of power needed to provide to get the desired level of volume. Those speakers with a higher level of sensitivity need less power supply. If you purchased the anemic-factory stereo, then you should buy the high sensitive speakers. Contrary, speakers with low sensitivity can work better with the high power external amplifier. 

Tip: To check the sensitivity level of your system, you can check the power level drawn by the external amplifier and head unit.

Build Quality Of The Car Speaker

Various OEM speakers are manufactured with low quality materials and easily degrade with the time. Just replacing the speakers can give you better sound quality and leave everything the same. If you buy the speakers with high-quality material, they will last for a longer time and give you the best experience. 

It would help if you consider these following things while buying the quality speakers:

  • Rubber surrounding one speaker is much longer survive than the cloth or foam one
  • Stiffs and lightweight woofer materials, such as polypropylene mixing with the metal or mica coat synthetic fabrics, will last as long as they offer great bass experience.
  • Materials like silk, metal, ceramic, and polypropylene are also considered best for aesthetic purposes. 

Get The Best Speaker System

The process of installing the speakers can seem to be daunting; however, your efforts will result in getting the best-finished product in the end. When you are finding the best speakers, you can consider these following points:

  • Buy high performing head unit 
  • Check whether or not there is a need for an external amp
  • Fill out the sound with subwoofer