How to Connect to McDonald’s wifi Login For Free?

Mcdonald's wifi login

Do you want to learn how to Mcdonald’s wifi login? Mcdonald’s offers the customers a chance to wifi login. Until 2011 it used to cost $2.95 to connect to Mcdonald’s wifi sign in. fortunately, you can now use Mcdonald’s wifi login for free and without any time limit in more than 11,500 nationwide locations. 

Here are all the instructions for Mcdonald’s wifi login or sign-in on Mac or Windows computers as well as Android and iOS devices. 

How to Get McDonald’s wifi Login Access?

McDonald's wifi Login

It is easy to find a Mcdonald’s free wifi login near your location by following a few simple steps. You can carry your mobile device or laptop and get your work done while enjoying lunch.

  • Visit the Mcdonald’s locator page. Enter your zip code or your city and state name in the search field and click on the Search icon.
  • Now scroll down through the results and find a location featuring wifi under the services.
  • Now click on the arrow icon close to Services and find the ones that are available near your location.
  • Mcdonald’s location is the wifi hotspot where you can easily access free wifi login.
  • The restaurant locator will provide you the complete street address and operating hours of the outlet. Some of the locations are open till late hours, which makes Mcdonald’s an accessible place to get internet access at any time during the day.  

How To Connect to McDonald’s wifi Sign In?

  • Since Mcdonald offers free wifi login access, go to the wifi network icon located on the Windows taskbar at the upper-right corner of the Macbook screen. 
  • Choose the Mcdonald’s free wifi login network and click on connect
  • When the network gets connected, the browser will open automatically on the terms and services page. Now select the red Get Connected button.

A message will appear when you are successfully connected to Mcdonald’s wifi login. Open a new tab in the browser, and you can scroll through the internet. The internet connection successfully stays active for unlimited time. 

How to Connect to McDonald’s wifi Login With Android?

McDonald's wifi Login

You can connect to Mcdonald’s wifi login network for free on your Android mobile device by following simple steps. 

  • Open settings and click on wifi. 
  • Choose Mcdonalds to sign in to connect to a wifi network.
  • You will see Connected status after successfully connecting to wifi.
  • Open a mobile internet browser, and you will see Mcdonald wifi connection type open up.
  • Choose to Get Connected when connecting to wifi networks, and you will get access to Mcdonald’s free internet connection.

How to Connect McDonald’s wifi on an iOS Device?

You can easily connect to Mcdonald’s wifi login using your iPhone with these simple steps.

  • Open phone settings and go to wifi.
  • Choose Mcdonald’s wifi on the next screen.
  • You will notice that Mcdonald’s wifi connection will come on top of the screen showing unsecured network status. 
  • Open a mobile browser and go to Mcdonald’s Free wifi login page.
  • Click on get connected to complete your wifi connection process. 

About McDonald’s wifi Connections:

Want to know how you can get Mcdonald’s wifi login for free? McDonald’s wifi provides a good connection.

In a network test, we have found that Macdonald’s internet connection was good enough to upload or download bandwidth as you would expect at your home network.

The test results showed that Mcdonald’s wifi network has the following features:

  • 14 Mbps upload speed
  • 58 Mbps download speed
  • 27 Millisecond unloaded latency

This means that you can easily stream Netflix movies while eating your Big Mac.

Wifi Network Filters:

Mcdonald’s outlets are family-friendly; this is why the network provider TelsaClear has added built-in features to keep customers protected from inappropriate content.

If you are willing to access any of the websites mentioned below, you will find them inaccessible or blocked.

  • Pornography.
  • Some file download sites.
  • BitTorrent or media piracy services.
  • Known malicious or dangerous sites.

Even though these are filters available, but most of the websites require access to watch movies, read news and even conduct online business through VPN links or cloud services that work fine.

Protect Yourself on Free wifi Networks:

Although Mcdonald’s network is easy to log in to and also has great speed, it comes with its own disadvantages. Any other device connected to Mcdonald’s can be a treat to your device.

This is usually the case with unencrypted networks. If anything you view on the screen using Mcdonald’s network, it can be viewed by other people using hacking software. 

If you are willing to use the public network at Mcdonald’s wifi network, make sure you follow all the necessary steps to keep your devices protected. 

  • Install good antivirus software.
  • Connect to an internet connection through VPN service
  • Avoid logging into credit card or bank accounts. 
  • Only visit encrypted websites via a URL starting with HTTPS.

Using the free available wifi networks is safe as long as you follow all the appropriate steps to keep yourself protected.

How do I accept McDonald’s Wi Fi terms and conditions?

Free WiFi in McDonald started back in 2010 and it was widely accepted among the people; although at that time McDonald does not provide free wi fi network they charge about $2 to $3 depends on using per hour.

As the technology grows, instead of reducing the price, McDonald has given the WiFi completely free for public use. According to the internet data collection said that McDonald’s free wifi network has the fastest Wi Fi than any other public or dine-in stores.

McDonald’s Free Wi Fi Terms and Conditions

McDonald has its terms and conditions for using free wi fi service. For using free wi fi access you have to accept McDonald’s internet terms and conditions so here are some terms and conditions for using free McDonald’s wi fi.

Services For Limited Time

Services for limited time means that you get a limited time period for using free wi fi, once the period is over the McDonalds wifi will automatically logged out. Not to worry you can again access the free wi fi by following this procedure:

  • Open the wifi setting on your phone then click on McDonald.
  • Once you connect to McDonalds wifi and , then you have to open the web browser.
  • After browser opens it will redirected to McDonalds free wifi sign up page.
  • Now you put the information into designated field like user name, after that you have to accept terms and conditions by clicking Free connection.
  • Once it’s done, then you are ready to use free wifi.
Limited Number Of Users

McDonalds free wifi can only support limited number of users at a time. Sometime you will see that you cannot connect the network it’s because the maximum number of users has been connected to free wifi.


In McDonalds free wifi some of the websites are blocked by default such as torrent, pornography sites, and dangerous sites to make users data safe.

Why Use McDonald’s wifi?

In this era of multitasking, work and lunch go hand in hand. If you want to get a bite to eat, you can get your work done by eating your favorite Mcdonald’s meal and using free wireless network.


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