How To Tell If Yogurt Is Bad

How To Tell If Yogurt Is Bad

It is riskier to eat any food that has gone rotten. Before eating any food, especially those packed, you should check their expiry date. Sometimes, packed food got rotten, but their expiry date is not near as well as they do not smell bad. 

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food on this planet work as an probiotic that help fight several chronic diseases. However, it get rotten easily, and finding if it has gone bad is a hard task. In case you mistakenly eat the bad yogurt, it will fall you in extremely sick and worse condition. 

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Before you consume any yogurt pack, you should know whether it is in good condition or got worse. In this post, I will tell you how to check if yogurt has gone rotten as well as how to prevent the yogurt from getting bad. 

Ways To Check if Yogurt Become Bad

The state of yogurt becoming bad depends on the consistency and type of yogurt you are consuming, like, Greek, drinking, or frozen; there may be differences in all kinds of yogurt to get bad.

To check your yogurt, there are four ways to check it. If you find anyone of these factors is positive that yogurt becomes bad, you should not consume that and discard that packet from your kitchen pantry. 

However, in some cases, you can consume that packet immediately without sparing any more time. But if there is more than one positive sign, you should not consume that packet and discard it immediately. 

Use these below given four ways to check your yogurt. 

Expiry Date

The expiry date is mentioned on the packed food to tell you the last possible date that you can eat that food product. But it is not the sure date that will tell you the yogurt has gone worse.

The expiry date is an estimation that the manufacturing company labeled for selling their products and telling their customer about the freshness of the food product. 

Sometimes even you can consume yogurt after a few days of the expiration date. However, you should avoid consuming expired yogurt as much as you can and consume it before it gets expired.

One day or two can be fine to consume yogurt after the expiration date. In case you have a faulty batch of yogurt, you should have to check the yogurt packing by considering other factors. 

Take Sniff

In case your yogurt has gone rotten or bad, you can easily tell this by smelling it. A rotten or spoiled yogurt smells like rancid, which is unpalatable. A rotten yogurt smells bad, like spoiled milk.

However, if yogurt becomes spoiled, just an hour or two before it can still be eaten even after getting too bad as the smell of the yogurt is not strong, and you can eat it right away. It is a little confusing, but you can consume it.

However, if the yogurt is smelling too bad and becomes totally inedible, the yogurt odor will not fool you, and you should dump it right away. 

Take Shade Card Test

Relax, you are not required to sit with the bowl of yogurt to check the shade card to show the result whether the yogurt is bad or not. In case if the color of the yogurt is discolored, it will show you through the shade card.

If the yogurt upper layer has become yellow or turbid brown, it means that the yogurt has started becoming bad. Sometimes there are also white or little darker molds, which can be a warning flag.

If you think that you remove the upper layer and consume the remaining part, then you are wrong. There is a part of the yogurt that is bad, and you can’t see any changes in it.

Thus, the first sign of discoloration is enough to tell you that the yogurt has become bad, and you should avoid eating it. 

Give Yogurt A Whirl

Consistency of the yogurt will also tell whether the yogurt is fresh or becomes worse.

If you find that the yogurt’s consistency has become lumpy or thick such as cottage cheese, it means that yogurt has become bad, and you should throw it right away.

Sometimes, yogurt will also show you that watery liquid on the surface. If you also find that the yogurt does not have a smooth and creamy consistency, even if it shows the yogurt is not in good condition, and you should dump it. 

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How To Prevent Yogurt From Getting Rotten

As there are different expiration periods for different yogurt consistency; similarly, prevention is also differed according to the consistency and type.

If you store yogurt in the refrigerator from the last you opened, it will be good for a week; meanwhile, if you keep it in the freezer, it will last for a month. 

In case you have fruit yogurt, after opening, it can last up to one or two weeks in the refrigerator and about two months in the freezer. 

Make sure that whenever you purchase yogurt, put it in the fridge if you do not open it. After opening, to increase their life, you should store them in a freezer so that you can enjoy them for a longer time.

Also, remember that after opening the yogurt, you should transfer it to the airtight container and then store it in the freezer.

It is because in case you find any sign of spoil in your yogurt, you will be upset as well as if you consume it, your stomach may become upset.

This to save money and keep your gut healthy, you should store it in the refrigerator or freezer. 

The same thing goes with other packaged food products, and you should store them in the best possible way as much as you can so that you enjoy them for a longer time as well as keep yourself aways from any diseases.