Best Dog Friendly Beaches In long Island

Finding the best dog friendly beaches, long Island, or any other place is not easy. Long Island is spread over 1,600 miles of shoreline on the east of New York City; it is also the 11th largest Island in the U.S.A, meaning you will have lots of sandy beaches and a salty breeze to enjoy with your dog. 

Here we have listed the best dog friendly beaches to go to in Long Island.

Port Jefferson Dog Beach

If you had to pick any one of the best beaches in Long Island, then Port Jefferson should be a priority. The long shoreline stretch will give your dog enough space to swim, run around the whole day.

The beach has scenic views, clean water, and small boats sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding activities. You will also see many restaurants and bars to have a drink with your lunch along with free parking.

As Port Jefferson is a pebble beach with the sand mix, be ready to hunt for seashells. The beach allows swimming for both humans and dogs.

Gardiner County Park

Gardiner County Park was owned by the Gardiner family, the first non-native landowner. Now, this 231-acre nature public park is located on the Great South Bay.

This is an all-in-one park with great trails; two fenced dog runs suitable for small and large dogs, picnic tables, shorelines, scenic view of Robert Moses Bridge, and Fire Island LightHouse.

This beach trail directly leads to the beach where dogs can splash and play in the water. Leash laws are enforced but are a little looser on the shore than the trails. You get free parking but remember that the parking area is small.

Fire Island Beaches

Fire Island is a popular place for both locals and pets. This is one of the famous dog friendly beaches on Long Island with no car reachability; you have to take a ferry. Dogs are also welcomed on the Fire Island National Seashore Ocean and the bayside beaches.

Montauk Beaches

If you wish to go to a fancy beach, then visit the Hamptons for some fun. It is located down the eastern part of Long Island in Montauk Town, surrounded by water on three sides and a picturesque view. The town is known for its pristine beaches and divine beauty.

As there is not much shoreline available, you will not see any lifeguards or parking. You will have more freedom to walk around with your dog if you are able to find the right place.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 15th to September 15th between 9 a.m to 6. pm.

Shadmoor State Park

Shadmoor State Park is spread over a 99acre area on the east of Montauk Village. It features over 2,400 feet of ocean beach that can be accessed via two stairways.

The park has epic cliffs, parking trails, and foliage that will amaze you. Dogs are allowed throughout the year with a leash of at least 6-feet in length. 

East Hampton Beaches

East Hampton houses five beaches along the south shore of Long Island- Georgica Beach, Egypt Beach, Two Mile Hollow Beach, Main Beach, and Wiborg Beach.

People are not allowed to take their dogs between 9. am to 6. pm on May 15th and September but are allowed the rest of the time.

Indian Island Beach

One of the best dog friendly beaches in Long island is Indian Island Beach in a crescent shape spread over the 275-acre park at the brim of the Peconic River. You can stay at the beach for a dog friendly camping trip. This park offers picnic tables, tent campsites, grills, hiking trails, and a playground. 

This area is family-friendly and calm, with clean grounds and a well-maintained place. You can bring a paddleboard and kayak or even rent at the Riverhead. For people camping there, you can reserve a camping spot online. Also if you are not a local resident of the place, you need to carry a Non-resident key card to make reservations. They welcome dogs with leashes.

Cedar Point County Park

This park is spread over 607 acres with a great view of the Gardiners bay and the historic decommissioned Cedar Point Lighthouse. It was built in 1860 on an island 200 yards from shore. People used it to guide the whaling ships at the time when Cedar Point was a rocking port for shipping fish, timber, and farm goods.

During 1938 a hurricane transformed the entire shoreline, and now it is a great place to hike on the walkable narrow strip reaching the lighthouse. The trail is 3.5 miles and also a bit rocky so remember to wear comfortable shoes. Also, the park is spacious and is great for day trips and also the overnight camping visits where you can also take your dog.

Napeague Harbor & Napeague State Park

Napeague Harbour is a well-known place for Kiteboarding, paddleboarding, kite surfing, and kayaking. This state park is stretched over from the Atlantic Ocean to the neck of South Fork and Gardiners Bay.

However, this pace is not well developed, so don’t expect any good restaurants or bars, but you will have plenty of space to take a dip, go on a hike and go crazy with your pet.

Smith Point County Park

The Smith Point County Park is spread over from the eastern part of Fire Island to Moriches Inlet island tip. The park was named after William Tangier Smith, who owned a long stretch of Island in the 1600s.

Most beachgoers use tunnels under the tunes to walk to the beach; however, dog owners have to walk past the campground entrance to the east part. A wooden staircase leading over to the dunes can take you and the dog to Moriches Inlet.

The beach has rolling Atlantic surf, white sand along with extras like camping sites and tiki bars. You need to get reservations for all camping grounds.

Quogue Village Beach 

A pristine, quiet, and secluded beach is always the ideal place to spend some fun time with your pets. Quogue Village Beach has a gorgeous beachfront area and is located right at Dune Road. You will get to see some beautiful sunsets and salty sea air with little to no crowd. Visit the beach during the off-season, so you do not have to worry about a no-resident parking permit.

Final Words:

Now that you know about some of the best dog friendly beaches on Long Island take your pooch for a fun day out. You can pack your lunch and enjoy a good picnic with your pets and family, take a dip in water and enjoy the salty breeze.


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