Best Headlamp For Hunting Safely

best headlamp for hunting

The best headlamp for hunting is lightweight, waterproof, and comes with red, green, and blue light mode. The RGB mode helps to protect the hunter’s night vision while hiking in the dark.

There are so many things that go into choosing the right hunting headlamp, to help you make the right purchase, here we have listed some of the top available options on the market and also the considering factors. 

Things To Consider:

Blumin’ Lumens

A lumen is a unit used to measure the brightness level of the bulb. When you are going to buy a new headlamp, try to pick something with little ambient light. You would want something that is bright enough to accommodate all kinds of situations and places. 

Your headlamp should work effectively in the dark and is easy to set up without making much noise. You basically need to find the right balance of light in your headlamp.

Light modes and beam types

A headlamp comes equipped with many kinds of beams, so it is essential to know their difference. Some common types of beams are spot, wide, and strobe. 

The wide beams provide a panoramic view of the immediate surrounding but do not travel too far. Spotlight beam, on the other hand, provides concentrated light projecting far away from you. The strobe option is a great choice in emergency situations. 

IP Ratings

IP ratifying is an internationally identified method of checking how light fitting is protected from any external solid and water objects. This measurement indicates how the fitting works and helps in determining if the headlamp is suited for outdoor use. 

The IP rating is labeled as IPXY. X between 0-6 indicates the solid particle protection of light, and Y 0-9 tells the liquid protection. If the headlamp is labeled with IPX4, this means that it does not offer water protection.

Fit and adjustment

It is essential to consider the fit of your headlamp. You would want to buy something with an easy adjustability feature that can be worn alone and on top of hats. 

The straps of a headlamp are available in multiple options. Some of them are made with rubber, while others offer a custom fit and protection from moisture. Bands are also available in fabric, and some come with moisture-absorbing quality to provide comfort.

Batteries / Longevity

If you have been using a traditional battery-style headlamp, then AAA-type batteries are a common configuration. You can also pick something with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries over single-use. If you have a single-use headlamp, then you will have to carry some extras for backup. 

The Best Headlamp For Hunting

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide XG

This Alaskan Guide XG is the best headlamp for hunting in all weather. It features a third vertical adjustable headband and waterproof housing. Three -headband comfort design means it can be worn for a long time, and 90-hour battery life means it will last a long time.

Alaskan XG is the brightest headlamp as compared to the Guide models of 170 Lumens. Three AAA batteries power it with one green light option that produces 15 Lumens and can last for 200 hours. 

This rugged hunting headlamp also has some downsides, like the XG is heavier than QUL. The increased durability and power mean increased prices. Nevertheless, the XG offers good value for the top-shelf quality.

You can use this light for hunting in all kinds of terrain and weather with its ability to adjust light size and angle. If you are planning a five-day trip to the wilderness, this hunting headlamp will make the best accessory, expensive but worth it. 

PETZL Tactikka + RBG Stealth

 Another best headlamp for hunting from PETZL comes with multiple colors and modes that you can ask for in a headlamp. The white light has an output of 350 lumens on the brightest setting and can reach a distance of 90m. This hunting headlamp has three brightness levels and can last for 160 hours if used at the lowest intensity.

This is the best rechargeable headlamp that comes with 3x AAA batteries and also produces a CORE battery back-compatible with this unit. The CORE packs weigh only 23 grams and get charged in 3 hours, and feature a USB jack so you can easily charge it.

The band of this headlamp is fully detachable, which makes it useful when you get sweaty; you can wash the band to get rid of the scent.

Princeton Tec Remix LED

Princeton Tec is the leader in the headlamp industry. They are known for their amazing customer service along with good products. The Remix LED headlamps to come in ten different combinations of color, brightness, and band design. You can also pick only red, white, or green LEDs and also choose from the combination of green/white, green/blue, or red/white.

These LEDs are very smartly programmed while the headbands are default to white lights; you can set red to default. This runs on AAA batteries; however, the life depends on the brightness level you set. It is the brightest headlamp with 300 Lumens that can last for 150 hours. 

You get the option to pick from different band patterns and try some camo options for hunters. There are also some solid-color and plain patterns. Being a top brand Princeton Tec is a little pricey; however, it is worth the price with added durability and after-sale services. 

Kohree Cree

Another best headlamp for hunting is Kohree Cree. Although it does not have a headlamp and only light, it is designed to attach to a hard or soft hunting cap. This light has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.

The pros of Kohree Cree are they don’t have to support their own weight. It comes with three powerful options of LED light: red, green, and white. These lights also have a five-position rotary switch along with various power settings for the main beam. 

This rechargeable headlamp has a lithium-ion battery that can last for 20 hours on a low beam. It does not only save money but also that you have long battery life when going hunting.

Coming to the cons of this light is the extra weight and cost. The added weight can be mitigated using the right hat, but you will have to assemble the part on your own. Also, you get enough room for customization and adjustability because of this. The lithium-ion battery comes with only a two-year warranty. 

Browning Pro Hunter

This is a great pick for people who are unwilling to spread a heavy amount on their headlamp and get the job done at a minimal cost. The Browning Pro hunting headlamp is good for sneaking under the tree, and the simple designs can be used to clean the basement or even jog during foggy weather.

It is highly versatile due to its adjustable and comfortable elastic headband that comes with a foam pad to soften the plastic pressure against your head. This feature is rarely seen in other models available on the market.

The Cree LED light produces around 85 Lumens giving an 80-yard beam distance; however, it can be adjusted as per the requirements. You will get both flood and spotlighting settings along with three brightness adjustments, white green, red color, and flashing setting. 

The LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of use, meaning this headlamp will go on for years without having to replace the bulbs. Featuring triple AAA batteries, this headlamp can be used for 24 hours on a low setting.

The small and compact size is the best part as it can be easily kept in the pocket when not in use and without weighing you down. Memory switch is our favorite thing about this hunting headlamp. This is extremely helpful during the night when you do not wish to flip the powerful beam accidentally in the middle of a jungle. 


Another great hunting headlamp with 6,000 lumens and three Cree LED light bulbs from DanForce is the brightest headlamp you will find on the market. This DanForce headlamp is weatherproof and waterproof and can be used for hunting in extreme weather conditions like extreme cold or extremely hot.

These lights come with rechargeable batteries and airtight rubber sealing to keep them safe from external elements like water, dust, mud, and ice, anything that comes in the way. You get five light modes along with an adjustable lamp head and can choose between low, medium, and high strobe light modes.

The great thing is you get a seven-year warranty with these lights. If you go on hardcore hunting and travel in a different environment, then these tough headlamps are great for surviving through tough conditions. 

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm is a three-light headlamp with 350 Lumens and a beam distance of up to 87 yards. The headlamp features three different color modes to preserve night vision and IP67 rating to keep this headlamp protected from both liquids and solids and is submersible upto three feet underwater.

The push-button makes these super easy to use and comes with AAA batteries that last for around 160 hours. However, the light brightness is dimmer as compared to other models on this list. Spot feature, strobe function, and adjustable brightness make this a versatile piece for every situation and condition. Memory setting makes this headlamp even more.

Buckmasters Streamlight

The Buckmasters Streamlight offers both green and white light and can be combined with three illumination levels. It also has a 63-hour battery life with a low-battery indicator. 

The hunting headlamp has an IPX4 rating and is also shock absorbing. It features two different headband-one rubber and one elastic. The tough design makes it nice for stand hunters who are more likely to drop the light.

However, this unit is quite heavy, about 1.5 pounds, because it has three different LEDs and one C4 LED. The white light has a Streamlight with a focused beam and different illumination levels of green light, allowing you to choose what you need. 

Mossy Oak Tactical

Mossy hunting headlamp features four light modes with 200 lumens. It is both impact-resistant and shockproof. If you are in search of a well-made and well-suited hunting headlamp, then Mossy Oak Tactical will be a great pick.

The LED bulbs have a life of approximately 100,000 hours of life and can reach upto 450-foot beam distance. You will get good quality and bright lighting with AAA battery cells. The headlamp is super easy to operate and also fits comfortably, and best of all, it comes at a great price.

Final Words:

Hush! That was a really long and detailed guide on the best headlamp for hunting. We hope this article has provided you with all the required information and helped you make the right purchase.


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