Everything you need to know about Box Braids

Everything you need to know about Box Braids

It is no surprise that box braids are very popular among black women. These look incredibly stylish and are easy to maintain. You can easily spot women with waist-length box braids, including celebrities like Eve, Alicia Keys, and Sanaa Lathan. 

Box braids can become the go-to hairstyles for women and can completely change the appearance of the ladies. Box braids are a different style on their own.

girl holding her long box braids

What are box braids?

Unlimited box braids are three-stranded plaits. These are similar to standard braids but are more defined and prevent flyaways. For box braids, hair is sectioned off square against the scalp, unlike cornrows that are braided flat against the scalp. The sectioned hair is braided in the entire length. Box braids can be of any length or width. People also add synthetic hair to get the desired thickness and fullness. 

How long do box braids last?

After getting the box braids, it’s normal to get tempted to keep the box braids for a long time. The braid may also look good after the first installation. However, you should know that keeping the braids for a long time can cause hair breakage, buildup, and matting, which defeats the purpose of protective hairstyling. On average, braids can last for ten weeks maximum if you redo the nape and hairline after five weeks.

How much are box braids?

The average box braid price is up to $65 to $350. Many factors affect the price of getting box braids, one being the length of hair and the braid size. Geographic region is also a major price deciding factor and can drastically influence box braids. Population, competition, and location are also some influential factors. New York, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, and Houston can vary widely. USA, Africa, Canada, and the UK have different pricing models. If you want your box braids to go down the waist, then be ready to pay $200. This is the most expensive box braid length.

Your natural hair length is also a price-deciding factor. If the hair length is short, you will need to use extensions, which means additional cost.

How to Make Box Braids

The first step for making box braids is parting the hair into individual box-like sections. You can choose the section size, small, medium, or large, as you prefer. After creating the box sections, every section is divided into three subsections and braided down. You will keep repeating this process until the entire hair is braided into individual braids. You can do the box braids on natural hair and hair extensions to add fullness.

women showing her golden box braids

Without Extensions:

  1. First, section hair into four parts and then secure every section with a hair clip, leave the section that you will braid first.
  2. Start making three subsections of the hair that you will work on. First, make a vertical parting and then make the horizontal parting. 
  3. Take hair inside the box and split it into three subsections. Start braiding till down until you reach hair ends.
  4. Repeat this process for all the sections and braid all the hair
  5. Spray oil sheen over scalp and hair.

With Extensions

  1. Start by sectioning hair in four parts and secure every section with a hair clip, leaving one.
  2. Begin making vertical and horizontal parting just like you would without extensions.
  3. Prepare the braiding extensions that you will add to the box braids—They separate several pieces simultaneously.
  4. Grab one piece of braiding extension hair and hold it from the middle to look upside down.
  5. Start wrapping the extensions around the hair inside the box and create a base for your braid.
  6. Blend real and fake hair with fingers. Separate them into three subsections.
  7. Start braiding hair down, and maintain a firm grip until you reach the very end.
  8. Take one strand and wrap it around the hair to knot and secure the braid.
  9. Repeat this process until all the hair is braided. 

Which braid size is right for your hair?

Decking the thickness of your box braid is the hardest part. The right size of the braids depends on the purpose and your goal of getting a braid style. Are you getting this style for going on a Caribbean trip, or do you want a protective style to give your hair a break from all the manipulation and styling? The longer the duration will be for keeping the braids on the smalled section. The sections should be at least two finger widths.

girl on the beach flipping her box braids

What to do to prep the hair?

All your hair will be tucked away tightly for a few months or many weeks. Therefore pre-treating your hair is very important. Before getting box braids done, get scalp and protein treatments on your unwashed and dry hair. Let the treatments rest on your hair for 30 minutes, and then shampoo and deep condition the hair with an intensely moisturizing conditioner.

When getting the braids done, ask the hairstylist to spray lightweight shea or almond oil from the roots to the ends to protect the hair with lubrication and moisture.

When the question of straightening your hair to get the braid arises, this will make the process easier and a bit quicker because it takes several hours to get those box braids done. Your hair does not have to be very sleek and straight as a bone. Something like a simple blow dry would do. This will also prevent breakage or tangling.


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