Best Types of Healing Crystals For Anxiety

crystals for anxiety

You are not alone in this war of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can make people go to the ends of the earth in search of relief and treatments. Crystals, when used correctly, can help you get relief from anxiety. Here is a list of some of the best healing crystals for anxiety.

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

You are not alone in this war of anxiety and depression. Anxiety can make people go to the ends of the earth in search of relief and treatments.

When you decide to use different types of healing crystals that help with anxiety, you need to keep an open mind. Your mind plays an important role in receiving all healing energy from crystals. This holds true for all types of treatment, be it Ayurveda, western medicine, or something else.

Different crystals for anxiety are meant to be used in different ways depending on your lifestyle and familiarity with the stone. Once you go through this healing crystals list, you will get to know about the properties of all these stones. 

There is no such thing as the best crystals for anxiety and depression; it merely depends on which one suits you the best depending on your symptoms. 

Ideally, you should keep your healing crystal close to you as much as possible. You can wear it in rings, neck pendants or as earrings. You can also keep your chosen crystals in the palm while meditating to draw the energy directly through the skin to the rest of the body.

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Clean Your Crystals

Crystals can get negatively charged when exposed to the outside world for long periods of time. This is why you must clean your crystals once every month.

You can either bury your crystal in the garden and let it get charged by the moon. Another method is to charge the stone by keeping it outside during a full moon so that you can restore this light in your body. 

Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

Every person experiences different symptoms of anxiety. It can manifest as mild stress and generate a severe imbalance in some people to the point where they get panic attacks. People also have physical body areas associated with anxiety. Some people experience strong chest pain when others in the lungs, stomach, and even knees. 

Below we have listed the crystals that will help with anxiety and depression. Each of these healing crystals in this list carries different properties which can alleviate general symptoms associated with anxiety, panic, stress, mania, breathing difficulty, lack of focus, etc. 


Amethyst is an abundant rock. You can easily find it and purchase it at local wellness stores and on the internet. This stone is deep purple in color.

Amethyst is among one of the best types of healing crystals for anxiety because of its undeniable presence in both the metaphysical and physical world. This stone brings clarity to be mental, energetic, and astral bodies.

Amethyst is good for understanding the source of your anxiety and stress and helping it manage better.

This crystal is good for people who have disrupted sleeping patterns resulting in stress and anxiety.

Nowadays, insomnia is growing very common, which results in anxiety. Amethyst will help in balancing chaotic sleeping patterns. Amethyst is also good for cleansing blood and promoting hormone production. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a light pink color stone that is also found in abundance. This is also known as the stone of love and is used to amplify the level of love present in the workplace and personal relationships.

Rose Quartz is among the most affordable crystals for anxiety and stress. You can keep this tone in every corner of your house to create a healing environment. Rose Quartz will help you work on your emotions which trigger anxiety and stress. It helps in balancing emotions and making the follow-up reactions more conscious and thoughtful. This process, in turn, will help to keep a check on your anxiety. 

If external relationships cause anxiety, then Rose Quartz will become a means of balancing the influence you allow other people to take over you. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz looks like glass and is known as the master healer. This is one of the best healing crystals for depression and anxiety. It leaves noticeable effects on the body, which is why people also use it for treating physical pains.

People suffering from arthritis usually wear clear Quartz on their wrist to provide relief from discomfort. If your anxiety and stress are a result of physical body imbalance, then this stone will be perfect for you. 

Always buy clear Quartz from a reputable place because there are various glass mimics available out there.


Kyanite is a unique healing crystal that can be easily recognized due to its formation. Its pieces look like mottled blue icicles fallen from the sky. You can see different formation levels in the stone, which makes it look fascinating.  

Kyanite is most powerful during meditation. Via this practice, you can ignite the most benefits of Kyanite and receive them. The best part of these healing stones is that they do not carry negative energy. Also, Kyanite is one of the very few crystals that do not require any type of cleansing. When using this stone, you will feel that you have more important things to worry about and not panic about small things.


Citrine is a unique crystal to relieve anxiety. Even when you look at this stone from a distance, citrine gives an alluring vibe that looks very inviting. This gentle orange and yellow stone exhibit darker patches or orange colors in sporadic yellow. 

Citrine is all about enjoyment and enthusiasm. It also helps to amplify and attract these two elements in life. You will become tempted to meet the fear instances with great optimism.  


Black Obsidian is another one of the best crystals for panic attacks and anxiety due to its powerful absorption abilities. In general black stones are known for the absorption of negative forces that implicate the wearer.

This stone has great protection capabilities and can help expel emotional blockages that hold you back at a subconscious level. If you are experiencing creativity blockage, then obsidian can work in releasing the blockages. It also aligns with an essence of self-control which helps you manage your life every day.

Anxiety sometimes also arises as a result of negative thoughts. However, this can be easily managed if you take charge of what you think.


Another one of the best healing crystals in this list is shungite dating back to ancient times. This stone is believed to bring harmony and peace to people. Shungite absorbs the feeling of angst and carries all the load that you have. 

The absorption abilities of this crystal are not limited to only metaphysical objects, but it can also absorb the electromagnetic waves of computes, microwaves and turn them into more gentle energy to create its own electromagnetic frequencies. 

If you have anxiety which you cannot link to any of the reasons, then maybe your electronic devices are contributing to the contaminated energy. By keeping a piece of Shungite around, you will help to rule out the external forces which act as a possible trigger.


Anxiety is a friend of all the moms out there who would have an endless supply of stress to raise another human being. Moonstone is one of the best types of crystals for healing anxiety and stress. 

It is connected to the superior feminine energy of the moon. The intuitive, soothing, and nurturing energy of the moon can be deeply accessed by a moonstone. Its milky white facade is embedded with a unique ability to refract light which makes it look like rainbow colors in one single piece. 

A Moonstone highly resembles pearl; it is widely used in rings, pendants, and earrings. Also, people born in October have moonstones as their birthstone.

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We hope now you know everything about different types of crystals for anxiety. If you wish to incorporate healing crystals in your everyday regime, you should consider wearing a pendant made with crystals. Mindful breathing jewelry not only provides you the benefits of crystals but also helps you breathe slowly, along with rendering calmness and serenity. If you have used any crystal in the past, share your experience with us in the comments below.


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