All About Jestrum Piercing – Pain, Cost, and Aftercare Tips

jestrum piercing

Are you looking for a good substitute for a standard lip piercing? If yes, then just rum piercing is the best choice for you. This piercing will allow you to get yourself a new bold look and a rocking and distinctive personality. Here is an article about the procedure, pain level, pros and cons, healing time, and aftercare of jestrum piercing. 

What is Jestrum Piercing?

The jestrum piercing is also known as the Vertical Medusa piercing. This piercing type usually consists of one piercing and an entry point into the philtrum and an exit point via the upper lip. It is a type of upper lip piercing that gives you an appealing look. You should try it for sure if you are eager to change your look. For a unique look, you can also try horizontal lip piercing. It is almost similar to the jestrum piercing.  

How much does a jestrum piercing cost?

The jestrum piercing costs around $30-$60. However, the piercing cost depends upon the type of jewelry, the piercer’s experience, and the region you are going for piercing. Before checking out the price, make sure that you go to the piercer with an appointment. Ensure that the piercer’s studio is clean and they use new tools that come in sealed packages. 

Cost is nothing but just a label. Although, spending a good amount on an experienced and professional piercer’s studio would give you quality piercing. Do not forget to check out that the piercer opens its tools package in front of you to see that it is safe and sterilized. 

Upper Lip Piercing Pain

Before getting the piercing above the lip, every person thinks of the pain level many times. 

The pain in this piercing is more extremes compared to lobe or orbital piercing, but less than the cartilage piercing. 

However, the pain level of the piercing above the lip also depends upon the tolerance of the person and the piercer’s experience. The expert and professional piercer will know how to carry out the process least painfully. If you are nervous and want to have low pain, try to make your experience easier by finding an experienced piercer. 

Pros And Cons Of Jestrum Piercing

Here are some of the pros and cons of Jestrum piercing:


  • The jestrum piercing is located at the spot where it can be noticed properly. Therefore, it can bring you to the spotlight. 
  • You can try different types of jewelry in jestrum piercing to create unique looks. 
  • With this piercing, you can express yourself freely and amazingly. 


  • Jestrum piercing does not suit everyone. Therefore, if you have thin lips, you should avoid this piercing as it might look weird. If you want to have this piercing, make sure that you have a word with your piercer. 
  • The piercing may get infected if you do not follow the aftercare instructions properly.
  • Ensure that you go to a professional and experienced piercer. It is necessary because an experienced piercer knows the proper location for the perforations. The jestrum piercing must be located on the upper lip, and both the perforations must be done exactly on one line.
  • You will have to make some changes in your everyday routine during the time of healing. This even involves the change in eating habits.
  • Several perforations involved in this piercing. Hence, it can hurt more than the other lip piercings.

Procedure Of Jestrum Piercing 

Before the procedure begins, you can ask your piercer to examine your upper lip’s anatomy and advise you accordingly. It will help you find out if the jestrum piercing will match your personality or not. Jestrum piercing does not suit people with thin lips.

In the piercing process, your piercer will first of all mark the spot with a surgical pen to perform the perforation. You will have a clear idea of exactly where you will have the perforations during this point in time. 

The piercer will hold the upper lip with a surgical clamp. Then, they will use a hollow needle to perform the perforation. Eventually, you will need to select the initial jewelry that will be used to finalize the process. After the procedure is successfully done, the piercer will give you aftercare instructions to heal your piercing quickly. 

Healing And Aftercare

The healing time of the jestrum piercing depends on the aftercare. However, usually, it takes near 6 to 12 weeks for the outer part. 

  • Make sure that you do not remove the initial barbell until the time your piercing gets completely healed.
  • Clean your piercing regularly with a saline soak or sea salt twice or thrice.
  • Do not touch your jewelry 
  • Take Ibuprofen as it helps in reducing the painful feelings.
  • Proper oral hygiene maintenance can lower the chances of being infected.

Do’s And Don’ts After Piercing

After getting the piercing done, what should you do, and what do you avoid doing? Here are some of the important Do’s and Don’ts that you need to follow:


  • Ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Make sure that you use antiseptic soap to clean your jestrum piercing during the shower.
  • Ensure using a saline solution to clean your piercing. You can also create a saline solution by creating a mixture of the non-iodized sea salt with warm water. 
  • Ensure using a soft toothbrush during the healing process.
  • Rinse your mouth along with a good antibacterial mouthwash after every meal.
  • Make sure that you only use the piercing after washing your hands with a good antibacterial handwash.
  • You can use ice cubes to reduce the pain.


  • Never swim in the public pools.
  • Avoid eating spicy or hot food items.
  • Do not consume alcohol because it works as a blood thinner.
  • Never use anything such as a shared spoon that may lead to a bacterial infection.
  • Never try to remove or twist the jewelry as it can irritate the new piercing.
  • Ensure not to come in contact with anything that may contain or have drift or bacteria.
  • Do not apply any lipstick or any other cosmetic products as it might damage your lip tissue.

Aftercare Products

Here are some of the best aftercare products that you can use after the piercing:

  • H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray
  • NeilMed NeilCleanse
  • Urban ReLeaf Piercing Care
  • Urban ReLeaf Piercing Solution

You can try these aftercare products as they would help you to heal the piercing quickly. 

Jestrum Piercing Risks 

Here are some of the risks to consider when getting a jestrum piercing.

  • Healing a jestrum piercing takes more time. If the aftercare rules are ignored or not followed properly, then the chances of infections are higher. In case you see anything going wrong, make sure to have a word with your doctor or piercer immediately.
  • If the jewelry size is too big for you or you often play with your jestrum piercing, there is a higher risk of getting scars or bumps.
  • The jewelry’s inside part can damage your upper teeth as it keeps moving constantly. Choose an appropriate piece of jewelry that is perfect for your mouth.

Best Jewelry for Jestrum Piercing

The nicest and the most used jewelry for the jestrum piercing is a curved barbell, which is available in multiple colors. The minimal and pretty balls would give you a sexy and real look. The curved barbell style can decrease the chance of rejection and can suit your body’s shape naturally. 

The curved barbell styles would look perfect with a standard ball bead at one corner and a gemstone or charm at the other corner. The gemstone will sit in your philtrum while the ball corner peeks from your lips. It will focus the attention on the double pierced look. 

Final Words

Get your jestrum piercing done and flaunt it in front of the world with style. Follow all the aftercare instructions carefully so that you do not get any infection. Instead of checking out the price, go to a piercer that will give you good quality. Please share your feedback with us about your jestrum piercing experience. Also, Check the Different Types of body piercing.